Area Attractions in Mainz

Located on the banks of the Rhine, only a few minutes’ walk from the city’s Old Town, Hyatt Regency Mainz is the ideal starting point for exploring Mainz and the well-known Rheingau and Rheinhessen wine-growing regions.

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Mainz for Wine Lovers

Area attractions around Hyatt Regency Mainz

Rhine-Hesse & the Great Wine Capital Mainz

Rhine-Hesse is the largest wine growing region of Germany, which extends 26,500 hectare between Bingen and Worms. Mainz is embedded in the "land of a thousand hills". The wine capital of Germany looks back to over 2,000 years of viniculture and is part of the Great Wine Capitals, a global network of ten renowned wine towns.

Vineyard tours & tastings

Experience the Mainz vineyards and the region in a special way. On guided foot tours or via a covered wagon — a so-called "Funzelfahrt“ — you will learn interesting facts directly from the winemaker and enjoy wine tastings in the fresh air with a view of Rhine-Hesse. Those who prefer to get to know the rustic ambience of the wineries can book wine tastings directly with the winemaker.

Mainzer Weinstuben

Anyone who wants to enjoy Rhine-Hesse conviviality and experience typical, local home cooking should visit one of the many wine bars of southern Germany and the Middle Rhine Valley that have a centuries-old tradition of serving local wines with smaller dishes compared to wine restaurants. You can find many of the mostly rustic wine bars in the old town of Mainz.


The best way to take home the region’s most distinctive flavor is to bring a bottle of wine. Whether it is for young or young-at-heart wine lovers, Mainz offers a large selection of vinothéques with wines from Rhine-Hesse and the Great Wine Capitals. Expert advice included. The offer ranges from traditional wine shops like Weinkontor Keßler to modern, vogue wine shops like the Weinraumwohnung.

Mainz culture & history

Art and cultural sights around Hyatt Regency Mainz

Mainz Cathedral and old town

The Mainz Cathedral is of the highest artistic and historical importance. The 1,000-year-old Gothic building gives the city its face and is one of the most outstanding testimonies to the Christian faith in Europe. This Mainz landmark is only a few-minutes walk from Hyatt Regency in the old town, which is also worth a visit with its winding alleys, half-timbered houses and picturesque squares.

In the footsteps of Gutenberg

Walk in the footsteps of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of book printing with movable letters. This revolutionary invention disseminated knowledge and is therefore considered a milestone in the media industry. Discover Gutenberg's many memorial sites, such as the Gutenberg Monument on the Gutenbergplatz and the world-famous Gutenberg Museum, presenting the historical printing press and the original Bible. In the print shop, visitors can try their hand at printing.

Roman Mainz - Stage theater and ancient shipping

As one of the oldest cities in Germany, Roman Mainz was an important military arena as well as civil center for the region during ancient times. Countless relics from the Roman era can still be admired today; for example, a Roman stage theater — the largest theater north of the Alps with space for up to 10,000 spectators. In the Museum of Ancient Shipping, you can marvel at shipwrecks and two faithfully reproduced military ships of the Roman Rhine fleet.


The citadel was built in 1660 on the Jakobsberg and belonged to the Mainz fortress. It is one of the most important architectural monuments in Mainz. The strategic location in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation has always given it great importance in German history. While strolling around the site, you can enjoy the view of the city or get to know the fortress above and below ground on exciting tours.

St. Stephen's Church & Marc Chagall’s blue stained-glass window

The Gothic church is located on the Stephansberg and is the only German church for which the Jewish artist Marc Chagall (1887-1985) created windows. Blue light falls through the stained glass into the church and it seems that angels and other biblical figures move weightlessly in this light. Afterwards, you shouldn't miss a tour of the late Gothic cloister, which is well worth seeing.

Christ Church and Neustadt

To the northwest of the old town, you will find the Mainz Neustadt district with its magnificent Christ Church at the foot of the wide Kaiserstraße. As the first Protestant church in Mainz, it was built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance at the end of the 19th century. Mainz Neustadt was badly destroyed during World War II, but many of the Wilhelminian-style buildings have been preserved. The charming quarter is diverse, colorful and, with its many squares, pubs, cafes, shops and handicraft businesses, a popular place to live and experience.

Fastnachtsbrunnen at the Schillerplatz and Museum

The Fastnachtsbrunnen is located at the Schillerplatz, a cheerful memorial to the Mainz Carnival — a month long, citywide celebration — with over 200 figures from Carnival and its mythology. If you want to know more about the “fifth season ”, you can visit the Carnival Museum near Schillerplatz, which offers an overview of the folk festival that has been celebrated in an organized form since 1837.

Electoral Palace Mainz

The striking, sandstone-red Electoral Palace was the former city residence of the Archbishops of Mainz. The construction is uniquely shaped by the late German renaissance. Today the premises are used for events. The Great Hall of the Palace is also well known as the host of the Carnival television session, "Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es singt und lacht" (Mainz remains Mainz, the way it sings and laughs) .

