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The Health Club & Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Hangzhou

Hot Stone Massage 90/120 mins CNY 880/1,180

Using stones storing the energy of the earth, eastern acupressure and meridian massage treatments combine to increase energy flow and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Pure Aroma Indulgence 70/100 mins CNY 880/1,080

To improve circulation, ease muscle aches, and encourage flexibility and relaxation, this aromatherapy massage is based on a custom blend of essential oils to best complement and enhance your present condition.

De-Stress Muscle Release 70/100 mins CNY 880/1,080

Following the rhythm of the breath and the grain of the muscles, de-stress muscle release can effectively relieve the lethargy, exhaustion and pain that accumulate in the body over time.

Swedish Massage 60/90 mins CNY 680/980

A distinctly-European full body massage that stimulates blood circulation and soothes tensed muscles. Medium in pressure, this massage uses a combination of three basic strokes – long firm strokes, kneading strokes and small circular strokes – to relieve stress and relax your body, mind and soul.

Aroma Back Massage 40 mins CNY 500

Following the rhythm of the breath and the grain of the muscles, this aromatherapy massage is based on a custom blend of essential oils to relieve tired muscles, stimulate circulation and create a feeling of relaxation.

Head Relaxing Massage 30 mins CNY 400

The head and neck massage helps you gradually eliminate tension, relieve headaches and supply oxygen to the brain to enhance the memory. This massage is especially for those who are under pressure, and helps to keep the brain refreshed.

Traditional Chinese Tui Na 60/90 mins CNY 680/980

Tui Na, meaning to press and rub, is a traditional Chinese massage offering intense stimulation to vital points along the meridian. It improves blood circulation, alleviates soreness of the muscles and balances the body and mind.

Traditional Reflexology 60/90 mins CNY 580/780

The traditional Chinese foot massage is based on the belief that each point on the foot relates to an organ or part of the body. Attention to reflex points on the feet activates internal healing mechanisms to correct imbalances and realign the body naturally.

Traditional Guasha 30 mins CNY 400

For relief from everyday stress, migraines and muscle aches, this treatment combines Guasha therapy with a special circulation massage to relieve tension, increase lymphatic drainage and encourage the elimination of toxins.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge, plus additional 6% VAT.

Signature Crystal Facial 90 mins CNY 1,080

Our exclusive anti-ageing facial treatment is centered on complete luxury, and application of gold caviar stimulates the skin’s regeneration while infusing it with essential protection before crystal wands are used to massage, firm and refine, absorbing dullness to brighten and renew.

Prescription Facial 70 mins CNY 880

With active elements and massage techniques to dramatically increase hydration, this facial treatment is great for all types of skin.

Men’s Space 70 mins CNY 880

For men, this vitalizing, lifting and hydrating facial is the perfect way to combat the environmental stress caused by city living, late nights and frequent flying.

Shui Calming Facial 30 minutes CNY500

This revitalizing facial treatment helps refresh tired skin, giving a noticeably brighter and naturally radiant appearance. It helps to smooth and reduce irregular pigmentation and brighten the skin to deliver instant results.

Revitalizing Eye Treatment 30 minutes CNY400

Refresh and brighten your eyes with this beneficial treatment. Herbal extracts work on dark circles and fine lines. Specialized massage techniques improve microcirculation and drainage, helping to reduce puffiness.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge, plus additional 6% VAT.

Qi Guan 30mins CNY 400

Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice in which a glass cup is applied to the skin to offer a therapeutic effect on the skin and the superficial layer of muscle. Cups are applied to strategic acupressure points and regions of the body affected by pain.

Herbal Body Scrub 60 minutes CNY 600

With a base of volcanic sand to absorb impurities, this invigorating exfoliating experience sloughs away dead cells while protecting new skin with turmeric, ginger and sweet basil.

Mineral Revival Wrap 60 minutes CNY 650

Relax into a warm wrap to richly restore the skin tone and texture, tightening as it protects with a wealth of mineral, skin is cleansed and detoxified as honey, golden silk extract and nourish and hydrate the skin.