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Fang Quan Spa Packages at Hyatt Regency Jinan

Suan - Balancing Journey

2 hours - CNY 1000 

Healing green and white tea leaves combine with gentle soothing massage to leave the body fresh and relaxed, qi balanced and mind happy.

Tea Leaf Scrub

Swedish Massage

Tian - Calming Journey

2 hours - CNY 1150

Relax into a soothing dream of juicy berries blended with gentle massage to free the mind, relieve any tensions, and allow a graceful return to city life.

Cranberry Pomegranate Facial

Calming Fang Quan Massage

Ku - Detoxifying Journey

3 hours - CNY 1550

Cleanse the skin, get deep muscle relief and thoroughly refresh the face. These treatments put the focus on purity to unlock stress and detoxify from the inside out.

Pomegranate Detox Exfoliation

Tui Na Massage and Gua Sha

Pumpkin Facial

La - Rejuventing Journey

3 hours - CNY 1680

Nourishing blood and replenishing qi, these treatments remove blockages within the body to invigorate the mind and leave you fully reenergized.

Goji Date Rejuvenation Wrap

Rejuvenating Hot Stone Massage

Papaya Rejuvenating Facial