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Zen Spa Treatments at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Relaxing Massage

Gentle manipulations which will help relieve physical and emotional stress. By improving blood circulation and relaxing superficial muscles, this soothing experience will make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Deep Therapy

An effective treatment to reduce stress, pain and deep-rooted tension. By using deep and long flowing strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue, your therapist will be able to release muscle fibers, alleviating chronic tension.

Sport Massage

Recommended for athletes of all types, this technique induces circulation of lymph fluids, reducing recovery time and healing muscles and tendons. Passive stretching maneuvers will promote flexibility helping to prevent injuries and enhancing performance.


An alternative therapeutic treatment, effective to awaken the senses through the use of essential oils, derived from herbs, flowers and fruits in combination with gentle movements and light pressure. The restorative properties of the essential oils promote mental clarity and relaxation, balancing body and mind.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

The main function of the lymphatic system is the elimination of metabolic waste, which can be responsible for a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. This very gentle technique helps activate the lymphatic flow, detoxifying and causing a significant improvement of the immune system and general feeling of well-being.

Four Hands Treatment

You will feel completely enveloped as two therapists work with slow, synchronized and choreographed movements. This is a powerful treatment which not only relaxes your body but also your mind, as it reacts to the sensorial experience provoked by the simultaneous touch of four hands.

Chirogolf Massage

Innovative treatment with exclusive maneuvers using golf balls to loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility. Provides relief to tension points and a general wellness feeling.

Welcome Home Massage

Zen Spa offers a unique experience to awaken your senses and nourish body and mind. A gentle foot exfoliation is followed by a restorative scalp massage to help you unwind. A combination of reflexology and hot stones, performed by professional hands, will bring body and mind to a state of complete balance.

Riverstone Treatment

Warm river stones, placed at acupressure points, will ease muscle stiffness and release the flow of energy, allowing the therapist to manipulate deep tissue more effectively. Feel the tension melt away while your body relaxes and heals.

Prenatal Massage

A special treatment designed to pamper and care during pregnancy. In addition to relieving physical discomforts, this soft and delicate therapy will stimulate blood and lymph circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and baby.

Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage

Specifically targeting the upper body, this quick but very effective massage will bring immediate relief to muscle tension, stimulating blood circulation and the release of endorphins, providing a general state of well-being.


An ancient healing art that aims to treat the body, mind and spirit by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet and hands. By a precise and skillful manipulation of these points, vital functions can be stimulated, toxins eliminated, blood circulation improved and nerves soothed promoting a deep feeling of relaxation.

Scalp Massage

This ancient technique is a combination of strokes and pressure on energy points that will increase blood circulation to the head and scalp, relieving stress very effectively, enhancing hair growth and playing a major role in the achievement of a sound sleep. It is known to alleviate acute and chronic headaches.

Facial Express

This treatment is designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time. A gentle exfoliation and a refreshing mask will smooth fine lines and erase signs of fatigue.

The Skin Comfort (Moisturizing)

This replenishing facial treatment combines botanical ingredients to restore and cleanse, providing maximum relief and skin comfort, resulting in a luminous and youthful appearance.

The O2 Relax

Your skin will welcome the Pure Oxygen molecules applied to eliminate toxins and supply cells with moisture. Although it is appropriate for all skin types, this purifying therapy favors dull and dehydrated skin, restoring tone and natural glow.

Citrus Cheer

The remarkable soothing and healing properties of Vitamin C makes this nutritious treatment ideal for sun-exposed skin. Its extraordinary antioxidant action repairs even the most damaged skin revealing a completely hydrated and revitalized complexion.

Recovery Cleansing

Deep cleansing treatment designed to remove impurities from deep layers of the skin through thermo-active enzymatic action. Refreshing botanical extracts will purify and regenerate, allowing skin to breathe.


Effective treatment, with bio-nutritional elements, to regenerate and provide an immediate boost to the skin, recovering its inner beauty and revealing a smoother, firm and radiant complexion.

Bamboo Scrub

This delicate body scrub acts through micro-particles of bamboo, specially made to exfoliate, cleanse and remove impurities from the skin´s surface. It´s extraordinary anti-inflammatory, healing, protective and moisturizing properties will reveal a smooth and totally renewed skin.

Citrus Scrub

For an invigorating, clean feeling, the highly effective C+C Vitamin exfoliating agents will facilitate absorption of active ingredients, leaving the skin toned, with a velvet touch. Citrus notes will elevate your mood and complement this sensory journey.

Oxygen and Bamboo Scrub

Restorative body scrub that perfectly smoothes the skin, eliminating dead cells, oxygenating and providing intense nourishment. Improves elasticity and recovers vitality.

Detox Wrap

This result-oriented treatment includes a warm seaweed wrap to eliminate toxins and provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. This detoxifying experience enhances metabolic function and improves skin texture.

Royal Oxygen

A luxurious moisturizing and toning ritual, perfectly designed to detoxify and balance body and facial skin. Includes an innovative body exfoliation and a purifying dry oil massage which ensures cell regeneration, leaving a smooth and silky feeling to body and face.

Royal Citrus

Truly a feast for the senses, this exquisite ritual, enriched with Vitamin C provides an intense antioxidant supply to help firm and revitalize skin tissue. The result is a radiant, toned skin.