• Fitness Center

Elaia Spa Fitness at Hyatt at Olive 8

Elaia offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, part of the StayFit™ at Hyatt program, and boasts the latest Precor™ cardio equipment with built-in LCD workout displays and digital television monitors as well as Life Fitness™ weight machines and free weights.  

The perfect complement to your Seattle health spa experience is found in the men's and women's locker room, complete with a steam room, dry sauna and private locker.  Also included is our 65-foot Saline lap pool and co-ed jetted tub.

For guests of Hyatt at Olive 8, our Seattle fitness center is open 24/7 and spa facilities are open daily from 5:30a.m. – 10:30p.m. and complimentary during your stay.




About Running with Forks:

RUNNING WITH FORKS takes a science-fueled approach to Personal Training and overall wellness. Our highly educated trainers have extensive background in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition, and it is our goal to deliver a personal roadmap to health and success that is achievable for YOU.



Based on your goals, fitness level, medical history and schedule, not only will you receive customized coaching, but complete wellness management to create your healthiest life possible. Your personal trainer will guide you in correcting movement pattern inefficiencies; increasing strength, flexibility, stability and endurance; and enhancing mindfulness, while safely and consciously bring the body to a place of balance where the goals are infinite and high performance living can happen.




Allow one of our highly skilled fitness coaches to guide you through a personalized workout tailored specifically to your needs and goals.



  • Sports Performance
  • Cardiovascular Training/Metabolic Conditioning
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Myofascial and Corrective Therapy
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Functional and Primal Movement



Contact Information: Kirsten McCormick @ KIRSTEN@RUNNINGWITHFORKS.COM  

Phone: 518-852-3381

Website: Runningwithforks.com




About Travelers Health and Wellness

Travelers Health and Wellness Inc.  has been a leader in offering premier health and wellness services in the downtown Seattle area for years. The key to their success has been thinking out of the box and utilizing a holistic approach that utilizes the most current and effective assessments, highly educated training staff, cutting edge program design and multimodality fitness techniques.


For the past 11 years, Awan has worked closely with countless clients in helping them achieve their individual goals. He is a licensed massage practitioner and has specialized as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, performing sports specific, functional training for several years.


Take advantage of this amazing service and maximize your traveling experience to its fullest potential.


Contact information: Awan Johnson Info@travelershealthandwellness.com

Contact number 206-371-1045

Website: www.travelershealthandwellness.com