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Song Spa Packages at Hyatt Regency Dongguan


80 minutes 


A relaxing and joyful experience is the holistic treatment “Qing” which will release the tension of your back and brighten your face:

Long Lasting Moisturizing Facial

Long Lasting Moisturizing Eye Treatment

Original Price CNY1,080
Special Price CNY 798





120 minutes


“Qi” restores energy by Traditional Chinese Massage and herbal treatment:

Chrysanthemum Sea Salt Body

Traditional Chinese Scalp Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage

Original Price CNY 1560
Special Price CNY 988





120 minutes


“Song” is our signature treatment. Indulge yourself by this unique treatment. After a warm aromatic bath with a soft scrub to remove the dead surface cells, it will stimulate the cellular metabolism. “Song” signature massage uses a warm herbal bag helpful to relax your tired muscles:

Citrus and Ginger Bath

 “Song” Body Scrub

 “Song” Massage

Original Price CNY 1,720
Special Price CNY 1,180





110 minutes


Enjoy the fantastic feeling as the soft rain drops down on your body and face for creating a smooth and hydrated skin:

Aromatherapy Massage                                                        
Long Lasting Moisturizing Facial

Original Price CNY 1,360
Special Price CNY 968