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At Hyatt Regency Kyoto you will discover beauty, tranquility and the true juxtaposition of modern and traditional Japan. Nestled in Higashiyama, Hyatt Regency Kyoto offers the chance to relax, unwind, and take in this magical city. With 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites located in Kyoto, guests can marvel at the beauty of these centuries-old temples and shrines and receive first-hand insight into this wondrous culture.

RIRAKU Spa and Fitness provides true wellness and relaxation in the heart of Kyoto. Spa treatments, based on both Eastern and Western traditions, are results-oriented and sensually pampering, incorporating Shiatsu, acupuncture, moxibustion and aromatherapy.

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Concierge recommendations

Nashinoki Shrine

It is the middle in September, and the morning and evening became much cooler than August. I visited Nashinoki Shrine that is located east side of Kyoto Imperial Palace to see the bush clover. The bush clover is one of the seven flowers in Autumn. Nashinoki Shrine is known as "the shrine of the bush clover", and several hundreds of bush clovers trees began to bloom this week. When I saw the pretty flowers that is moving in the breeze, I felt that Autumn is just around the corner.

Farmer's market in Ohara village

It is held every Sunday morning, and you could meet the morning's pick, fresh and organic vegetable, regional specialties and seasonal flowers at the open-air stalls and in the store as well. Not only to get seasonal and fresh ones but deep breath in rich nature of Ohara. To drive to Ohara, I do recommend you to be there by 8:30AM to secure the parking space and to use the public transportation, Kyoto bus runs from downtown to Ohara. You could enjoy a nice weekend getaway even from town of Kyoto.

Kuramadera Temple

To avoid the intense heat and to feel cooler even a little, I went to Mt. Kurama in Rakuhoku area of Kyoto. It takes about 30 minutes walking distance from the Kurama bus stop to Kuramadera temple on the top of the mountain. The approach to the temple is called "Tsuduraori-Sando", and Ms. Sei Shonagon, Japanese author/poet, who lived 1,200 years ago, also mentioned the name of the approach on her poem of "Makura no soshi". She said that something close but far actually is the approach of the mountain because the path is twisting and turning. After I reached the main building of the temple, the guardian tigers welcomed me. I kept walking in the mountain to Okunoin. When I explorered the places where legend Mr. Yoshitsune trained, I was refreshed with the wind gone through during the trees.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Many people may think that Tanabata festival should be held on 7 July, but it is held in July of the lunar calendar at Kitano Tenmangu shrine, which is located in Nishijin textile town. Many strips with wishes are decorated on bamboos in the precinct and colorful summer flowers are arranged at a place to wash hands. Tanabata festival will be held on 7 August and the night illumination will be held on 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16 August. I thought about the poem of Michizane Sugawara, who is the deity of the shrine and prayed for safety and good health over the year.

Cafe Seien at Daigokuden-Honpo Rokkaku

After a long rainy season and to welcome the summer heat, we would like to introduce one of Kyoto sweets from “Cafe Seien at Daigokuden-Honpo Rokkaku”. With the monthly flavor of “KOHAKU-NAGASHI”, sweets by Japanese gelatin, its unique texture of gelatin with fresh taste of pepermint and their original syrup give us a relief from the heat. (can't forget “MIZORE”, shaved ice, as well). Seasonal things certainly remind us to feel turn of the year whatever happens.

Fukuda Art Museum

It is a beautiful museum with marble walls and wickerwork patterned windows. They owns the works of Japanese painters between Edo and the modern times. I was very surprised that many works are their private collections and the visitors are allowed to take the photo. You may enjoy their cafe and the view of their garden with the famous Togetsukyo bridge, the central area of Arashiyama.

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

As it's original architecture; the oldest public art museum in Japan, was rather massive and classic, with blowing a new wind, it becomes welcoming but still highlighting the original parts. Certainly the place to visit for enjoying the arts, and also finding your own little oasis as I found one.

Umenomiya Taisha Shrine

Hydrangea flowers make me happier duirng the rainy season. When I visited Umenomiya Taisha Shrine near Arashiyama area to see hydrangea flowers, I found cats in the shrine relaxed by the garden and enjoyed seeing their moves. It seems that time passed slowly at this shrine. The shrine is located near Arashiyama area and you may visit there after sightseeing Bamboo forest.

