• Rainforest Spa Reception

About The Rainforest Spa at Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico

Welcome to a tropical oasis of luxury and relaxation. The Rainforest Spa is nestled in the center of the Hotels greenery and the experience is all-encompassing and promotes a connection with nature. As we welcome our guests, they will find that all materials and lighting have been carefully curated to enhance their arrival experience before their journey begins.

The guests are guided to locker areas where they get to enjoy the amenities, which have been segregated for male and female in separate spaces; in this space they can enjoy a Steam Room, Sauna and warm Jacuzzi. Guests can enjoy these amenities before and after their services, in addition to the spa’s private pool.


Once in their plushy robes, guests are escorted to the lounging area with complementary snacks, tea, and water while they wait for their services. The Rainforest Spa offers a full-service experience from Massages, Facials, Body Treatments, and a Full Service Salon.