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The Spa Treatments at Park Hyatt Changbaishan

Tui Na Massage 60/90 minutes ¥588/ ¥791

Meaning “press and rub,” tui na is an uplifting massage utilizing deep digital stimulation to vital points along the meridians. soft tissue treatment, skeletal alignment and energy balancing work promote the flow of qi.

Gua Sha 30 minutes ¥284

literally translated as “to scrape for cholera,” gua sha is an ancient technique involving pressurized strokes over the skin and along meridians to remove toxic heat. raising sha removes blood stagnation to promote normal circulation and metabolic processes.

Jiao Di An Mo – Chinese Foot Massage 60/90 minutes ¥325/ ¥487

Based on the belief that each point on the foot relates to an organ or part of the body, traditional Chinese foot massage utilizes the application of thumb pressure to the unique reflex zones on the feet to stimulate and purify associated organs and glands.

Zhi Ya An Mo – Chinese Acupressure Massage 60/90 minutes ¥588/¥791

Targeting specific acupoints on the face and body, firm pressure releases blocked energy and stimulates qi. The rhythmic movements of Chinese acupressure work to energize body and mind, detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation.

Herbal Poultice Massage 90 minutes ¥994

Combining with work on the twelve meridians, herbal poultice massage enables healing energy to flow throughout the body, transferring heat and nourishing energy to wake up a sluggish immune system, release toxins and rebalance.

Rose Renew 60 minutes ¥528

Harnessing the regenerative properties of rose, all skin types benefit from nourishment, softening and hydration, as skin is left radiant, dewy and delicately scented, brightened by scrub, massage and pigmentation-regulating treatment.

Flow Pure 60 minutes ¥528

Clearly beneficial for oily and combination skin, powerful essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang combine with green tea to penetrate deeply and regulate oil production as massage and mask treatments draw out impurities.

Beauty Lift 90 minutes ¥690

Stimulating collagen formation to firm and tighten, powerful antioxidants derived from pomegranate and rosehip slow the ageing of skin, providing deep hydration and detoxification for a more youthful appearance, naturally.

Instant Eye Repair 30 minutes ¥325

Black tea, cranberry and strawberry combine to reduce puffiness and restore clarity, refreshing the mind with a deeply relaxing shoulder massage.

Anti-aging Tropical Salt Mousse Scrub 45 minutes ¥588

This moisturizes and smoothes the wrinkles, adjusting skin's ph naturally. It gives the skin 7 times more anti-aging concentration, leaving with excellent natural fruit smell. Experience expert massage therapies customized to your needs at the spa.

Mango & Passion Fruit 60 minutes ¥690

Mango passion scrub helps skin replenish with a lot of minerals, and it also helps speed up the detoxification of skin and blood circulation, leaving skin smooth and with natural body smell.

Deeply Balance 60/90 minutes ¥690/¥893

For deep-seated tensions and chronic pain, deep tissue massage is a manipulative technique utilizing finger and palm pressure and muscle compression to restore mobility and enhance circulation.

Flow Stone 60/90 minutes ¥690/¥893

Smooth, steam-heated volcanic stones become extensions of your therapist’s hands, allowing for a certain ease into deep muscle manipulations, melting tensions and relaxing the body completely.

Destress Release 60/90 minutes ¥690/¥893

Thoroughly relaxing, time-tested techniques create a therapeutic, restorative session designed to gently increase the level of oxygen in the blood, eliminate toxins and ease tensions.

Balance 3 hours ¥1500

Find balance in body and mind as this warming, nourishing sequence infuses the skin with healing energy, regulating the body and restoring harmony naturally.

Flow 2.5 hours ¥1197

Waking up a sluggish system, this invigorating exfoliation infuses skin with minerals before tensions melt away beneath hot stones and energy flow unblocked.

Beauty 2 hours ¥1095

Revitalizing natural grace, this traditional massage moves refreshing energy flow throughout the body as the botanical ingredients brightens and refines your face.