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Buenos Aires is a dynamic, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. To experience Buenos Aires is to walk through its neighborhoods and the most iconic landmarks. Visit museums and fairs. Enjoy Argentine culinary experiences. Get passionate about tango. Discover the best things to do in Buenos Aires inside and outside the Hotel.

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Avenida Alvear 1661
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Hotel Activities

La Vinoteca
Ahín Wellness and Spa

Bike & Picnic

Buenos Aires neighborhoods and parks are to be explored all year long. Either on your own or with a tour guide pick up one of our bicycles and one of our Duhau Pâtisserie’s picnic baskets and ride away to discover our vibrant city.

Wine & Cheese Tastings

The cheese cave at La Vinoteca features more than forty varieties of Argentinean cheeses produced with European recipes by talented local producers. Our Maître Fromager controls their aging process and works hand in hand with our sommelier to create unique wine and cheese pairings for our tastings.

Paseo de las Artes Duhau

The hotel's art gallery presents five exhibitions of contemporary Argentinean art throughout the year. A curated selection of pictorial, photographic and sculptural artwork of renowned local artists.

Ahín Wellness & Spa

Immerse yourself in a sensorial journey of well-being at one of the most exclusive spas in Buenos Aires. Enjoy relaxing body massages, private meditation sessions, and thoughtfully-designed experiences. A short-course swimming pool, a modern gym, and a dedicated team are some of the reasons why Ahín is a renowned spa and wellness center in Buenos Aires.

Gastronomic experiences

Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca
Gioia Cocina Botánica
Gastronomic experiences

Duhau Pâtisserie

For those with a sweet tooth, our pastry boutique will reveal as Park Hyatt Buenos Aires best kept secret. Visit our shop and discover original flavors and delicious creations to take home and share with your loved ones.

Local Influencers

If you are in need for epic, trusted and up-to-date recommendations do not miss the chance to explore Argentinean culture guided by local influencers. From a culinary tour to behind the curtains of fashion design boutiques and ateliers. Unveil Buenos Aires hand in hand with fascinating culture curators. Contact our Concierge team to arrange a taylor made tour.

Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca

Find an all-Argentinian dining experience in our signature restaurant with catch, vegetables and premium meat cuts converging in a seasonal "Family Style" menu, created to share while enjoying the best wines from Argentina and the world, and cheeses from our unique cheese cellar.

Gioia Cocina Botánica

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires has proudly become the first Hyatt property to have an in house plant based restaurant. Visit Gioia Cocina Botánica to unfold a whole new dining experience and discover "the joy of cooking with plants".

Los Salones del Piano Nobile

Enjoy international cuisine, elegant snacks and our acclamied Five O'Clock Tea surrounded by the original boiserie and timeless elegance in this breathtaking salons.

Oak Bar

Visit Oak Bar and embark on a journey to another era while enjoying classic cocktails and tapas.


Puerto Madero

San Telmo

One of the oldest neighborhoods, home to the Historic District of Buenos Aires and many "tanguerías" (a.k.a tango venues). Its cobblestone streets, the market of San Telmo and the Plaza Dorrego Antique's Fair bring back the splendor of the city of Buenos Aires.


Considered the most avant-garde area of ​​Buenos Aires, with designer shops, fairs, restaurants and multicultural bars. It is one of the most extensive neighborhoods, with the most beautiful gardens and parks such as The Rosedal in the Bosques de Palermo

Puerto Madero

Located in the docks of the old port, it is the newest neighborhood of the city. High skyscrapers, bars and restaurants close to the river, a dynamic and modern area to explore.


The most elegant and sophisticated neighborhood is a residential area of ​​the city center. Renowned for its architecture, museums and fairs, it is a remarkable destination to discover the essence of Buenos Aires.

Iconic Spots

Casa Rosada
Colón Teather
Cementerio Recoleta

Colón Theater

2 KM
Located in Recoleta, it is considered one of the most important opera houses in the world. Its rich and detailed history, exceptional acoustics and impressive architectural details place it among theaters such as La Scala in Milan, the Opera House in Paris or the Metropolitan in New York. A 20 minute walk from the hotel or 7 minutes by car from the hotel.

Casa Rosada

3.1 km
The emblematic Palace of Pink House is the seat of the Argentine national government and houses the president's office. Apart from exploring it on a guided tour, you may visit the Casa Rosada Museum, to get a taste of the history of Argentina, from colonial times to the present. Walking distance from the hotel: 20 minutes. Driving distance from the hotel: 10 minutes.

Floralis Genérica

1.3 km
The iconic sculpture, made of steel and aluminum, is located in the United Nations Park in Palermo. It was a gift to the city by the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano, who designed it with a mechanism that makes the gigantic flower open every morning and close during sunset. Driving distance from the hotel: 5 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 20 minutes.

