Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Hotel Policies

Incidentals Credit Card Hold

Credit card required at check-in for room, tax and incidentals. There will be a $75 per day hold.

Room Capacity

There is a four-person maximum for all guestrooms and suites.

Downtown Improvement District Recovery Fee

A Downtown Improvement District Recovery Fee of $1 per night will be charged to offset the hotel’s costs associated with the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District assessment.  The assessment funds are used to promote safety, cleanliness and vibrant activities and offerings within Downtown Minneapolis. Click here for more information.

Pet Policy

We gladly welcome your most cherished travel companion. Due to limited space on our pet-friendly floor, please inform the hotel a minimum of three days in advance if you’ll have a pet (or pets) staying with you.

Rates are as follows:

1-7 nights: $75 nonrefundable pet fee per stay

Only dogs weighing 100 pounds and under are permitted.

Dogs are required to be on a leash and in your control at all times.

If there are damages to the hotel property, you will be held responsible.

The hotel does not assume any liability for your dog or its actions while on hotel grounds.

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis


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