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Promotion Lumi Spa & Fitness

To celebrate the opening of Ocelas Spa, a new and prestigious contemporary lifestyle destination, special gifts will be given.
- Period: staring from January 1, 2022

* Limited to once per person
* The number of special gifts are limited. Stocks may run out quickly.


1) Guests who enjoy Ocelas Spa and purchase retail products
- For first 30 guests
- Gift: Amore Pacific’s “PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Program (5ml x 3)"


2) Guests who enjoy Bamford Spa programs
- For first 50 guests
- Gift: Pillow Mist 50ml + Body Wash 100ml + Body Lotion 100ml + Pebble Soap 40g


3) Guests who purchase more than KRW 100,000 of Bamford products
- For first 20 guests
- Gift: Green Weekender Shampoo 50ml + Conditioner 50ml + Body Wash 50ml + Body Lotion 50ml


4) Guests who purchase Bamford products (no limit on amount)
- For first 50 guests
- Gift: one 50ml amenity (randomly selected Shampoo or Conditioner)