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Prices stated are weekday / weekends (public holiday surcharges apply).

iKOU Native Clay and Hot Oil 90 minutes AUD 255 / 270

A fusion of ancient ayurvedic massage combined with native Australian ingredients. This unique massage begins placing a ring of native clay on the back and hot, therapeutic oils continuously flowing to gently release spinal tension. A full body massage completes this meditative like treatment that will leave you deeply relaxed.

Magnesium Wellness 90 minutes AUD 280 / 295

Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, muscle function and overall well-being. This ultimate wellness treatment combines the benefits of dry brushing to promote lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage and the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels. After an exfoliating and stimulating dry brush, the body is rubbed with a cooling, mineral-infused soak to invigorate and replenish. A soothing massage with Chamomile moisturiser follows to nourish the skin as muscles relax and tension dissipates.

Neroli Blossom Sensory Experience 90 minutes AUD 285 / 300

Awaken the senses with the signature aroma of Neroli in this deeply relaxing yet uplifting experience featuring energy balancing, Eucalyptus infused foot cleansing ritual with reflexology to clear the mind, a lymphatic dry brush technique followed by a Neroli Blossom therapeutic meditative massage

Muscular Wellbeing 60 minutes AUD 180 / 195 | 90 minutes AUD 240 / 265

Customised massage for release of tension from the deeper tissues to balance muscular imbalances. With organic, anti-inflammatory herb and plant infused oils, including a warming trio of Australian eucalypt and arnica, to deliver effective results.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes AUD 185 / 200 | 90 minutes AUD 245 / 270

This full-body relaxation massage combines rhythmic movements and gentle massage with the art of the senses. Create your own journey with your choice of one of five iKOU organic, aromatherapy plant oil blends. Intuitively guide your mind and body to greater relaxation and energy balance.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes AUD 185 / 195 | 90 minutes AUD 240 / 265

Long kneading strokes combined with rhythmic tapping, this type of massage targets the upper most layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension, relaxing the entire body.

The Spa Signature Facial 60 minutes AUD 175 / 190

A deep-cleansing, purifying treatment customized based on skin type. Includes an exfoliating peel to renew the skin, a stimulating massage to promote circulation and a personally selected masque to balance and nourish the skin. A hand and nail treatment completes the experience.

Gent's Facial 60 minutes AUD 175 / 185

Quench thirsty skin for instant visible results with this deeply hydrating facial for gentlemen’s skin.

iKOU White Flannel Flower Age-Defying Facial 90 minutes AUD 245 / 265

Radiant skin is revealed using serums, masques and infusions made of active, organic ingredients extracted from unique, high-performance Australian plant, fruit and flowers essences. This beautiful, detailed facial incorporates aromatherapy scalp, foot, arm and lower leg massage with Australian White Flannel Flower, to inspire a blissful experience.

iKOU De-Stress Organic Facial 90 minutes AUD 235 / 255

Stress has a powerful effect on ageing and skin sensitivity, and this calming, restorative facial focuses on collagen regeneration to heal, nourish and rebuild skin elasticity using organic & wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts. This sensory facial incorporates aromatherapy scalp, foot, arm and lower leg massage with geranium, lavender & clementine for a deeply relaxing experience.

Berry Plus Antioxidant Infusion 90 minutes AUD 255 / 280

Ultra-oxygenating, anti-aging treatment based on vitamin-rich super berries and plant cell cultures fortifies, rejuvenates and renews. Concentrated, nourishing oils, serums and plant essences combine with exclusive acupressure and muscle-easing face and neck massage followed by a nourishing algae-rich masque for increased cellular renewal and a healthy radiance. A cooling foot treatment is included. This is an add-on facial experience and not available as an individual treatment.

Correcting Advanced Repair Facial 90 minutes AUD 265 / 290

This results-oriented treatment is customized to address specific skin conditions. From hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, oily skin to premature aging, this personalized facial helps treat and correct skin concerns. Includes an exfoliating multi-acid peel on the face, neck, décolleté and hands to renew the skin, a deep-cleansing massage to promote circulation and a masque to balance and nourish the skin. A customized intensive treatment ampoule and a hand treatment complete the experience.

