Area Attractions

With its prime location in North Chaweng, there is no shortage of fascinating attractions to explore from Buddhist temples to phallic rocks, from a pristine marine park to an ethical elephant sanctuary. Afterwards, enjoy a spot of shopping or a meal in a charming market or modern retail complex.

Hyatt Regency Koh Samui

99/11 Moo 5, North Chaweng, Bophut
Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand, 84320



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Gallery of Eight

Gallery of eight at hyatt regency koh samui

The Lobby

"Let the sea set you free" - The excitement starts as soon as you arrive at our lobby which frames the sweeping views of towering trees, terraced swimming pools and the rocky northeast coastline of this magical island. Similar to the Lamai Viewpoint, our lobby presents you with curated glimpses of nature’s majesty and draws you to the captivating sight of slender palm trees against the boundless ocean.

The Reservoir

"Breathe deep at the pool with a view" - The best views of our manicured, lush resort can be had from a series of cubes set into the elevated section of our terraced swimming pools. If you have a panoramic facility on your camera, now’s the time to use it to take in the gardens, the beach and the rocky headland. If you happen to go to the top level of Namuang Waterfall, Samui’s highest cascade, you’ll find a private little rock pool that has a comparable stunning vista, looking down over the island’s luxuriant greenery. Both places are ideal spots to take a deep breath and admire the beauty of nature.

The Waterfall

"Tap into the soothing sound of water" - The sight of water falling can be mesmerizing, yet so can its sound as it splishes and splashes, burbles and gurgles down a rock face. Our terraced swimming pools, shaded by tall trees, bring to mind the multiple levels of Namuang Waterfall, which is named for the striking purple shade of its rock faces. Namuang Falls are at their best from September to November, while at any time of year you can float on your back in one of our pools, close your eyes and be soothed by the babbling and tinkling sound of water.

The Tree Marker

"Sense the energy of trees" - A major goal in the design of our resort was to embrace and protect nature in all its forms, especially the huge trees, some of which you’ll see are protruding out of buildings. The oldest and largest of these trees are called Yang Na, which traditionally were once used by fishermen to guide them back home as they could be seen from far away. Through the years these Yang Na have witnessed historical events, and now the birth of the Hyatt Regency Koh Samui resort. Thai people often adorn them with colourful ribbons or flowers as they believe that performing this act of reverence protects the trees against harm.

The Fishnet & SESUN

"Taste the fresh catch of the day" - The two main occupations on Samui Island are fishing and harvesting coconuts, and the Gulf of Thailand has provided the islanders with a fantastic variety of fish for as long as anyone can remember. In honor of the fishermen’s most important piece of equipment—their nets—we have hung a blue fishnet on the roof of Sesun Grill & Beach Bar. The rustic lifestyle of fishermen can be experienced in places like Fisherman’s Village at Bophut, where locals and tourists mingle against an idyllic background of beach and azure sea. As at Bophut, guests at Sesun can enjoy great food and drinks as they relax and party on the beach.

The Colors of Valley

"Stroll through the valley" - Do you know that feeling when you’re strolling along a country path with raised banks on each side, snuggled and shielded by nature? That feeling awaits you in the Valley, where you will be surrounded by an abundance of tropical flora and fauna. A variety of plants flower in different seasons, creating a constantly changing ambiance in the Valley which is ideal for a leisurely walk and exercise. Since Samui lies near the equator, its climate is mostly warm and on rare occasions cool, making it an ideal year-round destination for visitors.

The Wellness Courtyard

"Bask in wellness" - Due to its remote offshore location in the Gulf of Thailand, Samui Island has always provided a safe haven for its inhabitants. Similarly, our spa offers visitors a tranquil haven where all stress and tension will melt away. A dramatic staircase leads down to the Wellness Center from the lobby into the living green courtyard. Natural light streams down from above and plants on the walls encircle you. Take a few moments to soak up the peace and quiet before entering our spa where you will be pampered by an array of rejuvenating treatments.

The Organic Garden

"Tune into nature" - Don’t miss a visit to our organic garden to see how we grow our own produce using compost to create natural fertilizers that also deter pests. You are welcome to join us in transplanting some seedlings or helping our gardener in other ways. If you take a cooking class at our resort, this is the place to come to harvest fresh ingredients before heading to the kitchen. Since time immemorial, local people have tended the fertile soil of Samui, and we are doing our best to join them in creating a clean, chemical-free environment for our plants and our guests.

On-site Activities

Activities at hyatt regency koh samui


Glide through the Gulf of Thailand and admires stunning ocean views as the sun rises on the horizon. Enjoy the complimentary kayaking at the beach during your stays.


Catch some waves while you exploring the gorgeous Gulf of Thailand with one of our complimentary paddleboards. Paddle along at your own pace, forgetting about the constraints of time.

