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Spa Avania Treatments Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch


Swedish Massage: Soothing · Rejuvenating · Classic | 60 or 90 minutes $165/$225

Our classic Swedish massage employs firm, but gentle, pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. Choose from one of our custom-blended aromatherapy oils to complete your journey to balance and relaxation.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: Therapeutic · Strong · Intense | 60 or 90 minutes $165/$225

Specifically designed by your therapist to meet the unique needs of your body, focusing on areas of discomfort to encourage natural healing responses in your body. Pressure is therapeutic and based on what the therapist is feeling in your muscles and how they respond.

Sports Massage: Specific · Alleviate · Ease | 60 or 90 minutes $165/$225

This treatment applies massage and stretching techniques to the muscles and connective tissues of the body to enhance athletic performance, avoid injuries, cool down after exertion and enhance overall performance.

Hot Stone Massage: Warming · Soothing · Earth | 60 or 90 minutes $165/$225

The most relaxing of all massages, hot stone massage is the preferred treatment for those looking to relax and relieve stress. Heated stones, used in conjunction with traditional massage techniques, create a massage experience beneficial to those who experience muscle tension, have had a musclerelated injury or are looking for the ultimate in relaxation.

Spa Reflexology: Cleansing · Soothing · Sensory | 30 or 60 minutes $85/$165

Reflexology is an ancient healing art involving the use of applied pressure techniques on corresponding reflex points of the feet and hands. Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, improved blood and nerve supply to the muscles and revitalized energy to the entire body.

Hot Herbal Poultice: Warming · Immune Boosting · Detoxifying | 60 minutes $175

The Herbal Poultice treatment originates from 14th-century Thailand. Utilizing warmed muslin poultices of Thai herbs that are steamed and applied directly to the body in a kneading action, this traditional treatment has been practiced to soothe muscle tension and stiffness on key areas. Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin. The poultice contains aromatic ginger, lemongrass, camphor and other indigenous organic Thai herbs which effectively treat sprains, sharp pain, bruises and soreness and relax tendons and ligaments.

Mother-to-Be Massage: Quiet · Comforting · Nurturing | 60 or 90 minutes $165/$225

Pregnancy massage is the prenatal use of massage therapy to support the physiological, structural and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus. Various forms of massage therapy are applied throughout pregnancy to address the physical challenges of pregnancy, giving the mother-to-be a renewed sense of body and self.

Focus Therapeutic Massage: Focused · Upper Body · Therapeutic | 30 minutes $85

Therapeutic massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders. Ease away the tension of your busy day.

Enhancements Add to any 60 minute treatment

Foot Ritual: Walk · Run · Relax | 15 minutes $35

This traditional reflexology massage therapy delivers pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet. Combined with foot massage to restore the free flow of energy throughout the body, it provides a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

Hand Massage: Text · Type · Relief | 15 minutes $35

For those whose daily work involves using their hands, wrists and arms, this massage helps reduce pain and tension in the muscles and tendons of the hands and arms while improving circulation and range of motion. Our blackberry and clove muscle balm leaves your hands and arms feeling cool, refreshed and relaxed.

Scalp Massage: Renew · Refresh · Invigorate | 15 minutes $35

Moroccanoil™, rich in argan oil, is massaged into the scalp and hair to nourish, condition and add all-over shine. It invigorates the scalp to promote healthy, smooth and shiny-looking hair.

Full Body Dry Brush | 15 minutes $35

Exfoliate the skin and stimulate vasodilation to increase the effectiveness of any service.


Hydramemory: Hydrating • Firming • Vitality | 60 minutes $165

Suitable for all skin types, this facial treatment uses Trehalose, an extract from the Agave plant. The skin will be exfoliated and deeply hydrated, leaving it softened and supple.

HydraFacial™: Exfoliating • Hydrating • Restore | 30 or 60 minutes $155/$225

This treatment offers all the benefits of the “Express HydraFacial™” combined with the use of lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy, restoring your skin to its natural beauty, leaving you feeling transformed and rejuvenated.

Active Pureness: Purifying • Cleansing • Harmony | 60 minutes $165

This purifying treatment is best for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Utilizing beta-hydroxy acids and natural extracts, this facial eliminates impurities, controls excess oil and leaves the skin clean and vibrant.

Recover Touch: Regenerating • Healing • Balance | 60 minutes $165

Designed to neutralize free-radicals and nourish the skin, this vitamin rich anti-oxidant treatment provides calming relief from environmental stress. Also minimizes inflammation, strengthens the skin’s immune system, refreshes and restores moisture, softness and elasticity. Recommended for all skin types.

Sacred Nature: Natural • Anti-Aging • Organic | 60 minutes $165

Offering an organic treatment for all skin types, this facial utilizes Butterfly Bush extract to protect the DNA of skin cells for notable anti-aging. These rich and nourishing products have been formulated in accordance with ecocert™ guidelines.

