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Hyatt Centric Cambridge Lifestyle Courtyard
  • Hyatt Centric Cambridge Exterior Courtyard

Building & Energy

  • Construction - Carbon Emissions Avoided: 73.53. Trees Protected: 2547. BREEAM certificate Excellent.
  • 80% of the roof space has solar panels, which will create some of the hotels power, and any left over fed back to the Grid.
  • A district heating network which provides higher efficiencies and better pollution control.
  • We operate with 100% green gas and electricity. We use Hyatt EcoTrack to track sustainability metrics including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste & recycling.
  • Eddington has developed a pioneering rainwater management strategy to capture and treat stormwater runoff from the site. This is the first stormwater recycling scheme in the UK and one of the largest in the world.
  • LED lighting & motion sensors.
  • Charge your electric car in our car parking area using one of our 20 electric car charging points.
  • Global HY_P112 Farmed Tomatoes

Sourcing & Waste

  • Locally sourced products.
  • Recycling, soap from the bedrooms is recycled.
  • Cambridge Sustainable Food - local food waste scheme.
  • Supplies: biodegradable packaging, removal of plastic, reusable laundry bags.
  • Hyatt Centric Cambridge Lifestyle Working

Meetings & Events

  • Our Meetings & Food Delivery are single-use plastic free!
  • Locally sourced, meat free options as well as vegan.
  • Refillable water.
  • Ethical and environmentally conscious methods.
  • No stationary, no paper waste.
  • Vast majority of materials we use are either recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or recycled.
  • Hyatt Centric Cambridge Roof Terrace Daytime Seating View

Certifications & More

  • Cambridge Sustainable Food - Pledge & Award.
  • 20 guest bicycles to hire from the hotel and electric scooters and bikes available within Eddington.
  • Electric shuttle bus to key sites in the city e.g. train station.
  • The Courtyard - Eco-garden, is based on a global approach to the garden favouring the application of cultural methods and the use of alternative or biocontrol solutions, as well as using the rainwater management strategy adopted throughout Eddington.
  • Bee, Bat and Bird houses and complimentary seed bags on arrival to enjoy the garden spaces and feed the birds.
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