Guests may enjoy breathtaking views of the famous Yasaka Pagoda from our Signature Restaurant and Bar during day and night, or savor authentic traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in the family-run Kyoyamato inside one of the historic teahouses.

Yasaka - Unconventional approach to classic Japanese teppanyaki. 

KYOYAMATO - Kyoto’s famed Japanese Kaiseki restaurant.

KYOTO BISTRO - Dining café connected to the neighborhood community. 

The Living Room - An inviting lounge space where guests can enjoy seasonal, course style Afternoon Tea.

Kohaku - Exclusive bar where ritual and craft meet cocktails and spirits.


In response to COVID-19, our teams are implementing enhanced measures for food preparation, set-up and service, so that you and your loved ones can dine with confidence and peace of mind.

These are in addition to the internationally certified standards of kitchen hygiene and food safety we already maintain.

Please find details at Caring for Your Wellbeing

Yasaka - Signature Restaurant

An unconventional approach to classic Japanese teppanyaki. 

Rather than bringing guests into the kitchen, Yasaka brings the kitchen into the restaurant. Here, skilled chefs showcase various cooking techniques and preparation methods –– all featured on the live cooking stage that is the Japanese “teppan,” or “steel plate.” Set to the breathtaking views of Kyoto’s famous Yasaka Pagoda, Yasaka’s finest, local ingredients and original recipes are curated by classically-trained, award-winning Chef de Cuisine Kampei Hisaoka. Dining at Yasaka is an unpredictable and unexpected journey, with personalization center stage.



5 pm - 9 pm (Last Order)


<Period: March 1, 2021 – March 14, 2021>

5 pm  (Open)

6:30 pm (Last entry)

8 pm (Last service of Alcoholic beverages)

9 pm (Close)




KYOYAMATO - Kyoto’s famed Japanese kaiseki restaurant
The stone steps of the old garden lead to Kyoyamato, a traditional ryotei and culinary institution serving authentic, seasonally-inspired kaiseki cuisine that dates back to 1877, during Japan's Meiji Era. Kyoyamato, a family-run business which has persisted for six generations, consists of several historic buildings including "Soyotei," a storied teahouse from the Edo Era, a private room where feudal warlords would secretly meet. 

Lunch:  11:30 am – 1 pm (Last entrance)

Dinner:  5 pm – 7 pm (Last entrance) 

Kyoyamato is regularly closed on Wednesdays.

※Kyoyamato breakfast is served on seven days. 

KYOTO BISTRO - Neighborhood café

Dining with a connection to the neighborhood and community. 

A casual street-side café located in the bustling heart of Higashiyama, Kyoto Bistro features international and Japanese comfort food crafted à la minute in a lively, open kitchen with locally-sourced and organic ingredients. A special display counter prominently features a variety of pastries and cakes to enjoy during midday, paired with craft coffees and teas while overlooking the charming pedestrian streets and shops of Ninen-zaka. All dishes are served on exclusive, handmade earthenware created by Asahiyaki, a local pottery master with a heritage of over 400 years based in Uji, introducing diners to the region’s subtle beauty. Kyoto Bistro’s dynamic, all-day friendly and fun atmosphere is perfect for everyone, whether visitors or locals. 


<Period: March 1, 2021 – March 14, 2021>

7 am – 8 pm (Last order of Food/ Last service of Alcoholic beverages)

9 pm (Close)

To-go 11:30 am –  8 pm (Last order)


To-go Reservations required:

On line


or Phone (075-531-1234)

※Please reserve one hour prior to the pickup time.




The Living Room - “Heart of the guesthouse”

An inviting lounge space where guests gather and relax.

The Living Room is the heart and hearth of Park Hyatt Kyoto’s luxury guesthouse. Designed to make one feel at home, this welcoming, naturally-lit environment is where guests can enjoy Park Hyatt Kyoto’s original bento box lunch or five course Afternoon Tea menu served with carefully selected tea pairings.  Amidst the open fireplace and bar, the aroma of Tamo wood lingers. 



7 am – 10 pm (Last order)


<Period: March 1, 2021 – March 14, 2021>

7 am – 8 pm (Last order of Food/ Last service of Alcoholic beverages)

9 pm (Close)

■Lunch: Available from 12 pm - 2 pm

■Afternoon Tea: Available from 12 pm - 5 pm




Kohaku - The bar

Where ritual and craft meet cocktails and spirits.

Kohaku is an intimate and refined bar adjacent to Yasaka. Offering dramatic views of Yasaka Pagoda through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, Kohaku creates a warm yet classic atmosphere with its dark woods and leather textures. Collaborative partnerships with select, Kyoto-based artisans of whiskey, sake, and gin enable Kohaku to offer guests a curated collection of rare spirits and craft products.



5 pm – 12 am (Last order)


<Period: March 1, 2021 – March 14, 2021>

3 pm (Open)

7:30 pm (Last entry)

8 pm (Last service of Alcoholic beverages)

9 pm (Close)