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About Yue Hu Spa at Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort and Spa

Settle into one of Yue Hu Spa’s luxurious treatment villas that offer sanctuary with complete amenities including en suite hydrothermal facilities, stone baths, and relaxing décor. Our upscale atmosphere, inspired by the spa’s Ningbo’s local scenery, will realign your spirit with nature. Explore our extensive facilities including a sauna, steam shower, infinity pool, and whirlpool baths.

Each season, our spa menu transitions to reflect nature’s feeling. The current season’s Ritual allows you to experience essence of nature, reaping the benefits of what natural products are seasonal through a carefully selected program. Each Seasonal Ritual involves a day of treatment, activities, meditation and seasonal cuisine customized by your guiding spa therapist to meet your needs.

Visit the Yue Hu Spa today to begin your harmonizing journey.