O2 Awakening: Oxygenating • Purifying • Awakening | 60 minutes $180

Infuse and decongest with O2xygen molecules that re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins to promote a fresh appearance.

C+C Vitamin: Nourishing • Anti-Aging • Drench | 60 minutes $180

Natra Bisse

Facial Enhancements

Collagen Mask: Plumping • Hydrates • Restores | $35

Eye or Lip Collagen Mask: Moisturizing • Anti-Wrinkle • Nourishing | $20

Anti-Aging or Hydrating Babor Ampoule: Stimulating • Toning • Firming | $20

Body Therapies


Marine Algae: Decongest • Detoxify • Purify | 60 minutes $180

This detoxifying treatment is the perfect combination of exfoliation, nourishment and relaxation. A rich body mask featuring a blend of three algaes helps to eliminate toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system and firm the skin. The treatment ends with a rejuvenating full body moisturizer.

Citrus Drench: Revitalizing • Nourishing • Softening | 60 minutes $180

An ideal body treatment for skin that has been damaged by the sun or by free radicals in our environment. This quintessential envelopment restores elasticity to the skin and provides an intense, deep hydration. Natural ingredients, such as Crystallized Honey, Shea Butter, Ascorbic Acid and Orange Juice, protect the skin from dryness and premature aging, providing rejuvenating and firming results from the very first session.

Sacred Nature Ritual: Full Body Treatment • Facial • Hydrating | 90 minutes $225

An organic ritual that includes a full-body exfoliation, wrap and hydrating moisturizer, as well as a facial treatment creating a whole body, anti-aging experience.

Aromatic Vichy

Energizing: Purifying • Firming • Hydrating | 60 minutes $165

Experience a water massage while a rain bar is positioned over a comfortable hydraulic table. The perfect combination when experiencing luxurious exfoliation based on your body’s natural biorhythms. Design your own signature body scrub and moisturizer.

Body Polish and Bronzing: Exfoliating • Moisturizing • Sun Kissed Glow | 45 minutes $130

Exfoliating vichy followed by South Seas™ organic spray tan.

Body Bronzing | 15 minutes $50

South Seas™ organic spray tan.


Nail Care

Avania Manicure | 30 minutes $65

Treatment begins with a relaxing hand soak followed by a luxurious hand and arm massage using whipped body cream. Includes shaping, cuticle care and polishing of the nails.

Citrus Quench Manicure | 45 minutes $75

Treatment begins with a relaxing hand soak, followed by a hand and arm massage using a Vitamin C infused cream. Includes shaping, cuticle care, a paraffin wax dip and polishing of the nails.

Shellac Manicure | 45 minutes $85

Shellac Manicure with Removal | 60 minutes $95

Avania Pedicure | 45 minutes $85

Treatment begins with a relaxing Foot Soak followed by a Sugar Scrub Exfoliation. Includes a foot and leg massage using a whipped body cream, callus removal, shaping, cuticle care and polishing of the nails.

Citrus Quench Pedicure | 60 minutes $95

Treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak, followed by a holistic honey scrub. Includes a foot and leg massage using a Vitamin C infused cream, callus removal, shaping and cuticle work. It is finished with a paraffin wax dip and polishing of the nails.

Refresh: File ∙ Buff ∙ Polish | 20 minutes $35

Shellac Removal | 15 minutes $20

Add French Polish | $10


Full Leg $75 | Half Leg $40 | Arm $40 | Underarm $30 | Eyebrow $30 | Lip $20 | Chin $20 | Bikini $40 | French Bikini $50 | Chest $50 | Back $75

Hair Care

Shampoo & Style from $55 | Women’s Haircut with Shampoo from $65 | Women’s Haircut with Shampoo & Style from $90 | Permanent Color $115 | Full Highlights $165 | Partial Highlights $135 | Gloss - add on to any Hair Service $65 | Moroccanoil™ Scalp Treatment with Paraffin Hand Treatment $100 | *Add Blow Dry $50

For Men

Gentlemen’s Manicure | 30 minutes $55

Gentlemen’s Pedicure | 45 minutes $75

Men's Haircut | $45

Moroccanoil™ Scalp Treatment with Haircut | 45 minutes $95

Himalayan Salt Room 30 Minutes - $50 individual/$90 double | Add Reflexology: 30 Minutes - $115 individual

There are multiple benefits including boosting your immune system and an ideal way to detox. Found in Eastern Europe salt mines decades ago, "halotherapy" is a therapeutic, 100% natural, non-invasive treatment. It is a method of inhaling pure, dry, micronized salt air particles. These particles reach deep into the lungs absorbing bacteria and pollutants, providing an anti-inflammatory property. Additional benefits encourage clear skin, enhanced breathing, superior endurance, deeper, more restful sleep and overall wellness.