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Pet Policy:

Here at Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, we gladly welcome your most cherished travel companion. Keep in mind, to participate in the pet program please inform the hotel that you’ll have a pet (or pets) staying with you in advance of your arrival by calling +1 314 655 1234 due to limited space for these rooms on the 5th floor.

Please register your dog at the front desk during check-in.

No dogs of an aggressive breed are permitted.

No more than two dogs per room with a combined weight of no more than 75 lbs.

Dogs are required to be on a leash and in your control at all times.

While you are with your dog, you must enter and exit the building through the side entrance next to the gift shop.

Out of respect of the other guests, dogs may not be brought into any public area, such as any of our restaurants, lounges, 18th floor terrace or lobby. Instead, a dog walk area is located at the park in front of the hotel to the right of Chestnut St. Once there, you are required to pick up after your dog.

Dogs will receive bowls for water and food, one toy and doggy bags during their stay; the items may be kept.

Please settle your dog in for the night by 9 p.m. out of respect for your fellow guests.

Dogs are not permitted in public areas.

Please have the special “Dog on Vacation” sign on your room door at all times. If you would like service, please indicate on the line below what time you would like service. If you would not like service, please write “NS” for No Service on the card.

Your dog may not be in the room while housekeeping is providing service, even if you are present or the dog is in a crate.

If there is damage to hotel property, you will be held responsible.


1–7 nights: $100 nonrefundable pet fee per stay

8+ nights: Please contact the hotel for arrangements.

Weight Limits

Only dogs weighing 50 lbs or less are permitted.

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