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Anara Spa Treatments at Grand Hyatt Kauai

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pohaku (warm stone) 100 minutes | 350

Warm stones trigger the relaxation of muscles as they soothingly glide over your body with organic coconut oil.

garden massage 50 minutes | 195 100 minutes | 350

In the tropical splendor of your private garden hale, you’ll be treated to a massage that will induce deep relaxation and profound harmony.

hawaiian lomilomi 50 minutes | 180 100 minutes | 330

This traditional massage of Hawaii embraces you with flowing strokes that soothe tension, easing body, mind, and spirit. 100-minute massage includes your choice of two relaxing enhancements.

aromatherapy 50 minutes | 190 100 minutes | 340

Select an essential oil blend to transform your massage into a personalized sensory experience. Choose from Kai (revitalizing), Aina (grounding), Mana (uplifting) and Pele (energizing).

tension relief 50 minutes | 195 100 minutes | 350

A focused massage that relieves muscle soreness and releases chronic tension. 100-minute includes a focused neck tension relief enhancement and volcanic pumice foot massage.

anara 50 minutes | 180 100 minutes | 330

A personalized massage that allows your therapist to address imbalances, inducing a relaxing sense of lokahi (harmony). 100-minute includes your choice of two relaxing enhancements.

anti-aging 50 minutes | 190 100 minutes | 340

Illuminate your skin with this three-step peel and peptide system. A powerful enzymatic exfoliation and professional peel work together to regenerate skin, restore elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smooth, even, and luminous skin. 100-minute treatment includes your choice of targeted enhancements.

anara 50 minutes | 180 100 minutes | 330

A customized organic facial formulated expressly for your skin’s needs and concerns. This tailored treatment includes a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. 100-minute treatment includes your choice of targeted enhancements.

oxygen 50 minutes | 180

Infuse and decongest with oxygen molecules that re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins to promote a fresh appearance.

vitamin c 50 minutes | 180

Drench your skin with the antioxidant, reparative power of vitamin c. This nutrient rich treatment revitalizes the senses, stimulates the production of collagen, reduces inflammation and intensely hydrates.

customize your facial with enhancements without adding any additional time coconut scalp massage | hot stones | volcanic foot scrub | eye lift 20

honua hawaiian signature facials

lomilomi facial 100 minutes | 330

This deluxe facial experience will take you on a sensory journey using Hawaiian ingredients from the mountains to the ocean. Enjoy a cleanse using warm stones and botanicals, followed with a gentle papaya and hibiscus exfoliation, and masks infused with nourishing and brightening botanicals. Your journey ends with a Hawaiian Lomilomi facial massage, leaving your skin with that island glow.

aina - for land lovers 50 minutes | 180

Our aina facial feeds your skin with one of Hawaii’s most prized superfoods, Kalo. After a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and mild stimulation from our nioi (Hawaiian chili pepper), a hula style massage is done with a calming olena (turmeric) oil leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

moana - for ocean lovers 50 minutes | 180

Designed to brighten and revitalize sun-kissed skin, our Moana facial pulls Hawaiian Spirulina, Kauai Paakai (salt), and nourishing botanicals together for a brightening and reparative treatment worthy of mermaids and land lovers alike.

advanced facials

grand HydraFacial™ 100 minutes | 395

Detoxify and rejuvenate skin as lymphatic drainage, LED light therapy, and a highly active peptide blend are added to the Classic HydraFacial™ treatment. This high performance treatment provides immediate results, improving the appearance of fine lines and elasticity. To increase the benefits even further, highly concentrated products are used to calm inflammation, reduce redness and provide firmness and hydration. Includes an extended neck and decollete treatment, britenol boost to specifically target dark spots and sun damage, lip and eye treatment and a luxurious neck, shoulder, arms and hand massage.

classic HydraFacial™ 50 minutes | 215

Infuses serums of hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut extract and white tea extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh. A calming mask addresses skin concerns, revealing healthy new skin that is nourished with antioxidants. Skin appears more plumped with a clean, healthy glow.

