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Mini shampoo set will be presented to the first 50 people booked in advance.

*November 1, 2020 ~ December 27, 2020 only

Period : Until December 27, 2020 

Body & facial plan 120 minutes ¥26,100→¥22,185

This season only special menu combines a body treatment and a facial using Panpuri products providing you with relaxed and beautiful skin!

Men’s spa treatments plan 100 minutes ¥23,400→¥19,890

Begin with a refreshing aromatherapy body massage that uses the essence of lemongrass, which is then followed by a blissful head spa! Book now for this refreshing!

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.


2days package 「Spa Hanari Time Escape」 ¥45,000

Day 1: SPA SUITE  ・Bath time 30mins  ・Back & facial treatment 90mins

Day 2: SPA CABANA  ・Spa Cabana Ryukyu Compress 90mins



After slowly warming up in a private bath, you can spend some precious time with the person who is most important to you.

TSUNAGU Circulation 90mins ¥37,800 / 120mins ¥45,000

Body Scrub Holistic Massage or Stone Lymphatic Drainage

TSUNAGU Warm 90mins ¥41,400 / 120mins ¥48,600

Ryukyu Compress Massage and Head Massage

TSUNAGU Balance 120mins ¥50,400

Mindfulness Aromatherapy Mini Facial

*All above courses include a 30-minute bath before treatment. Please plan and allow yourself enough time.

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

Spa Cabana Mindfulness Aromatherapy 90mins ¥20,700

Be one with the ocean and enjoy the stunning views and an unforgettable experience in our Spa Cabana. This Spa Hanari signature therapy will relax your body and mind and re-circulate your energy.

Mindfulness Aromatherapy 90mins ¥18,000

Through counseling and color diagnosis, your therapist selects essential oils for a body massage that is appropriate for your physical and mental condition. Discover your inner self and restore your mind.

Ryukyu Compress 60mins ¥14,400 / 90mins ¥18,000

Enjoy Okinawa with this massage that uses an Okinawan shell ginger herb ball which is steamed to body temperature, covered with essential oils and pressed against your body as you are massaged. This massage will lull you into a deep relaxation whilst gently warming your body and soul.

Holistic Massage 60mins ¥12,600/ 90mins ¥16,200

A traditional healing massage that is customized according to your needs. Three types of fragrant blended oils will slowly relax your body and mind.

Stone Lymphatic Drainage 60mins ¥12,600/ 90mins ¥16,200

This Oriental massage uses black and white hot stones. The combination of stone and hand massage drains stagnated excessive water from the body with contrasting massage pressure.

Detox Day 120mins ¥22,500

This treatment begins with a Jasmine-scented scrub exfoliation to stimulate detoxification. The whole body is then wrapped up in mineral-rich Okinawan seaweed, “kucha” and then massaged with a moisturizing cream. In addition to eliminating swelling, this treatment supplements your skin with minerals and leaves you looking and feeling healthier, toned and energized..

Calm Day 80mins ¥18,000

This treatment begins with a Lemongrass and Mandarin scented scrub exfoliation. The whole body is then massaged with a moisturizing cream leaving your skin smooth and preventing it from drying out.


Mini Facial 30mins ¥8,100

Foot Massage 15mins ¥2,700

Spa Suite room charge ¥4,500

*When using a spa suite, you have access to the bath 30 mins prior to the treatment

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

Pampuri Facial Jasmin Anti-Aging 70mins ¥18,000

This is a facial with the essence of a fragrant blend of pure jasmine flowers. Jasmine's antioxidant and moisturizing functions protect your skin from free radicals. It tightens your face and lifts it up with a massage that relaxes muscles and tissue.

Lotus Healthy Skin 60mins ¥13,500

Beginning with the lotus, the power of plants protects your skin from various external factors that affect the skin, leading to fresh and healthy skin. It is recommended for men as well.

Hanari Signature Facial Bidens Pilosa Facial 60mins ¥13,500

Miyako Island’s organic herb bidens pilosa is blended with other anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation herbs. The oil extracted from the herbs is perfect for those who have allergic reactions, sensitive skin or are pregnant. Spa Hanari’s original lift-up technique vitalizes your skin and increases its immunity. *For pregnant women, the menu is recommended for 16-week pregnancies onwards

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

■Basic Care With cuticle care, filing

Regular Manicure 60mins ¥6,300

Regular Pedicure 65mins ¥6,300

Basic Hand Care 40mins ¥4,500

Basic Foot Care 45mins ¥4,500

■Gel Nail Cuticle care, filing and color gel

Hand Gel Nail(Two designs) 90mins ¥9,900

Premium Hand Gel Nail(Full designs) 120mins ¥12,780

Hand Gel Nail(Gel removal, cuticle care, filing and color gel) 120mins ¥11,700

Foot Gel Nail (Two designs) 90mins ¥9,900

Premium Foot Gel Nail(Full designs) 120mins ¥12,780

Foot Gel Nail(Gel removal, Cuticle care, filing and color gel) 120mins ¥11,700


Foot Exfoliation 20mins ¥1,800

Gel Nail One custom art / design ¥360

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

Back&Shoulder Rescue 60mins ¥12,600

Lotus Men's Healthy Skin 60mins ¥12,600

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

HANARI Holistic Head Spa

Basic 40mins ¥10,800

A basic head spa. After the scalp is thoroughly cleansed, a warm mist opens its pores as it is shampooed. Massage promotes the circulation of the scalp and it is tightened with toner.

Stress Release 60mins ¥13,500

This is a course combining the Basic course with neck, shoulder and décolleté massage. The massage is performed while warming a small Okinawa shell ginger herb ball, which promotes blood circulation and relieves tension.

Anti-Aging 80mins ¥16,200

A course combining the Basic course and Mini Facial. It has a lifting-up effect.

*All prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.