• Ayurveda Treatment

Shamana Spa Packages at Grand Hyatt Goa


All prices are in Indian Rupees, subject to additional Government taxes of 18% GST and 5% service charge





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Shamana Experience - INR 4250 onwards
Treat yourself to a very special body message full of pampering combined with a wonderful harmony for all your senses, that will give you a unique and unforgettable relaxing experience. 

Chocolate Fondue Wrap - INR 4950
A unique and natural chocolate experience.A luxurious exfoliation with
coconut milk and coconut powder is followed by the application of chocolate fondue.
Candles, champagne and a beautiful spa ambiance will give you an unforgettable
Natural Season Treatments (Face And Body) - INR 4500
These seasonal treatments highlight the finest ingredients that are chosen from our local surroundings. Revive, rejuvenate or completely rescue dull skin with nature’s pure and potent properties. All-natural recipes made with fresh and raw ingredients offer a variety of beneficial results for your skin.



The Olivier Claire brand is symbolised by the plant world, more specifically
marine plants that include sea fennel, wakame and ulva lactuca (sea lettuce).
This specialised treatment developed by a team of experts uses highly potent
active ingredients that is based on precise techniques recognised all over the world.


Full High-Performance Anti Aging Treatment based on Skin Analysis - 90 MIN | INR 10000++
Get radiant glowing skin! High-Performance Anti Aging treatment by Olivier
Claire is designed just for you to illuminate and rejuvenate your skin. This elixir of youth is made from rare botanical active ingredients selected for their regenerating, hydrating and antioxidant powers. It awakens and stimulates your skin. Step by step, your face becomes more radiant and your features are re-sculpted with the regenerating active ingredients selected from both land and sea for their beneficial properties.
This is the quintessence of Olivier Claire face care.

Re-Boosting Treatment - 75 MIN | INR 8000++
The Olivier Claire Re-Boosting treatment offers everything that a tired skin could
ever desire. Like a breath of fresh air the mask and serum bursting with plumping active ingredients, smoothens the skin. Tightness disappears, featuring a relaxed and rejuvenated skin, restoring radiance to your skin.

Olivier Claire Beauty Enhancement - 45 MIN | INR 6000++
A treatment that enhances your face in a short time with the benefits of our
exclusive formulas for a guaranteed radiant complexion.

Reviving Eye Contouring Treatment - 30MIN | INR 3500++
Your eyes deserve high-quality, gentle care, the exceptional protocol offered by our experts erases shadows and restores intensity and brightness to your eyes.
The eye contour appears visibly smoother and rejuvenated.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Relaxation therapies will help you to relieve stress, control anxiety symptoms,
improve sleep and help live a better life. All relaxation therapies are available for 60 and 90 minutes and focus on relaxing both mind and body.

Relaxing Massage - INR 4950 onwards
A gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth and gliding strokes to help you relax.

Jet Lag Massage - INR 4250 onwards
Our jetlag massage helps address your sleep disorders after long travels.

Indian Head & Foot Massage - INR 3000
Helps attain over all relaxation, improve blood circulation, joint mobility,
increase oxygen supply to the brain and drains away accumulated toxins.

Foot & Leg Massage - INR 3000
This massage not only relieves fatigue but also tones leg muscles.

Four Hand Massage - INR 4950 onwards
Two therapists working on one body, you’ll feel mesmerised by this
powerful, synchronized two-person massage.

Hot Stone Massage - INR 4950
Hot stone massage is a unique massage where the therapist uses heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles to work more deeply.

Moon & Stars Massage - INR 4950 onwards
The surrounding sounds of nature and the company of the moon and the
stars makes this relaxing massage an unforgettable outdoors experience


Detoxifying the body can truly help you achieve remarkable health
benefits. General body cleansing is something that every individual body
should experience on a regular basis. A body cleanse is the perfect way to help your body function in the most effective manner.

Detox Back Treatment - INR 3500
A relaxing massage for the back, scalp, and feet, combined with detoxifying
marine products that help unblock the nerve system and bring full relaxation to
your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - INR 4250
It is a gentle massage which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph carrying waste products away from the tissues. The perfect massage for detoxification.

Milk Cream, Vetiver And Turmeric Body Scrub (Organic) - INR 4250
These three ingredients blend harmoniously together for inner rebalance and
outer tone, protecting and moisturizing the skin.

Indian Spices Scrub (Natural Pain Balm) Healing - INR 4250
Rice powder, clove, cinnamon and cardamom are combined together to
exfoliate the body and improve texture of the skin. It also helps to relax tired

Indian Spices Body Wrap - INR 3500
A traditional wrap using a mixture of Indian spices that help increase
circulation, as well as loosen tight or overworked muscles. Perfect for softening

Aloe Vera Cooling Wrap - INR 4250
A wrap that heals sun burn and skin allergies. Recommended for all skin types.

Herbal Poultice (Potli Therapy) - INR 5950
A technique that involves poultices made of herbs and spices wrapped in cotton
and steam-heated. During massage, the poultice provides moist and nutrient-rich relaxation to skin and muscle.                                                   


Youth Revealing Facial - INR 4750
Face, lips and décolleté. Exceptional biotechnological ingredients that immediately smooth wrinkles and densities of the the skin mattress.

