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About Shui Liao at Hyatt Regency Changbaishan

Shui Liao is surrounded by expansive skies and dense green forests, and is situated within the pure landscape of Changbaishan.

The spa offers a variety of treatments rich in natural healing elements, and that are specifically customized to your needs. You will enjoy a personalized experience in the privacy and comfort of an all-inclusive spa suite. During your visit, you will be able to select a treatment theme including grounding, uplifting and relaxing.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed with daily stresses, you might be inclined to select a treatment included in the “grounding” menu. These services offer purifying results that will reconnect your mind and body and restore clarity.

After an “uplifting” treatment, you will feel completely invigorated. With the uplifting sequences, you will find that skin will be polished, muscles reenergized, and senses awakened.

The “relaxing” treatment menu ensures a calming effect by including natural aromas and gentle touch therapy in order to restore internal harmony and dispel any negativity.