Park Hyatt Kyoto's Signature Restaurant. 
Inspired teppanyaki blending tradition and innovation, set to breath-taking views of Kyoto City from Yasaka Pagoda to surrounding mountains. 



Park Hyatt Kyoto 4F


5 pm - 5:30 pm / 8 pm - 8:30 pm

Dress Code
Smart Elegant, full-length pants with covered shoes for men. We respectfully ask that guests refrain from wearing shorts, beach sandals, sportswear such as training jerseys, tank tops or other sleeveless garments.

Child Policy
To help maintain a fine-dining ambience for all our guests, children under twelve years are not permitted in the restaurant.

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Yasaka Scallop - Park Hyatt Kyoto


French inspired teppanyaki blending tradition and innovation


Kentaro Koyama


We are pleased to announce that Chef Kentaro Koyama will begin serving his new menu on October 27, 2023.



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Starting from October 27, 2023 (Friday), Signature restaurant “Yasaka will introduce a new menu crafted by the newly appointed Chef Kentaro Koyama. In July, upon assuming his position, Chef Koyama personally undertook the task of meticulously selecting premium ingredients from various regions across Japan, and he has ingeniously devised innovative menu offerings that not only bring out the full potential of these ingredients through the art of teppanyaki but also draw upon the culinary techniques he honed in France. This synergy aims to pioneer a fresh teppanyaki culture in Kyoto.

Set against the backdrop of a panoramic view featuring the distinctive traditional tile-roofed houses and the iconic Yasaka Pagoda, guests can savor a new dining experience right before their eyes.

The dining experience at “Yasaka”, where everything from amuse to dessert is prepared on the teppan, is based on the vertical axis of teppanyaki techniques that maximise the potential of the ingredients and the horizontal axis of French cooking techniques, and with homage to Kyoto's culinary culture. 


Chef Kentaro Koyama

Kentaro Koyama

Kentaro Koyama assumes the position of Chef de cuisine

We are pleased to announce that as of July 5th, 2023, Chef Kentaro Koyama has taken up the role of Chef de Cuisine at Signature Restaurant Yasaka in Park Hyatt Kyoto situated in Kyoto City's Higashiyama ward and will start to offer his new menu from September. Since its opening in October 2019, Park Hyatt Kyoto's Signature Restaurant Yasaka has been captivating guests with innovative teppanyaki cuisine, skillfully prepared by chefs on an open kitchen stage, allowing diners to witness the entire cooking process and techniques up close. Guests have also been treated to stunning views of Kyoto city, including the iconic Yasaka Pagoda, while savoring various French culinary delights. With Chef Koyama joining our team as the new Chef de Cuisine. we are excited to embark on a journey of a fresh dining experience starting in September. His expertise will bring forth a new horizon of culinary delights and innovative menus to welcome our esteemed guests.

Upon taking up the position as chef de cuisine at Signature Restaurant Yasaka in Park Hyatt Kyoto, Koyama expressed his thoughts, saying, "Combining the refined aesthetics and delicate techniques of French cuisine with the seemingly primitive yet ingredient-maximizing teppanyaki, where we cook the ingredients from scratch right in front of the guests, may appear challenging. However, when viewed from another perspective, it becomes an opportunity to create an entirely unprecedented dining experience. My goal is for our team to unite, surpass the guests' expectations in a delightful way, and lead them into an exciting and unexplored realm of time and space."


Koyama was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1989, a region known for its abundant nature and a diverse array of seasonal ingredients throughout the year. Growing up, he was fortunate to be surrounded by the bounty of his grandmother's small garden, where he would pick and savor fresh, flavorful produce like tomatoes, okra, and spinach. This upbringing in a favorable environment instilled in him a passion for cooking. In addition to being a skilled cook, Koyama's mother, who was a nutritionist, would prepare various ingredients and demonstrate the cooking process, which further fueled his fascination with the enchanting world of culinary arts. His infatuation with the magical allure of cooking led him to request knives and bonito shavers as birthday presents. It was only natural that Koyama eventually decided to enroll in culinary school. In the school, he encountered world-class French maestros and was mesmerized by their artistry, exquisite dishes, and delicate techniques.

Upon graduation, he began his culinary career in a French restaurant in Tokyo in 2008. However, his true dream was to venture to France, and in 2013, he finally realized his aspiration, spending five years gaining experience in renowned establishments in Normandy, Paris, and Burgundy.

In the prestigious three-Michelin-starred Burgundy restaurant "Maison Lameloise" under the guidance of Eric Pras, a recipient of the coveted title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (M.O.F.), Koyama experienced rigorous yet rewarding days, striving for perfection in his desired culinary creations. Eric Pras consistently emphasized "Respect” for ingredients and "Carré" (precision) in cooking, truly embodying these principles. Koyama met these demands by treating ingredients with utmost care, sincerely engaging with them, and delivering the level of precision expected by Pras.


During those days, Koyama was entrusted with preparing one of Eric Pras’s specialties, the Langoustine à la Christian. On one occasion, while handling à la carte orders, the restaurant manager hinted that the diners might include Michelin inspectors. This created an immediate tension in the kitchen. However, being assigned the responsibility of handling the entire process from cooking to plating the Langoustine dish which became a source of great confidence for him. After returning to Japan, Koyama assumed the position of Chef de Cuisine at the French restaurant “French Monstar” in Tokyo. He achieved his first three toques in the "Gault & Millau 2022" guidebook, solidifying his reputation as a skilled Chef de Cuisine.

Starting from October, Chef Koyama will introduce a new menu at Signature Restaurant Yasaka focusing on the abundant local ingredients from Kyoto. He describes his approach as one that pays deep respect to classic culinary traditions while displaying flexibility and creativity tailored to each concept and ingredient. The result will be a one-of-a-kind dining experience where theatrical teppanyaki and delicate French cuisine intertwine harmoniously.


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