About Aqoral Spa at Hyatt Regency Cartagena

Aqoral SPA takes inspiration from the breeze, the sand and the clear water of the Caribbean beaches that allow to expand the senses in a whirl of essences and colors.

With six massage rooms, two of these for couples and two hot tubs you will fall into a deep relaxed state using textures and fragrances that Colombian tropic offers. A complete menu will bring together experiences of tradition and local ingredients as sea salt, tropical fruits and medicinal oil of cannabis used in our signature treatment.

● CANARELIEF: Relaxing medical Cannabis Oil and draining bamboo join to provide a special relaxing dimension with this massage, specialty of the house.

● AMAZONIAN NUTS: This mix of almonds and nuts refresh and moisten your skin due to its soft oils.

● DETOX WITH GREEN COFFEE: Ideal for detoxing and eliminate excessive liquids by the purifying benefit of Colombian green coffee.