Extended Youth – Wrinkle Correction – Firming Facial - INR 4750
Three key steps in a very high-performance treatment to resurface the skin, fill
wrinkles and restructure the face.

White Lumination – Radiance Brightening Facial - INR 4750
An immediate burst of radiance for a glowing complexion and reduction of
dark spots.

Coffee Body Wrap - INR 4750
This rejuvenating mask improves skin tone and reduces cellulite appearance.

City Life Anti-Pollution Skin Freshness Facial
Perfectly adapted to city-dwellers and smokers! It is ideal for anyone living a
stressful life in a high pollution area. It is perfectly suited to dull and tired skin
revealing early fine lines and dark spots. The skin is intensely hydrated, signs
of fatigue are erased, the complexion is more even and the skin regains its

Eye Perfect Treatment
An ultra-complete, efficient and relaxing treatment for beautiful eyes that sparkle with youth. It combines a revitalising massage dedicated to the eye contour area with sensory products for immediate visible results. In one treatment, the eye is smoothed, revived and refreshed.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Aesthetic treatments and integrative therapies designed to improve your quality
of life. All services are delivered by licensed and certified professionals with
extensive experience in aesthetics, massage, and wellness.

Leg Revival (Soothing Beauty Treatment) - INR 5750
A targeted treatment to comfort and relieve tired legs, as well as visibly enhance appearance.

Sculpt Zone (Target Treatment For Abs-Buttocks/Thighs) - INR 5750
An intensive treatment for the abdomen-buttocks-thigh area to help beat excess
fat and cellulite in record time. With an express treatment or intensive program,
radical slimming results are achieved. More than 1 cm less in waist circumference in only 4 treatments.

Body Firming Wrap - INR 5750
A highly efficient gel wrap is applied and massaged into the skin to firm, tighten
tissues and combat skin slackening.

Body Sculpting Dry Powder Massage (Ayurveda) - INR 4500
The main benefit of Udvartana is to remove toxins through the skin. It tones the
skin and provides strength to the body. Other benefits include improvement in skin complexion, skin exfoliation, stress relief and relaxation.


Sea Holistic Spa Treatment
An ultra-relaxing tretament with its gentle warmth and aromatic scent of lavender flowers. A combination of light strokes, pressure and stretching, this body massage eliminates tension knots one by one. The exfoliation with marine slat crystals restore the skin's natural softness and radiance.


Oligomer Spa Treatment
Deeply relaxing and reenergising, this body treatment combines exfoliation and
massage in a unique multisensory experience based on oligomer with reminera-
lising benefits. It's fully encompassing massage provides an instant remineralising effect and incomparable relaxation.


Sarvanga Ksheera Dhara - INR 6000
Purpose: Strengthens the muscles, bone and nerve system, nourishes the skin,
induces sleep (herbal powders, cow milk)

Mukha Lepam - INR 4250
Purpose: Detoxification, nourishing, and glowing

Nasyam - INR 2500
Purpose: Migraine headaches, sinusitis, memory improvement

Sarvanga Dhara - INR 6500
Purpose: Increases the energy level, reduces the stress and strain, calms the
nervous system

Abhyanga Massage - INR 4250 onwards
Purpose: Deeply body uplifting

Shirodhara - INR 5950 onwards
Purpose: Calms the mind, enhances, quality sleep

KID'S SPA (For kids between 5 and 18 years old)

Relaxation Discovery - INR 2500 onwards
Head and Foot Massage

My First Facial - INR 2500 onwards
Get fairy tale-ready with a facial that includes a cleanse and massage. 

On Cloud Nine - INR 2500 onwards
Relaxing treatment for the back, shoulders & head

Chocolate Craziness (YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!) - INR 3000 onwards
A delicious chocolate mask and massage that will make you feel like a walking chocolate. All this in an atmosphere full of fun and laughter.




This is the perfect way to indulge with your friends before the big day. It is perfect because we make sure we plan every little detail, just the way you like it. Speak to our Spa Manager for a custom-made beauteous Bridal Shower Day.

The Right Cue
The planning starts with an exciting array of theme options that you can choose
from, whether you want something that suits your personality or you wish to do
something completely different - we have it.

Align Fun Chakras
Choose your theme and we will customize your invitations. Then comes the menu; our chef will curate a special menu of your favorites as well as keep the energy levels up for the day. Throw in some detox juices while you are at it for that special glow. And finally, you get to choose the various activities that range from ‘discovering new things’ to ‘getting naughty and nice’. Each guaranteed to ensure a whole lot of laughter and selfie moments

Picture Perfect
You, dear bride and all your friends will be wearing customized bathrobes, flip-flops and face masks (if you want) to get the perfect photographs while you let loose and hang out, with your loved ones.


Feel The Love
While you have fun, our experts will ensure your skin looks like never before with massage therapies, facials, scrubs, and wraps. After which, we get the glam quotient on with hair care, manicure, pedicure, styling, draping and mehendi.  
Weddings can be a bit demanding with unending to-do lists, which is why, our
Beauteous Bridal Shower is designed to make you stop and relax. To take time out to make those very special memories and enjoy the big event in your life. And of course, making sure you and your friends look like a diva, is our job.