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A taste of home any time of the day in our comfortable and relaxing neighborhood locale. A great place to meet, eat well and enjoy good times. Delicious cafe cuisine artfully crafted from the best locally sourced produce.


The business hours will be changed as follows effective Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

7:00 am - 10:30 am (last entry)

*During breakfast in high-occupancy periods, we will prioritize seats for our staying guests. For our non-staying guests who wish to dine with us, depending on the size of the crowd, there may be a time restriction and entry may also be restricted. Please contact the restaurant on the day to ensure available seating.

Lunch, Teatime, Dinner
11:30 am - 10:00 pm (last order 9:30 pm)

Open everyday

Restaurant Location:  Lobby Floor (1F)

 644-2 Sanjusangendo-mawari, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0941

Phone: +81-75-541-3203


Latest News


cafe 33 Christmas & New Year Buffet

cafe 33 is pleased to announce the return of its popular lunch and dinner buffet, which was a big hit last year. This year, our new Chef de Cuisine, Michael Kohl, has created a colorful and heartwarming menu utilizing wood-fired ovens and festive seasonal ingredients. The warm and welcoming atmosphere will be like entertaining the chef's beloved family and friends.



Healthy vegetable salads, soups, and appetizers line the buffet table. You will enjoy warm dishes like wood oven grilled vegetables, tomato mozzarella tart, and Christmas meat pie.

A choice of a main dish and dessert will be brought to your table, half buffet style. The wood-fired oven makes the most of its charms, and you can choose from roast beef, grilled salmon, roast turkey (Christmas), or grilled chicken (New Year) as your main dish.

Enjoy "Chocolate Christmas Cake" or "Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake" for dessert for the New Year.



Christmas Lunch
Period: Saturday, December 23, Sunday, December 24, and Monday, December 25, 2023
Time: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm  Two-part meal
Price: Adults JPY 6,000, 6-12 years old JPY 3,000  (including tax and service charge), 5 years old and under have access to a free buffet

Christmas Dinner
Period: Saturday, December 23, Sunday, December 24, and Monday, December 25, 2023
Time: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm  Two-part dinner
Price: Adults JPY 10,000, 6-12 years old JPY 5,000 (including tax and service charge), 5 years old and under have access to a free buffet

New Year's Lunch
Period: Saturday, December 30, 2023 - Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Time: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm  Two-part meal
Price: Adults JPY 6,000, 6-12 years old JPY 3,000 (including tax and service charge), 5 years old and under have access to a free buffet

New Year's Dinner
Period: Saturday, December 30, 2023 - Saturday, January 1, 2024 (National Holiday)
Time: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm  Two-part dinner
Price: Adults JPY 10,000, 6-12 years old JPY 5,000  (including tax and service charge), 5 years old and under have access to a free buffet



Every Wednesday is Lady's Night!
Wagyu Steak Donburi + Champagne for JPY 2,500!

Every Wednesday during dinner, enjoy Wagyu Steak Donburi and a glass of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut for only JPY 2,500, exclusively for ladies. Come with friends, mothers, and daughters, or just by yourself.

Lady's Night on Wednesday
Grilled Wagyu sirloin with shiitake mushrooms, shishito peppers, white onion, white sesame seeds, Japanese sauce, rice

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut (glass)

Every Wednesday, dinner time 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm (last order 9:30 pm)
JPY 2,500 per person (tax and service charge included)




Shiso leaf pesto pasta (Vegetarian)

Fusilli pasta, shiso pesto, parmesan cheese

JPY 2,000 (tax and service charges included)


Wagyu steak donburi "East meets West"


Famous dish from anime, succulent grilled Wagyu sirloin steak 100g, golden onions, rich red wine sauce perilla, umeboshi flavored steamed rice

JPY3,800 (tax and service charges included)


Wagyu sirloin steak frites(180g)

Char-grilled Japanese Wagyu sirloin, cafe de Paris butter red wine sauce, served with side salad & roasted rosemary potatoes.

JPY 5,600 (tax and service charges included)

Cheeseburger (signature dish)

Brioche bun, char-grilled 100% beef patty, gruyere cheese, red onion marmalade, green lettuce, tomato, secret burger sauce, served with shoestring fries.

JPY 2,800 (tax and service charges included)

Seabream & potato green coconut curry


Pan seared seabream, baby potatoes, coconut green curry sauce, seasonal greens, steamed rice

JPY 2,700 (tax and service charges included)


Kitsune udon

Seasoned fried tofu pockets, narutomaki fish cake, Kujo green scallions, nori and onsen egg

JPY 2,200 (tax and service charges included)

Free range egg mayo salad sandwich (Vegetarian)


Brown, white, or sourdough bread, crispy lettuce, cucumber, celery, mayonnaise, broccoli sprouts

*All served with your choice of shoestring fries or small mixed garden salad

JPY 2,000 (tax and service charges included)

sp fall course


cafe classic set

Healthy super salad (Vegetarian)
Baby salad mix, grilled shiitake mushrooms, avocado, heirloom cherry tomatoes, watermelon radish, heritage beetroot, feta cheese, broccoli sprouts, spiced chickpeas, raspberry vinaigrette

