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Chun Yeung Street

THE TOKYO TREND Shop104 1F Harbour North Phase1 No1, North Point Estate Ln, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

A traditional local street market with trams trundling down the middle of the road, offering a glimpse of life a few decades back.

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0.0 mi / 22 meters away

Harbour North

1 North Point Estate Lane, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Shop ‘til you drop at this shopping complex next to the hotel where you'll discover a variety of lifestyle outlets and local dining options.

0.0 mi / 24 meters away

North Point Waterfront Promenade

North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Go for a stroll or jog in the fresh air along the 20-metre-wide North Point Waterfront Promenade that stretches for 400 metres along the harbour.

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0.1 mi / 94 meters away

Wah Fung Chinese Goods Centre

Kiu Kwan Mansion, 395 King's Rd, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

This typical Chinese emporium has been selling goods ranging from tea sets to Chinese wine to clothing and jewellery to Chinese medicine since 1963.

0.1 mi / 139 meters away

Sunbeam Theatre

Kiu Fai Mansion, 413-423 King's Rd, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Explore Hong Kong like a local and head to this landmark theatre founded by Shanghai immigrants that showcases Cantonese opera and other traditional Chinese performances.

0.1 mi / 141 meters away

Duck Shing Ho Egg Rolls

64 Java Rd, North Poin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

his local institution offers freshly made biscuit rolls from a traditional recipe of wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and vanilla essence. Make sure you get there early as there’s often a queue.

0.1 mi / 144 meters away

Chun Nam Noodle Factory

Ka Bo Building, 102-108 Chun Yeung St, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Be amazed at the wide range of egg noodles available at this shop that's been open since 1946 in North Point. They come in green, yellow, and white and are made from egg, vegetable, rice, shrimp roe, and more.

0.1 mi / 204 meters away

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffle

492 King's Road, 492 King's Rd, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Known locally as gai daan jai, these waffles are made from eggs added to a batter of sugar, milk, and butter and baked in a special honeycomb-shaped iron skillet. It's crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

0.2 mi / 273 meters away

Harbour Cruise

North Point Ferry Pier, Harbour Parade, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

A must-do on any visit, a cruise around Victoria Harbour by day or night is a breathtaking experience where you can take in the splendour of the city—and the boarding pier is just a short stroll from the hotel.

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0.2 mi / 275 meters away

King’s Co. Slippers

315 King's Rd, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

This Shanghai-style shop that opened in 1960 sells locally made, embroidered Chinese house slippers at a very reasonable price.

0.2 mi / 379 meters away

North Point Pier Seafood Market

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Choose from a huge selection of live seafood and enjoy the lively atmosphere as locals celebrate their favourite pastime of eating out.

0.3 mi / 422 meters away

Aroma Walk

Tin Hau Temple Rd, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Follow this trail along Sir Cecil’s Ride to Hung Heung Lo Fung peak to enjoy stunning green vistas and panoramic views of the city. You’ll discover a great vantage point to watch the sunset. This gentle hike takes about 40 minutes.

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0.3 mi / 534 meters away


12 Oil St, North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Feel inspired when you explore this creative art space housed in a 110-year-old, two-storey building on the waterfront that was originally the base for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

0.5 mi / 753 meters away

Monster Building

Yick Cheong Building, King's Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

This photogenic E-shaped complex gained its 'Monster Building' tag for the tightly packed residential flats it contains, making it one of the most Instagrammed locations in Hong Kong.

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1.0 mi / 1.6 km away

Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

The century-old tramway is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong and is the best way to explore the city.

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3.9 mi / 6.3 km away
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