Recharge Your Mind

Join us for activities both relaxing and energizing to kickstart your day. Whether you go for the detox retreat or the mindful set, the energy boost or the reward of life, you will emerge from this holistic therapy with renewed zest.

Kid's Treats (Suites and Villas)

Make family time truly special with a family-friendly stay at Hyatt Regency Koh Samui. Kids enjoy special in-room amenities, including a teepee full of toys, unlimited homemade sweets at Cobalt, and one complimentary Camp Hyatt activity. Kids can also experience locally-inspired activities such as homemade mini Thai basket making, snorkeling, and movie nights, or even participate in a culinary creation — all fun activities for both kids and parents!

House-reef Snorkeling

Join our Resort Experience team for guided snorkeling in the recently discovered house reef, located conveniently right in front of the resort.

Thai Boxing Class

Whether you're a novice or a pro, our expert Resort Experience Team is ready to guide you. Choose between a private or group class with your family and friends for a fun-filled experience. Boost your fitness, strengthen your body, or simply try something new on your holiday.

Thai Cooking Classes – at The Organic Garden

It’s time to whip up some magic in the kitchen. The chef will show you how to make classic Thai dishes that you can recreate at home for friends and family. Pick some herbs from the organic garden, then add spice and flair. Available Saturdays with advance booking.

Coconut Leave Origami

Unleash your creativity with the coconut leave creations workshop and learn to make beautiful origami pieces with natural coconut leaves. Take home a piece of this tropical paradise, our resort provides the perfect backdrop for your creative journey.

History and Culture

Activities at hyatt regency koh samui

Wat Phra Yai

3.4 km
The highlight of ‘Big Buddha Temple’, located on a small island off the northeast coast, is a 12-metre high gold-painted statue of Buddha in Mara pose. Visitors will also find a bazaar within the temple and shops and restaurants at the nearby beach.

Grandpa and Grandma Rocks

17.2 km
Located at the southern end of Lamai Beach, ‘Hin Ta and Hin Yai’ are rock formations that resemble male and female genitalia, therefore giving rise to local legend, as well as regular visitors.

Na Muang Waterfalls

24.4 KM
Na Muang Waterfalls, a majestic set of 2 cascades on Koh Samui, show that the island’s beauty is not limited to its beaches. Found about 12 km inland from Nathon Bay, the Na Muang falls are reached by taking a walking path from the entrance to the park.

Overlap Stone Viewpoint (Lamai Beach)

19.1 KM
Overlap Stone viewpoint is a unique spot made of a giant rock is one of the lesser-known hidden gems on Koh Samui island. From Overlap Stone viewpoint you’ll have breathtaking views of Lamai Beach and the surrounding area.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

40 KM
A pristine archipelago of 42 islands immortalized in The Beach by Alex Garland. Book a spot on a licensed tour boat to explore steep limestone hills, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes.

Wat Plai Laem

2.8 KM
Wat Plai Laem is a living and active temple. The giant Guanyin statue is a towering white structure in the centre of the temple grounds. Adding to its feel of tranquility, the temple is surrounded by a lake, which is teeming with fish. Visitors who make a donation to the temple are given a bag of food to feed the fish.

Wat Khunaram

21.9 km
Buddhist temple and shrine of the Mummified Monk, Luang Pho Daeng who died in 1973 in a seated position and asked that his body be displayed as a reminder of the transience of human existence. As with all temples, dress modestly.

Outdoor Activities

Hyatt Regency Koh Samui outdoor pool

Ang Thong National Marine Park

40 KM
A pristine archipelago of 42 islands immortalized in The Beach by Alex Garland. Book a spot on a licensed tour boat to explore steep limestone hills, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary Bophut

7.3 km
Award-winning ethical elephant park caring for elephants rescued from tourism and logging. Feed, walk with and observe the magnificent pachyderms as they forage, socialize and play in a purpose-built pool, then enjoy a vegetarian buffet.

Fisherman’s Village

8.5 KM
Charming narrow streets of old Chinese shop-houses, now housing bars, restaurants, spas and boutiques. The weekly ‘Friday Walking Street’ offers market stalls, street food and live music and performances.

Chaweng Beach

3.3 KM
Chaweng Beach at dusk is a memorable scene to experience and capture. As the prime resort in Koh Samui, Chaweng has it all in terms of dining, shopping and nightlife options.

Hotel Dining

Hyatt Regency Koh Samui
Hyatt Regency Koh Samui
Sesun Grill & Beach Bar Hyatt Regency Koh Samui
Hyatt Regency Koh Samui
Hyatt Regency Koh Samui dining experience
Hyatt Regency Koh Samui
Yangna Cuisine Hyatt Regency Koh Samui