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The Spa Treatments at Park Hyatt Milan

Relaxing Massage 50 minutes € 120, 80 minutes € 170

A flowing and soothing massage which assists circulation, allowing you to achieve total serenity. A perfect way to reduce emotional stress and body aches to achieve deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes €140, 80 minutes € 190

Concentrated on deep muscle tissue and fascia, this massage incorporates slow, firm palm movements to manipulate muscles and joints; enhancing circulation, reducing toxin build-up and emotional stress, leading to renewed energy for the body and spirit.

Candle Massage 50 minutes €140

A candle made from vegetable butters and fragrant aromas turns into a nutritious velvety butter and gives the skin a deep moisture while releasing muscles tension. A real pampering experience.

Vital Stone Massage 80 minutes €195

Heated basalt stones are applied to the body in a pattern that awakens the mind and uplifts the spirits, revealing your inner glow. The heat coming from the stones provides deep heat relief to combat tiredness while invigorating aromas balance energy flow and fortify the body.

Vital Boli Massage 50 minutes €145

This treatment is based on the usage of hot pads to stimulate the body. The use of selected Alpine herbs and pure essential oils revitalizes the tissue and muscle by stimulating energy flows. This traditional massage, long recognized in different cultures, increases body wellness and grants a feeling of strength and vitality. Ideal also after-sport activities.

Express Head & Back Massage 30 minutes €85

Express Legs Massage 30 minutes €85

Thai Massage 80 minutes € 220

This blend of manual technique massage, acupressure, energy lines work and stroke along with gentle yoga stretches, will restore free flow of energy, release tight joints, increase the range of motion, and reduce stress. Performed on classic massage table

Reflexology Massage 50 minutes € 180

Plantar reflexology is a particular type of massage that can reestablish the energy balance of your body. By prolonged pressing techniques, this massage is to stimulate specific point of reflex zones under the foot, which are energetically connected to corresponding organs. Plantar reflexology is effective against stress and fatigue and is useful for health maintenance and prevention.

Therapeutic Massage 50 minutes € 190, 80 minutes € 220

Therapeutic Massage aims to release muscle tension by eliminating the scar tissue, and by using therapeutic techniques such as connective tissue release, mio facial release and neuromuscular techniques. Therapeutic Massage is particularly indicated for sport participants and for people suffering from backaches, acute and chronic conditions and headache.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage from 75 minutes (according to specific body parts) from € 210

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a particular type of massage that aims to stimulate lymph flow by using light pressure and slow movements. This massage is suggested for people suffering from tired legs, edematous states, capillary fragility and cellulite.

All treatments can be enjoyed in the Private Spa Room. At the end of the treatment, guests may remain and take advantage of the private steam room for an additional 30 minutes, with a supplemental charge of € 40 (per couple). For more information or reservations: +39 02 88 21 12 34 or milano.spa@hyatt.com

Les Soins Phyto – Aromatiques Expert: 50 minutes €170


Designed with dehydrated skin in mind, the Phyto-Aromatic Hydrating facial is extremely gentle, leaving skin fresh and petal-soft.


Before a party or to erase fatigue or stress on the complexion, the Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial is a must as the effects are immediate: all signs of fatigue vanish, the skin is radiant and luminous.

Comfort Extrême

Rich and sumptuous, the Phyto-Aromatic Comfort Extreme Facial has been designed to treat dry skin types lacking in lipids. Nourishing and extreme in its richness, this treatment helps the skin to regain its elasticity and offers a wonderful sensation of comfort.


A precious moment of relaxation for stressed or irritated skin, the Phyto-Aromatic Restorative Facial is incredibly gentle. The skin is soothed and regains its vitality, comfort and bygone serenity.

Skin Perfection

A truly unique experience with immediate beauty results. The Phyto-Aromatic Skin Perfecting Facial is a sensual journey of softness and pleasure that smoothes expression lines and purifies the skin, revealing its radiance and freshness. A skin-perfecting treatment targeting all phenomena responsible for dilated poresto reveal flawless-looking skin, even close-up. The skin instantly looks matte and its texture is refined. Pores are tightened.


Created for oily and problematic skin, the Phyto-Aromatic Purifying Facial Treatment cleans and purifies the skin without affecting its water balance. The pores are tightened, the skin purified and the complexion evened out. The face looks cleaner, fresher and glowing.


The Phyto-Aromatic Lightening Facial channels the advanced technology behind Sisley’s Phyto-Blanc range. Whether periodically or in addition to daily use of the Phyto-Blanc range, it is a genuine moment of relaxation for an immediately radiant and bright complexion.

Expert Men

Exclusively designed for men, The Phyto-Aromatic Facial for Men offers a moment of relaxation thanks to a very specific ritual. It combines efficiency and wellbeing for hydrated, toned and fatigue-released skin.

Les Soins Phyto-Aromatiques Anti Aging: 80 minutes €220

SisleYouth Energizing Early Wrinkles

This treatment has been formulated to combat the first signs of skin ageing. Skin is instantly hydrated, revitalized and energized. After the treatment, the skin looks fresher and brighter.

