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The Spa Packages at Grand Hyatt Seoul

Golden Ritual   3 hours KRW 550,000

Aside from its glittery shine, gold is a mineral with proven anti-inflammation properties. This regenerating ritual begins with an invigorating golden sugar body polish that gently eliminates dead skin cells, followed by a relaxing body massage with aromatic ylang-ylang oil and a shimmering gold treatment to leave the skin radiant. The luxurious gold facial and eye contour helps heal micro damage, firming, toning and hydrating the skin.

Shimmering Gold Body Polish

Golden Body Massage

Gold Plumping Facial

Aromatic Ritual 1 hour 30 minutes KRW 275,000

Gentle aromatic essences and touch therapies combine in this soothing retreat to release the stress and tension that has accumulated in the body over time, promoting longevity and increased mental clarity.

Classical Aroma Body Massage

Botanical Aromatic Facial

Retreat For Two 2 hours 30 minutes KRW 418,000 per person

Both intimate and nourishing, this perfect synergistic treatment for couples begins with a salt exfoliation to warm the body and remove the layers of dull, dry skin. This is followed by a deep-muscle-release body massage. The treatment finishes with detox facial using therapeutic essential oil and facial pressure point massage. Couples will leave The Spa feeling silky smooth and extraordinarily connected.

Gentle Botanical Body Scrub

Organic Muscle Release Body Massage

Refining Detox Facial

Aromatherapy For Two 2 hours 30 minutes KRW 385,000 per person

This ideal treatment for couples begins with full body massages using botanical aroma oil. It concludes with personalized facials using botanical essential oil-based blends.

Organic Aromatic Massage with Botanical Aroma Oil

His and Her Facial

* Private Bath is subject to additional charge.

30 minutes KRW 55,000

1hour KRW 88,000

* All prices are inclusive of tax.