Seasonal vegetable soup of the day

Main (You can choose one from the following)
・Shiso leaf pesto pasta (Vegetarian)
・Grilled Japanese salmon trout fillet
・Seabream & potato green coconut curry
・Roasted 'Swedish style' chicken meatballs
・Wagyu sirloin steak frites 120g (+1,500 yen)

Gelato or sorbet
Vanilla / chocolate / black Sesame / café latte / raspberry

Coffee or tea

Price: JPY 5,000 (tax and service charge included)

Chef profile

cafe 33 chef

Michael Kohl, cafe 33 new Chef de Cuisine

Born in Namibia, a country in southern Africa. Chef Michael has worked in foreign-affiliated hotels until his current position in May 2023. He has used his skills as a chef in various countries, mainly in Europe, such as England, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He creates original and creative dishes using high-quality organic ingredients. Michael is enthusiastic about nurturing the next generation, and many guests and staff admire Chef Michael's modest and friendly personality.

During the Spring and Summer months, Michael loves gardening and growing his own food at home on his terrace where you will find figs, blueberries, persimmons, Japanese apricots, and various herbs. During the winter season, his hobby is snowboarding and he loves spending time in the snowy mountains.   


Enjoy a cold brew at cafe 33 this Summer

*Finished this season

Cold-brewed coffee is known for its smooth feeling and suppressed bitterness due to the steeping process not requiring heat. This unique process also brings out a deep rich aroma from the coffee bean.

We serve our cold brew coffee served in a specially ordered ice bowl. In order for you to enjoy your coffee at an ideal temperature.

When it is served you can appreciate the original aroma and flavor of the coffee, afterwards sweeten your drink with the ice cream provided to make a coffee float. Cool down this summer with a cold brew from cafe 33.

Our cold brew coffee beans are blended by Ogawa Coffee, a long-established Kyoto coffee shop.

cafe 33 "cold brew" (by reservation only)
JPY 2,000 (tax and service charges included)
*Available from June 1 to September 30.
*Only available at Teatime (2:30 pm - 5:30 pm)
*Limited to 10 orders per day



cafe33 Now Offers Take-out

33 cheeseburger JPY 2,200 

(Take-out and tax charges included) 

cafe 33's popular "33 cheeseburger" has a reputation for being an authentic gourmet burger. The secret to the deliciousness of our “33 cheeseburger” is our original sprinkle of BBQ spices on fresh 100% beef patties from Australia (170g). We are particular about our beef using a ratio of 85% lean meat to 15% fat to ensure a juicy and tasty burger. We grill our patties in a high-temperature wood oven so you can enjoy the smoky aroma and flavor that tightly wraps around the umami of the meat.

Enjoy the “33 cheeseburger” made with quality ingredients from our brioche buns that are baked fresh inside the hotel, to our carefully selected Australian cheddar. That has an emphasis on aroma and richness that matches well with our beef patties. Our burgers are also composed of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and onions that offer a refreshing flavor to our meal. Taste a classic cheeseburger made for all ages.

On the side, we serve tomato chutney (a rich vegetable jam made by boiling fruits and vegetables with spices) to accompany the burger. It pairs great with the savory flavors of our burgers and potatoes.

Enjoy the authentic hamburger experience anywhere, with our new takeout menu.

Click here for take-out>>



Welcome to breakfast at cafe 33. Enjoy a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, ham roasted in a wood-fired oven, and grilled vegetables, served buffet style. We also offer excellent croissants and pastries baked each morning in the hotel bakery, and egg dishes (omelettes, fried eggs, poached) deliciously cooked to order.



Enjoy a warm, home-style meal any time of the day in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy lunch, dinner, tea time, or just a heart-warming conversation in your own way.



Spend an afternoon with us, meet friends or colleagues, catch up on some work, or simply relax.

Choose your tea carefully, black, green, or white, or opt for one of our unique tea-based beverage creations. To complement your tea, we have a wide selection of homemade cakes and pastries. 

33 Cheeseburger

33 Cheeseburger
A delicious melt-in-your-mouth burger made from 100% ground beef, served on our homemade everything brioche bun topped with melting cheddar cheese. Try our wonderful homemade tomato chutney served on the side.



Tamba Wine is the first winery in Kyoto Prefecture. They grow over 40 varieties and search for the best suited to the Kyoto terroir. 


Kyoto’s Blend Farm is a young company that brings together a variety of small independent farmers and vegetable growers across the prefecture giving them a better sense of community as well as better access to market the produce they grow. Kyoto has a long and illustrious history of growing vegetables that has been for some time and for many reasons somewhat in decline so It's great to see a passionate young company working hard to once again put agriculture and small farming firmly back on the map and do its part to help reverse the depopulation of Japan's countryside.



trattoria sette

trattoria sette

This casual trattoria-style restaurant features authentic home-style Italian dishes and pizzas served directly from a show kitchen to create a total sensory experience.



Touzan is committed to the use of local, seasonal produce and ingredients from the suburbs of Kyoto, with our chefs putting their passion into the preparation of Japanese cuisine such as simple bowls and broiled dishes, sashimi, sushi, and noodles. We also offer specially prepared coursed meals for any occasion.

pastry boutique

pastry boutique

A casual space, the pastry boutique offers home-made, freshly baked bread, pastries with seasonal fruits and other original recipes from our Pastry Team. Eat in or take away, the pastry boutique offers the perfect snack for on the go and for sightseeing.