• Aqoral Spa Treatment Room

Aqoral Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Cartagena




Relaxing medical Cannabis Oil and draining bamboo join to provide a special relaxing dimension with this massage, specialty of the house.

Sports Pepper

Deep decontracting pressure with black pepper.

Swedish Aromatherapeutic

Olfactory, involved with selected essential harmonizing oils.

Deep Rest Massage

Neuro-sedative with poppy seed oil extract to relieve insomnia and mental fatigue.

Black Cocoa

Lomi lomi massage with black melted cocoa is sensorial and stimulate your sense of well-being.

Mamma Mia

Specially design for the sweet hold on, focused on relieving your back and legs tension

Four-Hand Massage

Rhythmic and synchronized, two therapists lead you to the maximum relaxed state

Craniofacial Massage

Based on micro pressures and stretching focus on releasing cervical and cranial tension.

Black and Shoulders

Relieve fatigue caused by bad posture and stress.

Foot Feflexology

Stimulate reflex zones on your feet. It removes stress, drains and relax.