Brightening Vitamin C Facial 90 minutes AUD 255 / 280

This results-oriented treatment uses a powerful blend of skin-illuminating botanicals to target hands, face, neck and décolleté for immediate improvement in texture, tone, clarity and luminosity. An exclusive Acti-5 Brightening Complex, along with a multi-acid peel, a concentrated Vitamin C Ampoule, and a unique luminous rice masque, leaves skin lighter, brighter and more refined.

Pure Aromatherapy Indulgence 90 minutes AUD 280 / 300

Reconnect with nature, spirit and self with this luxurious facial that combines modern skincare with the ancient art of aromatherapy. Immerse your senses in the aromatic scents of nature for complete relaxation and renewal. This deeply nourishing and hydrating facial includes an invigorating foot soak, a specially-developed aromatherapy facial with a customized serum, and a luxurious scalp, hand and foot massage to impart a feeling of healthy restoration -- the way nature intended.

Facial Treatment Upgrades to any Kerstin Florian Facial

• Chitosan Peel Off Masque $40 • Brightening Peel Off Facial Masque $50 • Pure Vitamin C Ampoule $50 • Intensive Repair Ampoule $60

Polish away dull skin to reveal a radiant glow with instant results. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants with selected oils to promote cell renewal and long-lasting healthy skin results. The perfect indulgence to enjoy before a massage.

Organic Italian Orange & Australian Jojoba Body Buff 60 minutes AUD 150 / 165

A fast results sugar scrub rich in hydrating Jojoba Oil for cell renewal and healthy skin. SKIN TYPE: Normal to dry and dehydrated. MIND BENEFITS: De-stresses and inspires happiness.

Lemon Myrtle Renewal Body Scrub 60 minutes AUD 150 / 165

A detoxifying, energising salt scrub with deep cleansing Lemon Myrtle for rejuvenation of balanced skin types. SKIN TYPE: Normal to oily and decongested skin. MIND BENEFITS: Reviving and cleansing.

Organic Coconut & Native Hibiscus Body Polish 60 minutes AUD 150 / 165

A gentle but effective Coconut & Jasmine Rice body polish for sensitive skin. SKIN TYPE: Normal to dry, sensitive and dehydrated. MIND BENEFITS: Connects with inner joy and inspires a feeling of bliss. A detoxifying nourishing spirulina mask is applied to the body followed by a deeply relaxing head massage. A thoroughly toning massage using a high performance slimming serum, helps to stimulate circulation, tone the skin and remove toxins. Cool compressions finish this firming experience to help sculpt and shape as multi-vitamin firming cream hydrates and brightens the body.

Essential Oil Body Wrap 60 minutes AUD 150 / 165

Following dry body brushing, a luxurious application of Neroli aromatherapy oil mixed with a body crème helps relieve muscle tension, promote detoxification and hydration. The body is then wrapped while you indulge on your choice of a foot or scalp massage.

Ginger Renewal 90 minutes AUD 275 / 295

Let Ginger’s healing and warming properties invigorate and nourish in this renewing head-to-toe treatment. Earthly minerals are combined with Ginger’s healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with Ginger Oil and warm healing stones.

Lavender Dreams 90 minutes AUD 275 / 295

Relax. Dreams of lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep; inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely balancing and rejuvenating spa experience. To begin, earthly minerals are combined with lavender’s healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with Organic Lavender Bath & Body Oil and warm healing stones.

Add on to any treatments of 60min or longer

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 min AUD 95 / 100

Focus on areas of concern with this targeted massage before a Facial or Body Treatment.

Body Scrub 30 min AUD 95 / 100

Polish away dull skin to reveal a radiant glow with instant results. The ideal indulgence prior to a massage.

Refresher Facial 30 min AUD 95 / 100

Perfect introductory experience cleanses, detoxifies, remineralizes and energizes complexion featuring our Spirulina masque.

Pro Peel 30 30 min AUD 95 / 100

Using an exclusive 30% multi-acid peel, this facial provides immediate results to brighten and help even skin tone. Skin is deeply cleansed and toned, followed by a 16-point acupressure exercise. An intensive serum is applied as Beauty Globes cool and tighten the skin.

Rainforest Foot Restoration 45 min AUD 100 / 110

Massage to restorative points in the feet that assists in easing tension, increase circulation and provide balance to the body’s natural equilibrium. Includes a lemon scented tea tree & cooling cucumber foot mask.