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Song Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Dongguan

Song Signature 60 min CNY 760 / 90 min CNY 960

Our Signature Massage blends deep, forms pressure to unblock the pathways of energy and introduces a hot compress of traditional Chinese medicine material. A traditional Chinese tonic for healing, directly applied to the skin it will have a positive effect to your overall balance, relaxes stiff or pained muscles, and alleviates fatigue.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 min CNY 680 / 90 min CNY 880

Choose your favorite among several different massage oils with various effects. These are then applied onto your body with a gentle hand technique. Through this technique, you are led into a stage of relaxation in both body and mind.

Traditional Balinese Massage 60 min CNY 680 / 90 min CNY 880

Therapists provide the traditional Balinese Massage with a unique approach: it covers a large area with thumb and palm pressing in circular motions, which concentrates on your shoulder, spine and waist.

Rainforest Massage 60 min CNY 680 / 90 min CNY 880

The modified rhythm of rain sticks on the body and makes you feel like placing yourself in the rain, with relaxing your body and feel the present.

Swedish Massage 60 min CNY 650 / 90 min CNY 850

This is a treatment for alleviating sore muscles and speeding the recovery after sport activities or simply providing relaxation and tension relief. This unique, non-oily system of massage techniques is designed to improve oxygen flow into the blood and to get rid of muscle toxins.

Hot Stone Massage 60 min CNY 720 / 90 min CNY 900

A deep tissue treatment to restore and cultivate Qi, the therapeutic, grounding, and illuminating effects of hot stones meet your needs and re-balance your energy.

Four Hands Massage 60 min CNY 1,100 / 90 min CNY 1,480

A delightful, therapeutic experience in which two therapists work simultaneously to alleviate muscular tension, remove energy blockages and enhance total circulation.

Traditional Chinese Massage 60 min CNY 600 / 90 min CNY 800

The Traditional Chinese Massage is a comprehensive, traditional Chinese healing technique that focuses on improving the flow of Qi in the body by using hand techniques to massage muscles and acupressure techniques to direct the flow of Qi. Manipulation techniques are executed to realign the body. No oils or creams are used.

Long Lasting Moisturizing Facial 50 min CNY 680

This treatment returns hydro-balance and deep hydrating to your skin while also bringing energy to it.

Newhite Brightening Facial 50 min CNY 680

This luxurious, hydrating facial combines cranberry and pomegranate extract, a rich source of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, including extracts of Shea butter and sunflower seed oil to replenish the skin. It leaves the skin supple and revitalized.

Anti-Wrinkle Facial 50 min CNY 680

A collected activity of marine moisture essence will protect skin moisture, lock in water and quickly relieve the thirst of the skin. It will let you feel the power of water function from the ancient volcanic lagoons.

Lift Firming Facial 50 min CNY 680

Rich in marine active components and continuous moisture as well as nutrients which replenish the skin, this treatment will maintain the water and oil balance and make the skin smooth and fresh.

Age Summum Treatment 60 min CNY 1180

This treatment contains papaya’s natural fruit enzyme, papain with extracts of mango and pineapple, to gently dissolve impurities allowing nourishing oils of sweet almond and borage seed to penetrate and improve the tone and elasticity of the skin.

“Song” Signature Body Scrub 45 min CNY 480

Our signature body treatment combines crushed peony and ginger in a scrub massage to alleviate fatigue, to infuse skin with powerful antioxidants, to slough away dead skin cells as well as to improve the blood circulation.

Coconut Body Scrub 45 min CNY 480

This scrub will indulge you with a coconut fragrance that makes you feel cleaned and renewed over your whole body.

Chrysanthemum Sea Salt Body Scrub 45 min CNY 480

eliminates dead skin and increases blood circulation which will leave your skin smooth and silky.

Green Apple Brown Sugar Scrub 45 min CNY 480

This refreshing body scrub including pearl shells and pearl essence gel will help to get rid of the cutin of the body softly.

Lavender and Orange Bath 30 min CNY 450

Lemongrass and Rosemary Bath 30 min CNY 450

Citrus and Ginger Bath 30 min CNY 450

Hydraderm Lift Eye Treatment 40 min CNY 400 / 60 min CNY 700

Hydraderm Lift Neck Treatment 40 min CNY 400 / 60 min CNY 700

Hydraderm Youth Facial Treatment 60 min CNY 980

Hydraderm Lift Facial Treatment 60 min CNY 980

Flawless Hydraderm Youth Facial Treatment 90 min CNY 1280

Flawless Hydraderm Lift Facial Treatment 90 min CNY 1280

The Star of Beauty Treatment 120 min CNY 1880