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Nagomi Spa & Fitness Treatments & Nails at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

swedish 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥26,000

This long-established therapy applies slow pressure and long gliding strokes to relieve muscle tension and relax the body. The treatment promotes increased energy levels and improved blood circulation while relieving muscular aches and pains.

aroma 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥26,000

A gentle massage with vital point stimulation to encourage lymphatic drainage and enhance blood circulation. An aroma infusion with your own selection of oil blend, provides an absolute sensory journey.

nagomi 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥26,000

An original experience based on deep-tissue techniques blended with the nagomi signature yuzu and ginger massage oil. Increases circulation and relieves muscle tension.

acu-pressure 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥26,000

A traditional Japanese massage technique using thumb and palm pressure applied along energy meridians to relieve deep muscle tension and improve vitality.

tension relief 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥24,000

The application of slow, intense strokes against the grain of the muscles, and a aromatic herbal cream work to penetrate deeply into the body to ease tight muscles, release stress, and heal physical and emotional tensions.

hot stone 90 minutes ¥27,000

Smooth, heated volcanic stones are applied to the body in a manner that restores and renews the muscles and soothes the mind. The heat from the stones radiates deep into the body to restore energy to tired, sore muscles.

slimming 60 minutes ¥24,000

Strong, constant strokes combined with a blend of highly active serums and oils concentrate on cellulite-affected areas to promote circulation to instantly tone and firm skin and visibly reduce cellulite.

focused 30 minutes ¥12,000

Designed to address localized tension, this custom treatment is ideal for relaxing after a long flight. Select from scalp, back, legs or hands.

add-ons bath ritual

30 minutes ¥10,000

*Prices are subject to tax and a 15% service charge.
*Prices are effective from April 1 2020 and subject to change without prior notice.

advanced facials

Energize. Lift. Transform.
The high performance K-Lift age-management system integrates the strength of three modalities of energy — light, kinetic and magnetic — which work in harmony with the body’s natural energy to target the underlying causes and factors associated with aging. The K-Lift approach targets all layers of the skin to provide instant, visible results.

Lifts and tones
Increases collagen production
Reduces lines and smoothes wrinkles
Provides younger, healthier-looking skin

youth accelerator 60 minutes ¥25,000

Transform skin with this modern age-management treatment. Includes a deepcleansing and multi-acid fruit peel for the face and neck. LED red light and impulse micro-current therapy helps renew cell function to younger levels and triggers DNA regeneration and cell repair. Treatment concludes with the infusion of essential nutrients into the deep layers of the skin using cutting-edge transdermal delivery technology

advanced lifting 90 minutes ¥30,000

Take skin to the next level of transformation in this ultimate age-management experience. Includes all the benefits of the Youth Accelerator facial plus the benefit of LED red light and impulse micro-current therapy.

express treatments 30 minutes each ¥12,000

express lift
express eyes or lips
transdermal therapy


caviar 90 minutes ¥28,000

A decadent, luxurious facial using protein-rich caviar and powerful antioxidants to firm, tone, refine and deeply hydrate the skin. Exclusive caviar products infuse the skin with age-defying nutrients to smooth fine lines and improve texture. Results are immediate, leaving skin looking supple, healthy and luminescent.

brighten 90 minutes ¥25,000

This anti-aging facial uses ingredients brimming with antioxidants and features an application of nourishing spirulina algae to combat premature aging, lighten skin and provide a healthy glow. Includes a contour lifting massage, a vitamin C infusion and a hydrating hand treatment. Skin becomes visibly radiant.

nagomi 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥24,000

Cleansing and skin-renewing elements increase skin clarity and texture in this signature facial treatment. High performance ingredients promote skin elasticity and a luxurious facial massage releases tension and smoothes skin. Includes a head and shoulder massage. The 90 min facial also includes a foot massage.

anti-age 60 minutes ¥20,000

Restore youthfulness to skin with this special treatment designed to combat signs of aging. Tailored to individual needs, this facial treatment combines results-oriented ingredients and techniques, including rich collagen, to instantly tighten, tone and plump skin.

pure 60 minutes ¥18,000

A bespoke experience based on personal skincare needs, this facial treatment purifies skin with results-oriented ingredients and techniques to meet individual skincare goals. A deep cleanse unclogs pores and hydrates the skin.

refresh 30 minutes ¥11,000

An express facial ideal after a long flight or for those on the go, this treatment refines and remineralizes skin to rejuvenate and energize.

add-ons k-lift

30 minutes ¥3,000
Add k-lift to any of the above facials to increase results for toned and tighter skin. *The K-Lift age-management system integrates the strength of three modalities of energy — light, kinetic and magnetic — which work in harmony to target the underlying causes associated with aging.