Recoleta's Cemetery

1 km
With more than 6400 uniquely designed graves and marble mausoleums, it is considered one of most unusual cemeteries in the world. Paying homage to a wide assortment of architectural styles and including the thomb of the nation's iconic first lady Eva Peron, the Recoleta Cemetery is a must to do in Buenos Aires. Driving distance from the hotel: 5 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 12 minutes.

Family Activities

Treasure Hunt in the City

Turn the city into a playground, with a treasure hunt designed by one of our DMCs. Buenos Aires' iconic landamarks such as the Obelisk or the Pink House mystriously unfold in an playful experience shared between kids and adults. Ask our Concierge team to assist you with this special activity.

Temaikén Biopark

53.2 km
An extense biopark one hour away from Buenos Aires, hosting native Argentine wildlife and also exotic and threatened species. An open zoo, with beautiful botanical gardens, an aquarium, a bird's park and interactive centers. Driving distance from the hotel: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

Planetario Galileo Galilei

3.3 km
An emblematic building, recently renovated, is the home to an institution disseminating astronomy. An interacting robot, a Virtual exploration to Mars and 4D simulators are some of the main attractions of the museum, located in the beautiful Palermo Parks. Driving distance from the hotel: 10 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 42 minutes.

Art & Culture

Museo Bellas Artes
Paseo de las Artes Duhau

Curated itineraries

Explore enriching Argentinean art heritage with renowned senior art curators who handpicked unique itineraries with the themes: Art & Nature, Art & Culinary, Art & design. Each itinerary introduces you to exhilarating ateliers, retracing the artist footsteps, unique exclusive visits to private collections, museums and galleries. Contact our Concierge team to enjoy this experience.

MALBA: Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

2.3 km
One of the most dynamic and interactive cultural spaces in the city, with temporary exhibitions, international collections, a film program and one of the most extensive collections of contemporary Latin American art. Driving distance from the hotel: 10 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 28 minutes.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

1.2 KM
Considered one of the main museums of Latin America, the National Museum of Fine Arts preserves the greatest artistic heritage of Argentina, being the guardian of a legacy of more than 12,000 pieces. Driving distance from the hotel: 5 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 15 minutes.

Fundación PROA

8 km
PROA is a cultural center of contemporary art in the historic neighborhood of La Boca, with a program of temporary exhibitions, seminars, courses and concerts. It is an essential art point of reference of the city of Buenos Aires. Driving distance from the hotel: 33 minutes.

Museo de Arte Moderno

5.1 KM
Since its creation, the Moderno has been a vanguard museum, house of the Argentine artists and a space dedicated to promote the last productions of all the artistic disciplines. Ideal to include in a tour through the neighborhood of San Telmo. Driving distance from the hotel: 20 minutes.

Markets & Fairs

San Telmo

San Telmo Flea Market

3.2 km
Nestled in Plaza Dorrego, in San Telmo, one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, the fair takes place every Sunday. It is bustling with one of a kind antiques, from gramophones to art deco jewelry. The fair continues in the surroundings, on Defensa Street, where tango dancers perform on the streets. Driving distance from the hotel: 12 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 40 minutes.

Recoleta's Artisans Market

850 meters
Located in Plaza Francia, only a few blocks from the Recoleta cemetery, the fair takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Handmade crafts by local artisans, including leather goods and ceramics. Street musicians, clowns and acrobats perform at the park, in a fair that gets bigger each year. Driving distance from the hotel: 5 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 10 minutes.

Feria de Plaza Serrano

5.7 KM
Located in the heart of Palermo Soho, the fair of Plaza Serrano takes place during the weekends. Crafts and souvenirs are sold together with the creations of up and coming fashion designers, wooden toys and contemporary jewelry. The fair continues on the sidewalks of streets Honduras and Serrano. Driving distance from the hotel: 25 minutes.

Tanguerias & Milongas


Café Tortoni

2.7 KM
A historic majestic building, founded in 1858, that remains as a meeting point for famous artists and scholars throughout its 160 years of existence. Only a few blocks from Plaza de Mayo, this traditional venue offers one of the best Tango Shows in town. Driving distance from the hotel: 12 minutes. Walking distance from the hotel: 35 minutes.

La Catedral

5.4 KM
One of the most special milongas of Buenos Aires. The authentic atmosphere, a precious music selection and the talented local dancers make it a true tango experience. And ideal venue to take your first tango lesson. Driving distance from the hotel: 25 minutes.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

The World Cup of Tango takes place every year in August in Buenos Aires. The city hosts the world's biggest tango event with free shows, milongas and the international most sensual dance contest.