Ruriko-in Temple

With a short ride of Eizan Railway, we could reach to the foot of Mt. Hiei. The sound of mountain stream great and welcome you to YASE village. Either going up to Mt. Hiei or visiting the temple for seasonal special opening, at this time, we chose "Ruriko-in Temple". We just admired both bright green maple from the window and reflecting them to the black lacquered table. In the moss garden, it gain enormously lush with sudden shower. Just wondering for autmn special opening but for now, please enjoy and relax with the gradation of bright blue (RURI color) as its name.

Shimogamo Shrine

Located on the delta of Kamo river, just 2 miles away from the central, a lush, green forest is called "TADASU-NO-MORI", it is embraced with the powerful and beautiful season of new leaves now. I recommend you to breath nothing but cool air, feel the music of the trees and go to Shimogamo Shrine, one of World Heritage Site, in the forest for your refreshing.

Kibune Area

Kibune area is one of my favorite spots in Kyoto. The area is surrounded by beautiful bright green leaves and the murmurs of Kibune River makes me relaxed. I recommend you to try “KAWADOKO", outside dining on the river when you visit the area. The outside dining is at least 10 degrees cooler than the central area of Kyoto.

Hotel Activities

Fitness Class

Enjoy the range of our relaxing fitness classes (Yoga / Stretch Pole / Stretch) at our RIRAKU Spa and Fitness to bring balance back into your life.

Bike Rental

Let's explore Kyoto by riding a bicycle! We offer a bike rental service for staying guests. For details and pricing, please contact our concierge.

DVD Library

At Hyatt Regency Kyoto we offer a DVD library of new releases as well as classics for all our guests. This service is complimentary and is limited to borrowing one DVD at a time. Movies are in English, however, some Japanese films do not have English subtitles. Movies for children are also available.


Sanjusangendo Temple

Located next to the hotel in the Higashiyama district. The temple contains one thousand life-size statues of the Thousand-Armed Kannon which stand on both the right and left sides of the main statue in 10 rows and 50 columns.

Chishakuin Temple

This temple belongs to the Chisan Shingon sect and offers a morning ceremony where one can experience a unique Buddhist practice in the tranquility of Higashiyama. It starts at first light so is perfect for early risers.

Tofukuji Temple

One of the so-called Kyoto Gozan or "five great Zen temples of Kyoto". The grounds contain 24 sub-temples and gardens and its main gate is the oldest sanmon in Japan.

Family Fun

Kyoto Aquarium

This is a facility where people can learn about and interact with water resources and aquatic life while having fun, offering more than just the traditional aquarium experience.

Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts and Culture (ex. Shigureden)

You can learn Japanese culture and Japanese poems called "Ogura Anthology", in a new way (They use Nintendo DS to experience the Ogura Anthology cards). This museum offers a hands-on experience of Ogura Anthology.

Kyoto Railway Museum

The museum is located near Kyoto station and in Umekoji Park. You will see old-style steam locomotives. Also, children can ride on a mini-locomotive in the park.


Nishiki Market

Located in the center of the city, this market has more than a hundred specialty shops featuring fresh produce, in a 400 m long narrow street. The street is always busy with customers shopping for the local fresh produce including fish, quality vegetables, Tofu and home-style dishes.

Kyoto Handicraft Center

Kyoto Handicraft Center exhibits and sells a selection of beautifully designed traditional crafts by local artisans. It offers a wide range of products including jewelry, scarves, pottery, fans, baskets, lacquerware, textiles, etc.

Shinmonzen and Furumonzen

The city main antique district is centered around Shinomonzen and Furumonzen two streets running parallel to each other. Located adjacent to Gion you will find a vast array of Japanese antiques ranging from Buddhist art, woodblock prints, pottery as well as oriental art.

Teramachi Art District

Located north of Shijo Street extending until Marutamachi you will find an eclectic collection of stores related to the arts. Offering different styles of Japanese art such as Japanese paper, Incense, tea, metalwork & crafts this area also includes European antiques and oriental art.