• Spa Treatment Room in Riyadh

Sokoun Treatments at Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya


Sensual Candle Ritual SAR 700 - 90 minutes

This sensual experience offers the benefits of silky soft skin combined with the soothing effects of a massage. Our unique candle melts into warm nourishing oil with fragrant essences and elixirs and is then applied to the body. A deep, full-body massage using slow, flowing techniques dissolves stress and leaves skin satiny smooth.

Classic Swedish SAR 500 / 700 - 60 / 90 minutes

This classic massage uses gentle-to-firm pressure with kneading and gliding strokes that reflect deep-muscle techniques. This massage stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins, dissolving tension and muscular stress.

Lomi Lomi SAR 500 / 700 - 60 / 90 minutes

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage technique that heals and restores. Two identifying techniques of authentic Lomi Lomi are the rhythmic use of forearms and elbows as massage tools. This distinctive massage experience is designed to promote well-being and relaxation.

Aromatherapy SAR 500 / 700 - 60 / 90 minutes

Providing a variety of pressure-point and strong massage techniques designed to perform in synergy with the therapeutic and healing effects of pure essential oils, this sensory massage invigorates both body and mind.

Stone SAR 750 - 90 minutes

Smooth volcanic stones are warmed and used as extensions of the therapist’s hands. Enjoy the comforting sensation of penetrating heat and nourishing essential oils dissolving muscular and nervous tension.

Foot Reflexology SAR 300 / 500 - 30 / 60 minutes

Each part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet. Stimulating and massaging these reflex points activates the natural energy of the related organs, opening the body’s energy pathways and leaving guests balanced with restored clarity.

Indian Head SAR 280 - 30 minutes

Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders, this pressure-point massage technique frees the mind of stress and recaptures lost energy, all complemented by aromatic oils to nourish and restore the scalp and hair.

Release SAR 300 - 30 minutes

Designed to relieve stress and tension by concentrating on specific areas of the back, neck and shoulders, this massage can be customized for any requirements

Turkish Scrub SAR 500 - 45 minutes

This treatment is rich in minerals and trace elements saturated with oils of eucalyptus, lavender and botanical elixirs. An invigorating salt scrub is followed by a loofah scrub shower to restore energy and leave guests glowing

Herbal Polish SAR 500 - 45 minutes

Chamomile extracts are infused in a nourishing crème base with volcanic pumice that lifts away skin impurities. A shower with our gentle chamomile body wash will leave the driest and most sensitive skin soft and silky smooth

Moor Mud Wrap SAR 600 - 60 minutes

This revitalizing European therapy uses authentic moor mud to heal, soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and dull skin. Black organic mud is rich in thermal water, derived minerals and trace elements that help purify the body.

Aromatic Essential Oil Wrap SAR 600 - 60 minutes

A luxurious full body application of aromatherapy oils and balms with mineral-rich body crème relieves muscle tension, promotes detoxification and boosts skin hydration

Traditional Moroccan Hammam SAR 400 - 45 minutes

This traditional hammam deep cleanses the body using gentle steam, traditional black soap and a Moroccan kese mitt to eliminate dead skin and impurities.

Rhassoul Hammam SAR 700 - 90 minutes

Beginning with a deep-cleansing Moroccan black soap and full-body exfoliation with a kese mitt, an aromatic Rhassoul body and facial mask is followed by a hot steam to activate the cleansing and nourishing effects of the mask. Hair is shampooed and conditioned, and then a massage of the body and scalp with ultra-nourishing oil offers a superb conclusion to this experience.

Caviar Ultimate SAR 800 - 90 minutes

This ultimate age-defying facial intensely hydrates the skin with protein-rich caviar and powerful marine antioxidants. These highly active products visibly lift, smooth and firm facial contours, while a marine bio-matrix sheet infuses active moisturizers to promote even tone. This facial experience is enhanced with a specified eye treatment, stress-releasing shoulder massage and lower arm and hand treatment.

Advanced Repair SAR 600/ 800 - 60 / 90 minutes

Targeting specific skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, congestion, fine lines and premature aging, this facial uses vitamin C, which is renowned for its ability to strengthen skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production and repair sun damage. A spirulina algae mask rich in proteins and vitamins will illuminate and firm the skin.

Brightening SAR 600/ 800 - 60 / 90 minutes

This facial is designed to address skin brightening, whitening and clarity. An exfoliating multi-acid and enzymatic peel brightens and evens out skin tone, a deep-cleansing facial massage promotes circulation and a unique cooling rice mask restores skin’s brilliance.

Calming Detox SAR 600 - 60 minutes

This deep-cleansing facial is for congested, oily and problematic skin types. Beginning with a professional multi-acid enzymatic peel, extractions are followed by an effervescent purifying and healing mask. A deep-draining massage of the neck, shoulders and face will detoxify and decongest.

Refresh SAR 400 - 30 minutes

Revive a tired complexion with a facial cleanse, exfoliation and specified mask to reawaken and reveal skin clarity.

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