• Verio Spa Thai Oil

Veriō Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Koh Samui

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE THB 2,000++/60 minutes | THB 2,500++/90 minutes

Thai massage and stretching techniques release tension, as well as creating an aura of transformation and wellbeing.

HEAD & SHOULDER MASSAGE THB 1,800++/60 minutes

Relax and banish fatigue with a simple yet effective combination of upper body massages, focusing on the head and shoulders, to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

GUA SHA FACE THERAPY THB 1,800++/60 minutes

Stimulate the dermis la yer of the skin, boost circulation, and improve elasticity while releasing tension in the facial muscles to achieve relaxation.

FOOT THERAPY THB 1,800++/60 minutes | THB 2,200++/90 minutes

This therapy focuses on the feet and lower legs, parts of the body that are often overlooked. Start with a detox foot soak and continue with a tea tree foot salt scrub, excellent for both energizing the body and keeping bacteria at bay. Deep and firm rhythmical pressure is applied, focusing on pressure points to improve blood circulation, while an aromatic hot herbal compress soothes muscle tension, putting a spring in your step. The treatment ends with a warm wrap to soften your feet.

SIGNATURE CBD MASSAGE THB 3,800++ / 90 minutes

This journey begins with a tour of our organic garden to select you cannabis leaves, then back to the spa for an energizing cannabis sativa foot scrub, followed by a full body, scalp and foot massage with cannabis sativa seed oil. This treatment relieves pain and repairs dehydrated skin. Then we’ll wake you up with a cannabis spray as the last refreshing step.

RELAX MASSAGE THB 3,800++ / 90 minutes

Your personal consultant will help you choose your essential oil blends for ultimate relaxation. Massage techniques are adapted to your requirements, providing general relaxation, relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation. This treatment features a hot oil massage for the body and warm coconut oil for the scalp and helps you rest by triggering various chemical responses in the brain, which translate into extended periods of deep relaxation.

DE-STRESS MASSAGE THB 3,800++ / 90 minutes

Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body’s seven main chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, essential oil blends, and touching pressure points on the face and scalp. The ringing of Tingsha bells relieves stress, depression and grief, while the calming sound promotes a flow of positive energy into the brain, relaxing it and putting it a t ease. This unique experience leaves guests feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing.

RAW SUGAR SCRUB THB 2,000++ / 60 minutes

A nourishing blend of raw sugar, essential oils and fresh herbs is applied to gently detoxify and brighten skin tone. This beautifying treatment is perfect on its own or together with any other treatment on your wellness journey.

SEA SALT SCRUB THB 2,000++ / 60 minutes

This thoroughly invigorating treatment includes full body exfoliation with organic sea salts and freshly picked herbs. The three-step ritual is completed with soothing oils to deeply hydrate the skin.

COCONUT SCRUB THB 2,000++ / 60 minutes

Enveloping your entire body in the veil of invigoration after exfoliating away all the excess oil and dead cells with the gentle touch but potent charcoal and coconut shell scrubs, cucumber extract soothes away the irritating while kaolin white cray with coconut oil base pampers the demanding skin the caressing formula. Lightly scented with the tropical essences, the polished skin looks with refined and resilient touch.

DETOX WRAP THB 2,200++ / 60 minutes

Dead Sea Mud detoxifies while Vitamin E nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Featuring lavender and chamomile to soothe and relax the senses.

NOURISH WRAP THB 2,200++ / 60 minutes

Drench the skin with the healing effects of fresh Aloe Vera, a perfect remedy for sun-exposed or dehydrated skin. After the treatment, your skin will feel nourished and soft.


Enjoy a soft, hydrated, and radiant complexion with our luxurious Cocoon Treatment. The Douceur Marine Soothing Cocoon Mask, Marine Spring Water, Marine Prebiotic Complex, and Coralline work together to improve the skin's defenses, calm irritation, and even out the complexion. Say goodbye to redness and hello to a refreshed and revitalized complexion with this gentle and comforting treatment.


Treat yourself to a luxurious facial that rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin. A mask and cream with Oligomer, Organic Sea Lily extract, Dictyopteris Algae, and Vitamin C work to even out your complexion, reduce pigmentation, and leave you with radiant and translucent skin.


Transform your skin with our City dweller's Facial. Detoxify and renew with 100% natural white and red clays and marine sugars. Suitable for all skin types, this facial will immediately leave your complexion looking more luminous and less fatigued. Continued use will result in tighter pores and a radiant complexion with Citysafe and Palmaria Palmata (Red Algae).


This high-performance facial offers three key steps to resurface, fill wrinkles, and restructure your face. Experience a moment of total well-being as your skin is transformed with a vegetal exfoliant, concentrated ingredients, and a high-tech expert youth mask. Get ready for the results of a younger-looking face, with less visible wrinkles, firmer skin, and a radiant complexion.

