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Gaia Spa & Fitness Center Treatments at Grand Hyatt Istanbul

Balancing Massage 50 minutes Euro 115 / 80 minutes Euro 135

Soft, relaxing and deep strokes blend with Thai and Balinese massage techniques, acupressure, and the harmonizing essential oils of lavender, rosemary and petit grain. Each session is unique and unfolds according to your needs, leaving you peaceful, refreshed and renewed.

Gaia Massage 50 minutes Euro 120/ 80 minutes Euro 140

Combining Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage techniques and Lymphatic Drainage, with an uplifting blend of rosemary, orange and lemongrass, our Vitality Massage balances your energy flow and replenishes your vitality.

Aromatherapy Massage 50 minutes Euro 115 / 80 minutes Euro 135

Rose, Jasmine or Orange This massage is based on fluid, relaxing strokes dancing like waves along the curves of your body. We will create for you a special ritual with our signature synergy blends to balance your body and mind.

Swedish Massage 50 minutes Euro 115 / 80 minutes Euro 135

This world-renowned technique uses light to medium pressure with rhythmic strokes in combination that soothe muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes Euro 120 / 80 minutes Euro 140

Slow strokes and deep finger pressure alleviate muscle tension in this full-body massage that can be customized to your specific needs, targeting specific problem areas.

Hot Stone Massage 75 minutes Euro 135

Hot basalt stones are massaged onto the body and specific energy centers to increase the blood flow, soothe muscle tension and provide a profound sense of relaxation.

Foot Massage 30 minutes Euro 90

This massage balances the flow of energy throughout your body, and stimulates your body’s own healing process.

Back Massage 30 minutes Euro 90

This massage treatment relieves stress and built-up muscle tension by focusing on your back, neck and shoulders in combination with a powerful aromatherapy blend of laurel, rosemary, lavender and lemon eucalyptus.

Face Massage 30 minutes Euro 70

Cellulite Massage 45 minutes Euro 100

After an energizing and detoxifying body scrub, an intensive yet gentle cellulite massage with essential oils improves lymphatic and blood circulation, and enhances the detoxification of body tissue for firmer body contours.

Asian Massages

Thai 50 minutes Euro 120

Shiatsu 50 minutes Euro 120

Balinese 50 minutes Euro 115 / 80 minutes Euro 135

Reflexology 50 minutes Euro 115

With Biologique Recherge Products


Balancing Anti-Aging treatment for sensitive skin

THE LIFT C.V.S. 60 minutes Euro 130

Intensive Exfoliating and Lifting Treatment

LOTION MC 110 60 minutes Euro 120

Replumping, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


Skin Whitening Treatment

VIP O2 OXYGENATING FACIAL 30 minutes Euro 85 / 60 minutes Euro 140

Detoxifying and Re-Oxygenating Treatment

Organic Grapefruit Scrub 30 minutes Euro 90

This organic sugar scrub with grapefruit and cedar wood essential oils has cleansing, detoxifying and energizing properties, leaving your skin glowing and silky smooth.

Organic Lavender Scrub 30 minutes Euro 90

With purifying essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, this organic body scrub deeply cleanses, softens and nourishes your skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Renewal Body Mask 45 minutes Euro 90

Detox Body Mask 45 minutes Euro 110