dermabuilder enhancement for the classic HydraFacial™

This age-refining upgrade to the Classic HydraFacial™ is concentrated with peptides that will give you a botox like firmness and will promote collagen production. 50 (add on only) customize your 50-minute facial with additional enhancements without adding any additional time lip treatment 40 eye treatment 50 healthy hand 20 britenol 30 connective tissue growth factor 30

pineapple papaya hydration 50 minutes | 185 100 minutes | 330

These naturally exfoliating fruits are massaged over your body to polish skin to silky perfection. A super-hydrating papaya body cream is smoothed over the body, leaving you in tropical bliss.

kope ‘coffee’ body polish 50 minutes | 185 100 minutes | 330

Kauai made ginger coffee is scrubbed over the body to remove toxins and stimulate circulation followed by an application of an exquisite orange blossom lotion to nourish skin.

lilikoi body polish 50 minutes | 185 100 minutes | 330

Island grown lilikoi (passion fruit) and Hawaiian sugar are scrubbed over the body to stimulate circulation, followed by an application of silky lilikoi lotion leaving you with a radiant glow.

hawaiian healing pedicure 80 minutes | 140

You’ll be pampered with a relaxing soak, a refreshing Kokee sugar scrub with warm towels, Kauai clay mask and a gentle warm stone foot massage.

tropical luxury pedicure 55 minutes | 110

Indulge in a relaxing soak, pineapple sugar scrub, and a pineapple lotion foot massage.

anara pedicure 50 minutes | 100

Anara’s signature seasonal products treat your feet.

express pedicure 25 minutes | 65

hawaiian healing manicure 40 minutes | 80

You’ll be pampered with a relaxing soak and a gentle warm stone hand massage.

tropical luxury manicure 30 minutes | 70

Indulge in a relaxing soak and pineapple scrub with warm towels and a pineapple lotion hand massage.

anara manicure 25 minutes | 60

Anara’s seasonal products soothe hands, making skin soft and supple.

gel polish manicure 60 minutes | 80

Anara’s signature manicure with gel polish application.

haircuts, color, and styling services

Your stylist will design the perfect cut, style and color. haircut & style | 85 and up haircut men/kids | 55 and up hair color | 105 and up sun-kissed highlights (face frame) | 145 and up highlights half head | 145 and up highlights full head | 200 and up shampoo & blow dry | 65 and up shampoo, blow dry & iron | 85 and up brazilian blow out short hair 2 hours | 200 brazilian blow out long hair 2.5 hours | 250 sun 'n swim hair repair (deep conditioning) | 50 and up

event and wedding styling

bridal consultation | 100 event (up-do) styling | 100 and up bridal styling | 125 and up makeup application or lesson | 100

wahine male hou (bride) 3 hours | 400

Designed to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh this deluxe package includes a 100-minute Lilikoi Body Polish followed by a 50-minute Oxygen Facial.

kane male hou (groom) 3 hours | 355

A 50-minute Lomilomi Massage followed by the 50-minute Restorative Facial and our seasonal Anara manicure

male ana (wedding) 3 hours | 340

Start your special day with our seasonal Anara Manicure and Pedicure. Enjoy a complimentary Mimosa while you complete the look with your Bridal Styling and Makeup Application.

wedding party packages

Ask our Spa Receptionists today about Wedding Party Packages for 4 or more people that include special Salon discounts, pupu and refreshments.

anara pilialoha (romance) journey Approximately 5 hours | 600/ person

A couples experience of Hawaiian pampering like no other. In your private garden hale, you’ll enjoy a warm stone & kava body scrub, volcanic clay mask and luxurious massage in your Kauai Clay Escape. After an outdoor shower for two, your journey continues with side-by-side Oxygen Facials, lunch together, and Tropical Luxury Pedicures.

kauai kuuipo (lovers) escape Approximately 3 hours | 450/ person

The perfect escape for two. Enjoy side-by-side couple’s massages surrounded by lush tropical gardens in your private bungalow. Next, cleanse and refresh your skin with Anara Facials.

garden couple’s massage 50 minutes | 195/ person 100 minutes | 350/ person

In the tropical splendor of your private garden hale, you’ll be treated to side-by-side massages that induce deep relaxation and profound harmony.

garden couple’s facial 50 minutes | 195/ person 100 minutes | 350/person

As you relax in your private garden hale, your estheticians will select rejuvenating ingredients to nourish and care for your skin.