• Fuji Omika Onsen Hot Spring - Fuji Speedway Hotel

Fuji Omika Onsen at Fuji Speedway Hotel

Enjoy tranquil indoor and outdoor bathing areas while absorbing breathtaking views of Mount Fuji.

Within the male onsen, guests will discover a dry sauna that reaches temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius and a cold bath fed from groundwater from Mount Fuji. The female onsen features a steam sauna

In the traditional washing areas, complimentary toiletries are infused with Shizuoka tea seed oil, extracted from hand-picked tea seeds.

Extend your onsen experience at the indoor and outdoor relaxation areas overlooking Mount Fuji. Enjoy complimentary Shizuoka tea and local Asagiri milk.



Fuji Omika Onsen is open from 6 am to midnight and available to overnight guests and those who have booked spa treatments.

To preserve the onsen’s tranquil ambiance, we may need to limit the number of visitors.



  •  Infants of diaper-wearing age may not use the onsen.
  • Children aged up to 15 may use the onsen under adult supervision.
  • Children aged six and under can use either the male or female onsen.
  • Children aged 11 and under may not use the saunas.
  • Children aged 12–15 may use the saunas under adult supervision.