Gaia Spa & Fitness Centre Packages at Grand Hyatt Istanbul


Couples' Ritual

90 minutes 280€

Luxuriate with a partner in the Hammam and experience a Turkish Body Scrub together. After cleansing and relaxing in the Hammam, enjoy a revitalizing Back Massage side by side. Treat yourself to this unforgettable experience and feel profoundly relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Turkish Body Scrub / Back Massage

Turkish Body Scrub

45 minutes 100€

As one of the world's most ancient spa traditions, this full-body scrub and soap massage symbolize Gaia Spa's local heritage. It is an unforgettable treatment for any guest looking for an authentic Turkish experience.

Turkish Hammam

30 minutes 50€

(Personal Use)

Soak in the exquisite beauty of the lofty, pure white spaces as you steam, bathe or lounge, and share the experience with a loved one or friend by reserving the Hammam for your private enjoyment.

Sultan Hammam

60 minutes 115€

Body Scrub / Bubble Massage / Body Mask / Hair Mask / Body Lotion Ritual / Sherbet



2 hours 185€

After cleansing and purifying Organic Body Peeling, a Renewal Body Mask provides intense moisturization and nourishment. A deeply hydrating Biologique Recherche facial mask replenishes your skin, enhancing its glow and radiance.

Organic Body Peeling / Renewal Body Mask / Biologique Recherche Face Mask 


2 hours 185€

Organic Body Peeling / Aromatherapy Massage / Face Massage



2.5 hours 195€

After a Turkish Body Scrub in the traditional Hammam, slip into a deep state of relaxation with our signature Rose Massage, enveloped by the delicate fragrance of pure Turkish rose oil. Our Biologique Recherche Facial Mask provides intense hydration and nourishment for glowing, radiant skin. 

Turkish Body Scrub / Rose Massage / Biologique Recherche Face Mask


2 hours 195€

After a traditional cleansing ritual in the Turkish Hammam, a Renewal Body Mask regenerates and nourishes your skin, while a Back Massage releases built-up tension and stress.

Turkish Body Scrub / Renewal Body Mask / Back Massage

Turkish Delight

2 hours 195€

This ritual blends a traditional Turkish Body Scrub in the Hammam with a Renewal Body Mask and a Biologique Recherche Facial Mask for intense hydration and nourishment.

Turkish Body Scrub / Renewal Body Mask / Biologique Recherche Face Mask



3 hours 290€ 

After a cleansing and relaxing ritual in our Hammam, restore your strength and vitality with a Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage, and replenish your skin with a Biologique Recherche facial treatment rich in vitamins and antioxidans.

Turkish Body Scrub / Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage / Biologique Recherche Facial


1.5 hours 190€

Experience a traditional Turkish Body Scrub in the Hammam, and increase your energy, and release built-up tension and stress with a Foot Massage and a Back Massage. 

Turkish Body Scrub / Foot Massage / Back Massage 

Jetlag Recovery

2 hours 195€

Relax, replenish your vitality, and increase your energy with our Gaia Massage after a traditional cleansing ritual in the Turkish Hammam.

Turkish Body Scrub / Gaia Massage


Gaia Spa offers you a unique experience package full of privileges! You can take an advantage of all these opportunities for 34.000 TRL with Grand Offer Card;

- Complimentary 50 minute massages for 3 times 

- 50% discount on all massages

- 45 minute Scrub Foam Massage at Hammam

- Accomadation for 2 person in a standard room for a night 

- Group mat pilates lessons for 2 person, 2 times

- Outdoor pool access for 2 person, 2 times

- Breakfast for 2 person at 34 Restaurant

- 15% discount on all Food & Beverage outlets

-  4 hour parking 

You can call Gaia Spa to have this package full of great deals right away. Spa number: +90 212 368 11 48 or WhatsApp +90 538 27 75 77.