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Sustainable Concepts at Andaz Vienna Am Belevedere

In particular, the Hyatt brand (as well as Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere) stands for innovative and future-oriented further development in environmental protection.

Here you can find out which concrete, future-oriented strategies Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere is implementing.

Sustainability Fact Sheet
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We are one of the most climate-neutral hotels in the whole of Vienna, as we placed a special focus on sustainability during the development of the project and the construction of the hotel.

  • Efficient energy supply through connection to Vienna's district heating and cooling network: The district heating is generated directly in cutting-edge plants in Vienna.  This type of energy supply saves us valuable raw materials and CO₂.
  • Automated sun protection system for energy efficiency in the event area and the 303 guestrooms: This saves us up to 50% cooling energy and up to 30% heating energy compared to windows without sun protection.
  • Ventilation system with high-tech heat recovery: Here, the waste heat / cooling of the used air (exhaust air) is used to warm up fresh air (supply air) in winter and cool it in summer.  This special technology minimises the primary energy consumption of our building.
  • Energy-efficient BlueKit ventilation in the lift shaft: With this system, we lower CO₂ emissions, reduce energy costs and at the same time ensure safety and comfort in the lift shafts.  The system combines efficient and demand-optimised ventilation with reliable and safe smoke extraction.
  • Austria's largest parking garage with electric charging stations is located beneath Andaz Vienna am Belvedere.  We offer 15 charging stations for electric vehicles with a charging capacity of 11 kW / h and two charging stations for e-scooters with a charging capacity of 3.7 kW / h.
  • We hold LEED Gold certification, which validates and highlights our building's resource-efficient environmental attributes such as design, construction, operation and maintenance.
  • The Cheetah Energy Control System controls the exhaust and supply fans according to demand, which allows us to save energy in our commercial kitchens.
  • When the kitchen is less busy, the exhaust fan speed is reduced to 40% of normal.  This reduces energy consumption from 100% to only 6%!


Our Partners

By purchasing local food and beverages, we aim to provide our guests with local, organic and sustainable dining experiences.  Therefore, we source food from regional suppliers and partners in Austria, thus reducing our ecological footprint.

Local Delights

We take care to limit transport and deliveries to reduce fuel emissions.  Some suppliers even come directly from the same borough.  It is almost impossible to be any more local.

Farm To Table

We think that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, and we follow a farm-to-table strategy in the kitchen: reducing CO₂ emissions by carefully selecting responsible local suppliers for organic products.

Sustainable Fishery

We believe that our oceans concern us all.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance to us that we get our fish and seafood from a sustainable fishery. With the MSC and ASC certification, we can guarantee this to our guests, and take a small stand against the overfishing of our oceans.

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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue when planning and hosting events.  At Andaz, a modern luxury lifestyle brand, a digital and hybrid offering comes naturally.  With our cutting-edge event facilities, we can offer any form of climate-neutral event.

Even with small and simple things, you can set the first steps; for example by dispensing with plastic straws in our culinary areas, or unnecessary packaging materials, or by reducing printed documents in the public areas.

We are convinced that creative and, above all, sustainable meetings take place in our hotel, and therefore use Mind Mapping 2.0 interactive touchscreens in the meeting rooms instead of flip charts if desired.

Our Event Options

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To analyse our environmental performance and achievements, we use Hyatt Eco Track as a global environmental management database.  For example, we collect data on greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, waste and recycling.  This data enables us to take further action to improve efficiency and sustainability. 

As our world continues to evolve and new challenges emerge, we at Hyatt use our global World of Care platform.  This is embedded in all areas of our business and is our global approach to driving care for the planet, people and responsible business.

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