SECRET OF VERIO THB 8,000++ per couple / 120 minutes

Begin with a soak in a jacuzzi for two to open the pores and unwind the mind. A deeply relaxing massage from head to toe follows with your choice of warm essential oil. The final step is an organic facial for a natural glow. • 30-min Couple private Jacuzzi Spa Rituals • 60-min Relax Massage • 30-min Organic Facial • Special Gift for Take away

TRAVELER LOVER THB 8,000++ per couple / 120 minutes

A sea salt scrub by the sea is the perfect way to get glowing skin. Follow with an hour of pure bliss as your chakras are aligned, muscles relieved by massage, aromatherapy and pressure-point techniques. The ringing of Tingsha bells, meanwhile, brings on a deep state of meditation. End with foot reflexology to re-energize. • 30-min Refreshing Sea Salt Body Scrub • 60-min D e-Stress Massage • 30-min Foot Therapy • Special Gift for Take away

MINI ME THB 500++ / 30 minutes

Massage for kids helps with anxiety reduction, aggressive behavior improvement, better sleep patterns, and increased parent-child bonding.

MINI PEDI THB 500++ / 30 minutes

Everyone deserves to be pampered, and especially for your princes and princesses, we provide a little toenail treat with a choice of nail-painting activities.

MINI MANI THB 500++ / 30 minutes

As much as a mini pedicure, a mini manicure will delight your little ones with some stunning fingernail painting.

Even the healthiest among us can benef it from a wellness program, which can align the body, mind and spirit with the universe. Of course, it helps to follow such a program in an idyllic location and with the best therapists available, and both these boxes are ticked at the Veriō Spa, where the setting is truly tranquil and our staff excel at the art of relaxation. We offer four different programs, ranging from a day to a week long. Whether you go for the detox retreat or the mindful set, the energy boost or the reward of life, you will emerge from this holistic therapy with renewed zest.

1-Day “Detox Retreat” THB 5,900

While we can’t avoid the toxic aspects of our world, we can eliminate the harmful effects on our body through a combination of yoga, massage to remove toxic fluids, a soak in a crystal bath and eating plant-based detox cuisine designed for our personal benefit. The program includes: • Select 1 of the Private Wellness Activities • Select 1 of the Signature Experiences • Select 1 of the Bath Rituals • 1 Personalized healthy breakfast created by our chef • 1 Personalized healthy lunch or dinner created by our chef • 1 Healthy drink

3-Days Holistic Program “Mindful Set” THB 15,700

Offering a combination of three signature experiences and three luxuriating bath sessions, as well as a personal fitness trainer, guided yoga sessions and meals that address your personal needs, this Mindful Set Program is everything you might hope for in a holistic course designed to revive and balance your mind. The program includes: • Select 3 of the Private Wellness Activities • Select 3 of the Signature Experiences • Select 2 of the Bath Rituals • Select 1 of the Body Treatments • 3 Personalized healthy breakfasts created by our chef • 3 Personalized healthy lunches or dinners created by our chef • 3 Healthy drinks

5-Days Wellness journey “Energy Boost” THB 24,100

This 5-day journey takes you through several relaxing and rejuvenating experiences, ranging from Pilates session with Fitball to a refreshing brown sugar scrub, from a milky blooming bath to a signature “CBD” journey. Plan your journey with the help of a consultant to ensure maximum benefit from each treatment or experience. The program includes: • Select 5 of the Private Wellness Activities • Select 5 of the Signature Experiences • Select 2 of the Bath Rituals • Select 3 of the Body Treatments • 5 Personalized healthy breakfast created by our chef • 5 Personalized healthy lunches or dinners created by our chef • 5 Healthy drinks

7-Days Wellness journey “ Reward of Life” THB 31,400

If you opt for our most extensive and most inclusive wellness program, prepare for a transformative journey that will leave you physically detoxified, mentally alert and spiritually balanced. This is achieved through a combination of relaxing ambience, knowledgeable staff and healing activities that will take you to a higher level. The program includes: • Select 7 of the Private Wellness Activities • Select 7 of the Signature Experiences • Select 4 of the Bath Rituals • Select 4 of the Body Treatments • 7 Personalized healthy breakfast created by our chef • 7 Personalized healthy lunches or dinners created by our chef • 7 Healthy drinks

Private Wellness Activities

•60 minutes yoga session and mindfulness breathing class THB 1,200 • 60 minutes morning meditation session in the garden THB 1,200 • 60 minutes personal training session at the fitness center THB 1,200 • 60 minutes private Muay Thai boxing class THB 1,200 • 60 minutes full body Pilates workout with Fit ball THB 1,200


BATH RITUALS • 30 minutes Detox crystal bath THB 1,000 • 30 minutes Milky blooming bath THB 1,000 BODY TREATMENTS • 60 minutes Detox Dead Sea mud bath THB 2,100 • 60 minutes Raw sugar scrub THB 2,100 • 60 minutes Sea salt scrub THB 2,100 • 60 minutes Organic body scrub THB 2,100 • 60 minutes Body wrap THB 2,100