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Shui Liao Treatments at Hyatt Regency Changbaishan

Tui Na Massage 60 minutes, ¥480

Meaning “press and rub,” tui na is an uplifting massage utilizing deep digital stimulation to vital points along the meridians. Soft tissue treatment, skeletal alignment and energy balancing work promote the flow of qi.

Gua Sha 30 minutes, ¥280

Literally translated as “to scrape for cholera,” gua sha is an ancient technique involving pressurized strokes over the skin and along meridians to remove toxic heat. Raising sha removes blood stagnation to promote normal circulation and metabolic processes.

Jiao Di An Mo – Chinese Foot Massage 60/90 minutes, ¥320/¥480

Based on the belief that each point on the foot relates to an organ or part of the body, traditional Chinese foot massage utilizes the application of thumb pressure to the unique reflex zones on the feet to stimulate and purify associated organs and glands.

Zhi Ya An Mo – Chinese Acupressure Massage 60/90 minutes, ¥480/¥620

Targeting specific acupoints on the face and body, firm pressure releases blocked energy and stimulates qi. The rhythmic movements of Chinese acupressure work to energize body and mind, detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation.

Herbal Poultice Massage 90 minutes, ¥680

Combining with work on the twelve meridians, herbal poultice massage enables healing energy to flow throughout the body, transferring heat and nourishing energy to wake up a sluggish immune system, release toxins and re-balance.

Moxibustion 60 minutes, ¥480

Working on a meridian or large muscle group, burning moxa and ginger work to expel cold and damp. Bitter mugwort releases stagnation, clears phlegm and restores the flow of blood and qi throughout the body.

Acupuncture 60 minutes, ¥480

Used to heal illness, prevent disease and improve well-being, tiny, hair-thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body before being gently stimulated to trigger the body’s own natural healing response.

Deep Tissue 60/90 minutes, ¥580/¥780

Heavy, rhythmic strokes combine with finger and palm pressure to increase mobility, relieve severe muscle tension and help alleviate chronic pain.

Hot Stone 60/90 minutes, ¥580/¥780

Melting away tension, easing stiffness and increasing circulation, water-heated stones open up energy pathways to promote deepest muscle relaxation.

Balancing Swedish 60/90 minutes, ¥580/¥780

With gentle effleurage techniques, treatment increases the level of oxygen in the blood while easing tensions, quietly returning the mind and body to equilibrium.

Fang Quan Brightening 60 minutes, ¥520

Algae and mandarin cleanse and exfoliate, combining with an age-defying eye series and all-natural brightening treatment to inhibit melanin and vitalize dull skin.

Tian Calming 60 minutes, ¥520

Natural fruits, green tea, and a gentle lactic acid peel stimulate skin and relieve congestion to ease the effects of environmental pollution, leaving skin clear.

Ku Detoxifying 60 minutes, ¥520

Naturally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins a and c, pumpkin eliminates impurities as zinc aids in skin healing, improving overall tone and elasticity.

La Papaya 60 minutes, ¥520

Revitalizing skin with active papaya enzymes, treatment wakes up sluggish cells and nourishes with algae and collagen-buIlding vitamin c for a fresh, dewy glow.

Herbal Detox Scrub 60 minutes, ¥520

This charcoal-based scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris, while nourishing and hydrating skin with pine nut and essential herbs.

Volcanic Warming Wrap 60 minutes, ¥520

Volcanic clay rich in minerals effectively absorbs impurities and detoxifies skin, as iron, pine, ginger and cinnamon wake up sluggish circulation in a warm wrap.