Treatments at Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Acupuncture Moxibustion 60 minutes + Shiatsu Massage 60 minutes 120 minutes JPY23,000

Our traditional Japanese acupuncture moxibustion and shiatsu massage treatments are proudly offered exclusively at Hyatt Regency Kyoto. Our treatments improve guestsʼ innate ability to revitalize body and mind, removing discomfort and body pains, healing mental and physical fatigue and reducing stress and chronic tension in the shoulders and neck. Complete acupuncture moxibustion relieves stagnant energy flows deep inside the body, while shiatsu massage improves blood circulation. This is an authentic Japanese treatment.

Acupuncture Moxibustion 60 minutes + Body Treatment YON-KA or Qi by Shiseido 60 minutes 120 minutes JPY23,000

(YON-KA) A harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western treatments addresses health and beauty concerns caused by complex factors. Acupuncture moxibustion throughout the body is followed by a massage using aroma oils carefully selected according to physical condition, improving lymph function and blood circulation. This ultimate spa offeringʼs rich aromas gently incite the five senses. / (Qi by Shiseido) East meets West: Our Qi treatment combines the Eastern art of stimulating meridian lines and pressure points with the Western technique of working the skeletal muscles.

Acupuncture Moxibustion 70 minutes + Herbal Ball 30 minutes 100 minutes JPY18,000

An Acupuncture and Herb Ball treatment with Oriental Herbs blend for body condition. Steamed Oriental Herb Ball enhances the effect of the acupuncture treatment. Our herbal ball is a blend of ginger, dried citrus peel, coix seed, artemisia, chameleon plant and hints of other natural and seasonal medicines. The ball warms up the body for detoxification, making the skin radiant and bringing relaxation to mind and body.

Salt Glow 50 minutes JPY15,000

Salt crystals from the Dead Sea exfoliate the accumulation of dead skin cells.

Aroma Stone 70 minutes JPY17,000 / 90 minutes JPY22,000

Heated or cooled, combined with detoxifying, relaxing or energizing essential oils, the stones caress and massage with gentle presence and rhythm.

Aroma-Luxe (YON-KA) 70 minutes JPY17,000 / 90 minutes JPY22,000

(Basic oil body treatment) Relieve tension and induce peace of mind: For one hour, in the balancing atmosphere created by the aromatic essences of lavender, rosemary, petitgrain and more, under the action of relaxing, comforting techniques with precious oils, the body gives in to a feeling of lightness, renewal and utter plenitude.

Personal Body (Qi by Shiseido) 70 minutes JPY16,000 / 90 minutes JPY20,000

The therapist then performs deep tissue massage on the back, which contains many important pressure points where the signs of fatigue appear easily.

Therapeutic Organic Spa JPY8,000

The fermented therapeutic bath is a dry bath using hinoki powder and extracts from other natural ingredients. The high-quality hinoki powder used in our therapeutic bath is made from trees grown in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan. The quality of Yoshino hinoki trees is renowned in Japan. The hinoki powder is mixed with extracts from other plants, vegetables and fruit, with natural enzyme activity stimulating fermentation and generating heat of around 65°C to 80°C (149°F to 176°F).

Option Menu

・Facial Pack JPY1,000 / ・Koso Facial Pack JPY1,200 / ・Enzyme Facial Pack JPY2,200 / ・Koso Décolletage Pack JPY2,200 / ・Mugwort (Japanese Herb) Facial Pack JPY3,000 ・Kyoto Beauty Facial Pack JPY3,000 / ・Kyoto Beauty Hand Pack JPY1,800 / ・Koso Drink JPY680

*Prices are subject to tax and service charge.