*Prices are subject to tax and a 15% service charge.
*Prices are effective from April 1 2020 and subject to change without prior notice.

slim & tone 90 minutes ¥27,000

Refine and firm body contours and re-energize the body. An exclusive dry-brush technique exfoliates the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation. Nutrient-rich algae is applied to the body followed by a deeply relaxing head massage. An exclusive slimming massage and a serum with ginger and caffeine help to activate lipolysis. Cool compresses complete the firming experience, while a multivitamin firming cream hydrates and brightens.
Recommended as a series of five treatments for optimal results

hydrate & renew 90 minutes ¥27,000

A perfect treatment to replenish and soothe dry skin and restore equilibrium. Following skin brushing and exfoliation, a warmed blend of essential oils and a deeply nourishing body cream are applied and the body wrapped. The treatment finishes with an application of a rich body lotion leaving the skin soft and radiant.

detox & cleanse 60 minutes ¥21,000 | 90 minutes ¥27,000

This unique experience combines the ancient traditions of the East with Europeaninspired detoxifying aromatherapy products. An exfoliation using thermal salt, rich in minerals and trace elements, is combined with essential oils to soften and smooth skin. The 90-minute treatment also includes a full body mud wrap.

add-ons bath ritual

30 minutes ¥10,000

intensive hair repair

30 minutes ¥8,000

nagomi for men HOMMAGE

Ideal for the modern day gentleman, our exclusive range of Hommage treatments offer bespoke experiences to complement lifestyles and transcend the everyday.

hommage age defense facial 60 minutes ¥20,000

The ultimate in skin maintenance, a personalized facial to minimize pores, diminish fine lines and brighten tired complexions. Hands and feet are cleansed, exfoliated and massaged, while our signature face, neck and shoulder massage will induce deep relaxation.

tonic massage 60 minutes ¥20,000 | 90 minutes ¥26,000

Tension-relieving massage delivered with strong, concentrated pressure. Increases blood flow and circulation to ease stiffness from stress, sports and travel.

hommage face and body grooming ritual 90 minutes ¥25,000

Be perfectly groomed from head-to-toe with this ultimate face & body grooming ritual by hommage, designed to pamper, soothe and indulge the most discerning gentleman. The treatment will commence with the relaxing hommage ‘back facial’, followed by a full body massage and completed with the hommage age defense mini-facial.

*Prices are subject to tax and a 15% service charge.
*Prices are effective from April 1 2020 and subject to change without prior notice.

natural care hands 45min ¥6,000 | feet 60min ¥9,000

Nails are revived with this hand-grooming treatment for a natural and clean look. Feet natural care includes callus removal.

nail polish hands 60min ¥7,000 | feet 75min ¥10,000

Revive your nails by adding a splash of color. Feel free to consult with the technician about colors to complement skin tone or to inquire about this season's trends.

shellac hands dry care 45min ¥8,000 water care 60min ¥10,000 | feet 75min ¥12,000

This gel and polish hybrid treatment offers the look of traditional nail polish butwith the benefits of chip-free color that lasts for up to two weeks.

gel hands 90min ¥12,000 | feet 90min ¥14,000

Treat your nails to chip-free gel coloring that lasts for approximately two to three weeks. Gel nails are ideal for people who wish to enjoy nail art. The add-on menu includes specialized art and custom designs to showcase your style with a look tailored only for you.

sculpture nail extension (hands only) hands 150min ¥20,000

Add length to nails for more graceful and radiant looking fingertips. After a detailed consultation on nail length, shape and design preference, the extensions are sculpted onto the natural nail bed using your choice of hard gel or acrylics. It is concludes with a single color application or a tailored design from the add-on menu.

hommage hand grooming hands 45min ¥6,000

Nails are shaped, buffed and cuticles softened and trimmed. Hands & forearms are exfoliated, followed by a reflexology massage that relieves stress and pain.

hommage foot grooming feet 60min ¥10,000

Cuticles and hardened heels are softened and perfected with an exfoliation, and nails immaculately shaped and buffed. Tired soles are transformed with our intensive foot, ankle and calf massage.

foot care (add on) feet 15min ¥3,000

Calluses are softened and gently buffed away. Add this foot care option and groom and smooth your feet to complement your nail polish, shellac and gel.

add on

matte or hard gel top coat

per nail ¥100


per nail ¥200

french, marbling

per nail ¥300

custom design, hand paint inquire 3D art

each ¥1,000~

crystals, stones, decals

each ¥100~

nail repair

each ¥1,000~

paraffin wax treatment

15min ¥3,000

AII treatments include filing, cuticle care, cuticle oil application and cream hydration. Feet treatments include foot bath.

*For design nails, additional treatment time may be necessary.
*Treatment time may vary depending on the length and condition of the nails.

*Prices are subject to tax and a 15% service charge.
*Prices are effective from April 1 2020 and subject to change without prior notice.