Experience Mainz Delicacies

Restaurants and bars near Hyatt Regency Mainz

Zum Heringsbrunnen

In the rustic restaurant with sports bar, beer bar and wine bar, guests will find German cuisine, homemade dishes, delicious beers and elegant wines.

Kuehn Kunz Rosen

In its beer garden and taproom, the Mainz brewery offers the largest and boldest beer selection in the city with 11 beers on tap.

Regional specialties at the Mainz weekly markets

The Mainz weekly markets are one of the oldest and probably most beautiful markets in Germany. Three times a week, you can buy fresh goods, local ingredients and delicacies in the city center on the picturesque cathedral squares.

N'Eis am Rhein

In the Mainz ice cream production facility, the ice cream is made fresh every day with a lot of manual labor and passion and is sold right next to our hotel.

Mainz City Oasis

Mainz Rhine promenade at Hyatt Regency Mainz

Mainz Rhine Promenade

The banks of the Rhine River extend from the customs port to the old town and offer many varied backdrops and opportunities for recreational activities, such as walking, jogging, cycling and photo opportunities. There are various children's playgrounds along the wide avenue with lawns and benches as well as sports fields. In summer, the Mainz Rheinstrand invites you to have a drink.

City Park and Mainz green belt

The green ramparts, the so-called "Mainz green belt", which is based on the old ramparts of the fortress, extend southwest of the city park up to the main station. It is ideally suited for taking a long walk along the "green lung" to get a breath of fresh air and explore the former ramparts. Also worth seeing is the rose garden, the birdhouse and the flamingo pond in the historic city park.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the Johannes Gutenberg University is a facility for research, teaching and further education, which can be visited all year round. With around 8,500 plant species from all over the world, the garden is a living museum for the diversity of plants.

Wellness moments in the middle of the city

At our Club Olympus Spa & Fitness you can immerse yourself in a world of pure relaxation. Whether it is during a classic back and shoulder massage, a calming hot stone application or an extensive Club Olympus Spa ritual, our services are designed to switch off your mind and let it wander.

Day Trips Rheingau & Rhine Hesse

Day trips near Hyatt Regency Mainz

RheinTerrassenWeg Hike

Hike along the 75-kilometer RheinTerrassenWeg route from Mainz to Worms and view world-famous vineyards, historical sites and the Rhine-Hessian wine region. The route is divided into six varied stages. A customized-route plan is possible due to the good rail connections.

The "Rote Hang" in Nierstein: Exclusive guided tour with wine tasting

The "Roter Hang" vineyard formation near Nierstein is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in Rhine-Hesse. As a hotel guest, you have the opportunity to experience an exclusive tour of this unique terroir and then taste characterful and expressive wines.

Cycling along the Rhine

Discover Rhine River landscapes and the picturesque towns and villages on the banks by bike. The cycle path network offers many combinations; for example, a tour through the Rheingau and Rhine-Hesse regions. You can rent a bike through our reception.

Boat tours on the Rhine & Main River

Mainz is a good starting point for interesting boat tours on the Rhine and Main Rivers. Downstream, on the Rhine River, a romantic tour passing castles and palaces in the UNESCO World Heritage site awaits you. At the Mainspitze, which is within sight of Hyatt Regency Mainz, the Main and Rhine Rivers converge. On this tour, you can marvel at the city lights of Frankfurt from the water.

The cable car to the Niederwald monument

The Niederwald monument is located in the middle of the Rheingau area and commemorates the victory over France in 1870-71. With its height of over 38 meters, the site overlooks large parts of the Rheingau and the opposite Rhine-Hessian side. In the immediate vicinity you will find the Adlerwarte Niederwald bird park, the Niederwald landscape park and the Niederwaldbahn cable car, which leads from Rüdesheim to the monument.

Family Trips

Family Trips near Hyatt Regency Mainz

Wildlife Park Gonsenheim

The wildlife park is located in Mainz-Gonsenheim, in the immediate vicinity of the Lennebergwald nature reserve. With a total size of 3.1 hectares, the wildlife park has a forest-like character and is currently home to many different species and around 150 animals. The entrance is free.

Gutenberg Express

Easily explore the city with the Gutenberg Express. The city tour by train starts and ends at Gutenbergplatz near the Mainz Cathedral and passes the city’s most important sights.

Mainz Underworld

Gain exciting insights into the Mainz underworld and the historical background on a tour through the different epochs. Put on warm clothes.

Kletterwald Neroberg Wiesbaden

This is one of the largest and most beautiful high-rope courses in Germany, nestled between ancient oaks and beech tress, and awaiting visitors high above Wiesbaden on the Neroberg. It offers adventure, fun, nature and team experiences for young and old.