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Yuan Spa Packages at Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai

Optimal hydration, balance, and energy are restored and your complete well-being renewed with a programme of treatments to return you to Serenity, Vitality, Stability, Balance or Energy in a Spa Suite.



Serenity 2.5 Hours

CNY 1980*
Feel free from stress, effortlessly renewed, and returned to calm after a day of potently refreshing Yuan signature treatments.
Yuan Bath
Yuan Massage   
Phytomer City Anti-Pollution Facial  


Stability 3 Hours

CNY 2180*
Balancing body treatments returns calm and restores wellness with body wrap and massage. 
Oolong Body Wrap
Hot Stone Massage 
Gua Sha - Head


Energy 2 Hours

CNY 1380*

Targeted, traditional Chinese therapies that restore balance.
Tui Na Massage
Relaxing Foot Therapy


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tui Na Massage 1.5 Hours

CNY 1180*
Translating as “push/pull”, Tui Na is a comprehensive traditional healing technique that focuses on improving the flow of Qi in the body along the meridians to stimulate and relieve pain and fatigue. Combined with Head Gua Sha and Ho Guan back and neck, it is especially beneficial for treating colds, headache, insomnia, intestinal upsets, lower back pain, a stiff neck and hormonal imbalances.


Ho Guan 20 minutes

CNY 380*
Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice in which a heated cup is applied to the skin to offer a therapeutic effect on the skin and the superficial layer of muscle. Cups are applied to strategic acupressure points and regions of the body affected by pain. Ho Guan focuses on improving energy flow and restoring circulation in the muscles.


Gua Sha 20 minutes

CNY 380*
This ancient technique is still widely practised throughout China to reduce headaches, remove toxic heat, aid muscular injuries and improve circulation using a traditional flat tool made of jade. Red spots are indication that toxins are being released and exposure to the Sha is literally removing disease from deep within the system.


Jiu Fa (Moxibustion) 30 minutes

CNY 380*
Jiu Fa literally means “burning herbs”. The moxa, or Chinese wormwood, is an antioxidant herb that when placed on specific acupressure points or along the meridians will provide penetrating and relaxing heat to relieve pain and cold, and nourish the Qi.


Ginger Wrap 30 minutes

CNY 380*
Most effective wrap, it detoxifies and draws out toxins and impurities.


*All prices are subject to 15% charge ( inclusive of service charge and tax)