Rome under a roof of stars: The Terrazze Borghese.

Terrazza Borghese is the perfect location to enjoy your meal whilst admiring the Eternal City from our exclusive rooftop terrace with uninterrupted views over Villa Borghese. A highly curated seasonal menu features only the best fresh ingredients and creative interpretations of classic local cuisine. Roman cuisine is defined by a unique set of ingredients, techniques, and dishes that set it apart from the food of all other Italian cities. Culinary specialties reflect the city’s ancient past, the Italian tradition of eating locally and seasonally, and the legacy of making a lot from a little and wasting nothing.


 Couple Terrazza Borghese Lunch
Rome at your feet, and above a roof of stars: Terrazza Borghese. Relax in the restaurant’s amazing ambiance overlooking Villa Borghese. Here guests can enjoy the creative and fresh approach to the classics crafted by the resident Chef and his team, and the sparkling cocktails created by mixology experts at Bubbles Bar, located on the north corner of the rooftop terrace.