• Couples Spa Treatment Room

The Spa Packages at Park Hyatt Changbaishan

Balance (3 hours, ¥1280)

Find balance in body and mind as this warming, nourishing sequence infuses the skin with healing energy, regulating the body and restoring harmony, naturally. 

Marine revival wrap

Herbal poultice massage   

Aromatic herbal  Bath

Flow (2.5 hours, ¥1020)

Waking up a sluggish system, this invigorating exfoliation infuses skin with minerals before tensions melt away beneath hot stones and energy flow is unblocked.

Detox pine scrub

Flow stone massage                                                

Aromatic salts hydro soak 

Beauty (2 hours, ¥920)

Revitalizing natural grace, traditional massage moves refreshing energy throughout the body as a botanical bounty brightens and refines the face.

Tui na massage

Rose renew facial

Instant eye repair