Intensive Hydrating

This treatment draws upon Sisley’s extensive anti-ageing experience to profoundly re-hydrate dehydrated skins. Concentrated on active ingredients which encourage water circulation within the epidermis, the treatment helps to restore the ideal skin water balance. The skin becomes more supple and toned, and regains the radiance of youthful skin.


In 80 unforgettable minutes, the Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Anti-ageeing Facial offers all the benefits of the ten years of research it took to create Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age. Through deep-acting procedures from this specialist treatment, the face is transformed, regenerated and its youth is restored. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the epidermis toned, becoming firmer and more resilient. The skin appears younger and healthier. This protocol exists in three different versions: • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Normal skin • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Dry to very dry skin • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Combination of oily skin.

Les Soins Phyto-Aromatique d'Exceptional:

The Re-Plumping Youth with Rose 80 minutes €250

An experience that gives a feeling of exceptional well-being. A true rendez-vous with beauty from the delightful natural scent of rose, this journey of delicacy and pleasure eliminates fatigue from the face and reveals the natural radiance of the skin. The skin is plumped and signs of fatigue and age attenued.

The Supreme Anti-Aging 80 minutes €250

Sisley has an exceptional ritual: a unique synergy between the best-performing techniques to makes the skin firmer, thanks also to the use of Grand Soin Anti-Age Sisley Supremÿa La Nuit.

The Supreme Rejuvenating Eye 50 minutes €180

The Soin Phyto-Aromatic Supreme Rejuvenating Eye treats all problems around the eyes: wrinkles, dark circles and sagging eyelids. After the treatment, your look is fresh and the eyes find youth and brightness. A complete anti-ageing treatment for the eye, it is associated with an exceptional ritual for the entire face.

For more information or reservations: +39 02 88 21 12 34 or milano.spa@hyatt.com

Ritual Massages:

Zen Harmony 50 minutes €150, 80 minutes €195

The Zen Harmony Massage offers a journey to the heart of an aromatic Californian massage, with added variations of intensity, techniques and scents. During the massage, no body part will be neglected. The treatment provides relaxing and regenerating benefits.

Intensive Hydrating 50 minutes €145, 80 minutes €180

The Intensive Hydrating Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment is performed with vitality. Combined with the benefits of hydrating essential oils, it brings softness and well-being to the body. Energy is rebalanced and the body is revitalized.

Energizing Slimming and Firming 50 minutes €165

Using the advanced technology and expertise of Sisley’s slimming products, the Slimming and Firming Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment offers the perfect combination of rhythmical modelling and the effectiveness of anti-cellulite actions. A smoothing and tonig anti-cellulite treatment for a sublime body.

Absolute Slimming 80 minutes €195

The Soin Phyto-Aromatic Absolute Slimming Treatment is ideal for tackling stubborn fatty deposits thanks to a sequence of slimming techniques such as kneading, twisting, friction and “palpate and roll” massage. These techniques, in conjunction with the application of the recommended Sisley slimming product, initiate the process of smoothing away dimples and improving the appearance of the skin.

Specific Massages:

Energizing Exfoliating 30 minutes €95

This unique exfoliating treatment combines aromatherapy with an invigorating body scrub, to make the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

Energizing Self-Sun Without Sun 30 minutes €105

This body treatment provides an extraordinary glow as it combines an energizing exfoliation with the magic of a natural tan without sun exposure. Immediately, the skin is hydrated; in less than two hours, the body is left with a uniform and glowing tan. It is ideal as a pre-holiday treatment or to prolong the glow of a natural tan.

Exfoliating Anti-Aging Firming 50 minutes €165

This exfoliation treatment in synergy with the rich Concentré Sisleya Anti-Age Fermeté Corp gives immediate compactness to leave the skin toned and relaxed.

Soin Phyto-Aromatique 1, 2, 3 Slimming 3 days x 50 minutes €420

The Soin Phyto-Aromatic 1, 2, 3 Slimming Treatment includes three exclusive Sisley treatments over three consecutive days. Each ritual is performed with Cellulinov. 1st day: The Phyto-Aromatic Detox Ritual – 50 minutes This first ritual helps to eliminate the toxins in-depth, to prepare the body for receiving the following treatments. The lower body exfoliation is followed by a vigorous massage of the legs, buttocks and hips to improve the appearance of the skin. 2nd day: The Phyto-Aromatic Light Legs Ritual – 50 minutes This ritual consists of an aesthetic lymphatic drainage to stimulate lymph circulation. This ritual brings an immediate feeling of lightness in the legs. 3rd day: The Phyto-Aromatic Remodellinig Ritual – 50 minutes For the third day, the goal is to treat cellulite in depth and to help curb its resurgence. A series of anti-cellulite techniques helps to remodel the skin so that it feels firmer, smoother and more toned.

For more information or reservations: +39 02 88 21 12 34 or milano.spa@hyatt.com