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SPA Treatments at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Elemental 60 min | JPY 22,000

A facial treatment designed to harmonize all five elements and address underlying skin issues. Our spa therapists will analyze your skin to create a customized treatment aimed to restore skin equilibrium, creating a more vibrant and healthy complexion.

Brightening 60 min | JPY 22,000

This facial addresses pigmentation and dark spots, resulting in smoother and more radiant skin. Includes gentle exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more even complexion. A gentle treatment ideal for even sensitive skin during seasonal changes.

Active Hydro 60 min | JPY 22,000

Hydrating treatment to improve the absorption of nutrients into your skin and reinforce the skin’s firmness. Hydro-intensive serum replenishes moisture revealing a smooth and healthy complexion. Recommended for post-travel and combating skin sensitivities during seasonal changes.

Custom 60 min / 90 min | JPY 22,000 / JPY 30,000

A highly personalized treatment that leaves your skin glowing like never before. Following a detailed skin analysis, a custom range of products are selected to meet your skin’s specific needs. A purifying lotion is applied for gentle exfoliation, while specialized massage techniques activate serums and masks for enhanced radiance.

Second Skin 60 min | JPY 35,000

An intensive, regenerating treatment that dramatically plumps, firms, and hydrates your skin. A serum applied with a lifting massage helps to firm and tighten, while a hyaluronic acid patch is applied to targeted areas to address fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in immediate visible results.

The City Peel 60 min | JPY 25,000

The ultimate skincare treatment to instantly brighten, smooth and tighten your skin revealing a clearer, younger-looking complexion. * Not recommended for expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

Age Defy 120 min | JPY 45,000

Age-defying facial that exfoliates, lifts, firms, re-sculpts, and protects your skin from external aggressions. The Remodeling Face® system uses four electronic currents for regenerating facial tissue and deep toning, revealing a firmer, brighter and more youthful appearance. * Not recommended for expecting mothers and those with pace makers.

Triple Lift 120 min | JPY 45,000

Restore contour and definition to your face’s natural shape with this complete skincare treatment. A highly effective method combining active ingredients, intensive sculpting massage of the face and lymph nodes, and the Remodeling Face® system, this effective treatment instantly lifts and tightens your skin. * Not recommended for expecting mothers and those with pace makers.

*Prices are subject to consumption tax and a 15% service charge.

Essential 60 min / 90 min / 120 min | JPY 20,000 / JPY 28,000 / JPY 40,000

Combining deep tissue and Swedish techniques, this massage releases muscle tension, relieves stress, and promotes circulation using a personalized blend of aromatic essential oils.

Grounding 60 min / 90 min / 120 min | JPY 20,000 / JPY 28,000 / JPY 40,000

Warm healing stones are applied to your body meridians while a therapeutic oil massage restores tired muscles. The heat from the stones radiates deep into your body for increased circulation and boosted immunity, leaving you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.

Elemental Body 60 min / 90 min / 120 min | JPY 20,000 / JPY 28,000 / JPY 40,000

This aromatherapy massage blends customized essential oil infusions with heated stones and therapeutic techniques, delivering the ultimate aromatic spa experience. Choose one of the five elemental oil options to bring balance to your body and mind.

Oriental Healing 90 min | JPY 28,000

Inspired by the healing traditions of Japan, AO Spa’s original massage restores vitality and releases deep-set muscle tension through a combination of long, graceful movements applied along energy meridians. A f inishing touch of body butter blended with tea seed oil and coconut oil leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.

Slimming 90 min | JPY 30,000

Focusing on cellulite-affected areas, a blend of detoxifying grapefruit and juniper berry essential oils are applied with specialized massage techniques to promote circulation, noticeably toning and firming your skin whilst increasing metabolism and eliminating body toxins.

Express 30 min | JPY 12,000

We understand that time is a precious commodity. Choose from Head & Shoulder, Back, Foot & Leg or Foot massage for a quick indulgence.

Exfoliate 60 min / 90 min | JPY 22,000 / JPY 28,000

Discover complete rejuvenation with a full body exfoliation using a gentle rice bran body scrub, finished with our selection of seasonal essential oils for glowing skin. The fine particles of the rice bran scrub are ideal even for sensitive skin.

Radiance 60 min | JPY 22,000

An exfoliation treatment that improves your skin’s elasticity. A blend of papaya and macadamia nut scrub gently removes dead skin cells, while a moisturizing milk protects the skin from external aggressions, leaving your skin luminous, soft and renewed.

Nourish 90 min | JPY 28,000

A gentle exfoliating treatment using a scrub blended from organic jojoba beads and bamboo, leaving skin wonderfully soft, detoxified and youthfully radiant. Tea aroma body butter is applied all over the body to further nourish and soften the skin.

Sculpt 90 min | JPY 30,000

Invigorate your circulation and eliminate toxins with this sculpting body wrap treatment. A clay mask and a heated cocoon mat are applied to encourage perspiration, purifying and tightening the skin to redefine body contour.

*Prices are subject to consumption tax and a 15% service charge.

Blend Bar* 30 min | JPY 3,000

Choose from a selection of seasonal fruit, herbs and spices from the Blend Bar to create your own custom-made scrub to be enjoyed during your footbath ritual. * Offered for treatments over 60 minutes

Refresh Facial 30 min | JPY 12,000

A mini facial using a brightening mask to replenish the skin’s nutrients, resulting in a radiant glow.

Vivid Facial 30 min | JPY 15,000

Transform your skin with this results-focused express facial, using nutrient-rich ingredients selected for your skin’s individual needs. A combination of massage, exfoliation and a radiance boosting serum leaves your skin glowing within a short time.

Remodeling Face® System 30 min | JPY 12,000

The Biologique Remodeling Face® Machine combines four types of electric currents with specially formulated products to sculpt and contour the face. * Not recommended for expecting mothers and those with pace makers.

Module Electroporation + Cocktail d'Actifs Régénérants 30 min | JPY 24,000

A serum of active ingredients applied during the Remodeling Face® system. Aimed to promote cellular regeneration while improving epidermal moisture and skin tone. * Not recommended for expecting mothers and those with pace makers.

Scalp 30 min | JPY 12,000

A treatment focused on scalp care to stimulate circulation, hydrate and nourish the scalp resulting in strong hair that shines.

Eye Brightening 30 min | JPY 15,000

A facial treatment specifically designed for the delicate eye area, ideal for reducing puffiness, fine lines and visible dark circles.

Lip Plump 30 min | JPY 12,000

A combination of exfoliation, massage and mask helps soften and rejuvenate lips for a plump, youthful appearance.

Express 30 min | JPY 12,000

An express body massage focused on a targeted area using AO Spa’s original selection of essential oils. (Select from Head & Shoulder, Back, Foot & Leg or Foot.)

Light Leg 30 min | JPY 12,000

Revitalize tired feet and heavy legs with a deep therapeutic foot and leg massage using essential oils to eliminate toxins and firm the skin.

Bath Ritual 30 min | JPY 15,000

Relax in the large soaking tub in our spacious Spa Suite prior to your treatment. Enjoy with your own customized bath salt from the Blend Bar.

Spa Time 30 min | JPY 10,000

Unwind in the tranquil oasis of your treatment room. Take a moment to escape from the everyday to restore peace and calm to your body and mind.

Facility Use* JPY 10,000

Usage of the gym, swimming pool and hydro area is available at a charge.

*Offered for treatments over 60 minutes

*Prices are subject to consumption tax and a 15% service charge.