Acupuncture Moxibustion 70 minutes JPY10,000

Our skillful state-qualified acupuncture moxibustion therapist provides a careful, one-on-one consultation, creating a custom treatment based on specific physical conditions. The therapist identifies what causes conditions, such as a disorder from physical and mental fatigue, the lack of sleep, mental stress, muscle fatigue or jet lag and provides the appropriate treatment to restore the body to its normal state. We use hair-thin acupuncture needles, ensuring minimal pain or discomfort. Moxibustion stimulates the circulation of energy and blood, further improving the bodyʼs already loosened condition. Troubles in the shoulders, neck or head? Feeling constantly tired or having trouble getting to sleep? Feel free to consult with us about any general or specific concerns, symptoms or conditions. First-timers can receive an acupuncture moxibustion treatment with no worries.

Cosmetic Acupuncture 70 minutes JPY13,000

By stimulating pressure points with needles on the face and head, our cosmetic acupuncture loosens tense facial muscles from deep inside to help restore the face to a normal balanced condition. This treatment is also effective for lifting reducing swelling and healing eye and brain fatigue. Hair-thin acupuncture needles ensure minimal pain or discomfort.

Shiatsu Massage 70 minutes JPY16,000

Shiatsu massage is performed by our skillful state-qualified therapist. Traditional Japanese shiatsu massage uses thumbs, fingers and palms to stimulate pressure points and enhance the bodyʼs innate ability to heal itself. The treatment helps recovery from fatigue, improves physical conditions, eases mental stress and improves blood circulation. Combined with acupuncture moxibustion, shiatsu massage further restores the body to a normal state. Oils and gels are not used for this treatment.

Stretch Shiatsu Massage (Total Body Conditioning) 90 minutes JPY20,000

(Revival massage and body stretching session) Body stretching makes your body more flexible and takes away the body stress that could not be removed by massage.

IN-ROOM Shiatsu Massage / Revival Massage 60 minutes JPY10,000 / 90 minutes JPY14,000

You can discover the pleasures of body massage in your own guestroom for total relaxation. Available from 9:00 am to 4:00 am (last order 2:00 am)

*Prices are subject to tax and service charge.

Plaisir d'Arômes (YON-KA) 70 minutes JPY17,000

(Facial treatment to address common skincare concerns) Dryness, roughness and dullness are the most common skincare concerns. This facial treatment is designed to address these troubles using products customized for individual skin conditions combined with energizing and relaxing scents that relieve stress, heal the body and relax the mind. A perfect facial treatment for those who rarely have time for daily skincare and need a quick fix.

Hydralessence Visage (YON-KA) 90 minutes JPY23,000

(Intense hydration treatment to make skin look young and fresh) This moisturizing treatment helps complexions look clear and fresh while addressing the dryness that causes all skin troubles and aging. This treatment consists of two types of intensive moisturizing masks that use the rich extracts of jasmine, cassis and pineapple, which are effective for healing deep internal dryness. Recommended after sunburns or before receiving full anti-aging skincare treatment. Hand care treatment is included.

Optimizer (YON-KA) 100 minutes JPY24,000

(Lifting and firming treatment for redefined facial contours) A facial treatment to slim face lines and create smooth, lustrous skin while addressing sagging and swelling caused by aging and fatigue. YON-KAʼs original techniques lift and tone skin by helping face-lifting ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. This anti-aging care and lifting facial provides on-the-spot results, giving the face a sharper, more youthful look.

Personal Treatment (Qi by Shiseido) 100 minutes JPY20,000

Personal meridian treatment is the basis of Qi. Combined with a back massage, this treatment eases stiffness and improves the flow of life energy. A facial treatment with décolleté massage makes the skin healthy and beautiful.

Whitening Facial (Qi by Shiseido) 70 minutes JPY17,000

Using effective skin-whitening ingredients, our whitening facial treatment is excellent for making skin pure and clean. The skin tone is boosted by stimulating the meridian lines associated with skin whitening.

Facial with Plaster Pack (Qi by Shiseido) 100 minutes JPY22,000

Our skin revitalization treatment removes waste from the body and boosts the skinʼs metabolism by using a thermal plaster pack that makes the face sweat. Highly recommended for those who are concerned about open pores or who want to release stagnant fatigue.

*Prices are subject to tax and service charge.

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