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Club Olympus Spa Packages at Hyatt Regency Mainz

The exclusive Day Spa is a modern spa paradise with luxurious facilities at Hyatt Regency Mainz. There is an indoor swimming pool, a jetted tub, a Finnish sauna and a Turkish steam bath.

Unwind and leave all your worries behind! Enjoy one of the cosmetic treatments at our spa, or relax with a massage tailored to your individual needs. There is something for everybody.


Romantic Break for Two

Treat yourself and your loved one to an hour-long pampering session in our couples treatment room this Valentine's Day. You can choose from the following relaxation offers: 


  • A facial tailored to your needs, or
  • a massage ritual including a revitalizing foot bath, or
  • a stimulating honey full body peeling.


All treatments last 45 minutes and also include an eye pad mask. In the remaining 15 minutes we serve you Meenzer Tapas (small rolls with Spundekäse) and a glass of sparkling wine or white wine.  Use of the spa area for up to three hours is also included.


Price per person: € 99 

Bookable from February 11 - 28, 2023


Bachelorette Wellness Party

Make the bride feel special and plan a special kind of bachelorette party in our spa. An exclusive pampering program among girlfriends awaits you; the ideal preparation for the wedding, which is guaranteed to be remembered.

After a sparkling wine to welcome you, you will be able to assemble your individual wellness program according to your needs. Choose from our extensive range of cosmetic and wellness treatments. Our offer includes relaxing massages, gentle facial treatments, a nourishing manicure or pedicure and more. We are happy to consult with you in person.


Your appointment

Book our Spa Rituals by contacting the Club Olympus Spa & Fitness team via telephone +49 6131 731 1998 or via e-mail to clubolympus.mainz@hyatt.com. Please note that we need at least a 7 days lead time for your appointment request.


Cancellation Policy

Treatment appointments can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance at no additional cost. If canceled up to 12 hours in advance, 50% of the total amount will be charged. In case of no-show without prior cancellation, 100% of the total amount will be charged.





The Business Facial Express provides relaxation and care for all skin types. Skin cleansing, special peeling, eyebrow correction, brief cleansing, face mask and day care all lead to a radiant complexion in no time at all.

PURE AQUA FACIAL 60 minutes | €100

This non-invasive, innovative and effective treatment smooths imperfections, fine lines and pigment spots and reduces pores. It is especially recommended if you suffer from impure, dry or hyperpigmented skin. The treatment includes skin cleansing, skin analysis, eyebrow correction, an aqua lift pack and the application of day care.


This is a way to declare war on wrinkles — without surgery or causing damage to the skin's surface. It includes manual skin cleansing, skin analysis, enzymatic peeling, eyebrow correction (classic or warm wax technique), an active ingredient ampoule, a deluxe lifting mask and final skin care product .

CARBON FACIAL DELUXE 90 minutes | €145

This treatment is intended for large-pored and impure skin types and includes manual skin cleansing, skin analysis, enzymatic peeling, eyebrow correction (classic or warm wax technique), cleansing, an active ingredient ampoule, a deluxe lifting mask and final skin care product . Finally, we will pamper you with a head, neck and shoulder massage.


You get to choose from: hyaluronic acid, a vitamin cocktail containing vitamins A and E, aloe vera, collagen, liposomes — there is something for every skin type. We will be happy to advice you.

MEN'S FACIAL 45 minutes | €80

The treatment is intended for all male skin types and includes cleansing of the skin, skin analysis, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, an active ingredient ampoule, a massage, an eye and face mask and gentle final care from the men's series. At the end, you will receive a detox tea or a drink intended for men.


This treatment includes all the services of the Men's Facial as well as a special beard pack and high-quality beard care oil.



Use of Club Olympus on the day of the treatment is included for treatments of €120 or more. If the amount is lower, the spa can be used upon request for the special price of €15.


This peeling ensures that dead skin cells are removed, leaving the skin smooth and radiant. The different aromas (essential oils) have a clear effect on the central nervous system, above all influencing mood and caring for the skin. They can be both calming and stimulating. The smell creates a sensory stimulus that triggers emotions and memories and influences various bodily functions. Creaming your body, a shower and a short aromatic oil massage complete this treatment.


This treatment offers the best full body peel and massage. Pleasant scents, a soft light, feel-good warmth and intensive care for the skin — all this is offered by our special organic massage candles. The composition of high-quality waxes and oils can be used directly as a massage agent for the treatment when warm and liquid, creating a special treatment experience.

BODY WRAP 45 minutes | €75

This method is an optimal aid against sagging skin. The concept of body wraps originally comes from compression therapy to treat edema and water retention. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, including very delicate and sensitive skin. It has a detoxifying, nourishing and protective effect on the skin.


Use of Club Olympus on the day of the treatment is included for treatments of €120 or more. If the amount is lower, the spa can be used upon request for the special price of €15.

CLASSIC HAND MASSAGE 20 minutes | €25

People who put a lot of strain on their hands every day can benefit from a hand massage. This massage stimulates blood circulation in the hands, making them more supple. In addition, the muscles are relaxed and the skin is cared for.

CLASSIC FOOT MASSAGE 20 minutes | €30

Rarely have your feet felt so good! An extensive oil foot massage offers the perfect opportunity to pamper stressed feet and relax the whole body at the same time.


The Pressure Point Foot Massage directs stimuli to the corresponding organs, muscles and joints via the nervous system. These are positively influenced, the body is better supplied with blood and the balance between supply and disposal is restored. Self-healing powers are activated, and relaxation is promoted so that energy can flow through your body better.


This treatment delivers fast, medically approved foot care for healthy feet. It includes a salt foot bath, nail shaping, work on cuticles, callus removal and the application of cream on the legs and feet. Nails can be painted for an additional fee.

MEDISPA FOOT CARE 60 minutes | €85

This treatment delivers medically approved foot care for aesthetic purposes. After a flower foot bath, the nails are cut and filed, cuticles are corrected or removed and calluses and / or corns are treated. After a foot mask, you will experience a soothing foot massage. On request, the nails can be painted at no extra charge.

BUSINESS MANICURE 30 minutes | €35

Have beautiful hands in no time. This cosmetic hand care includes cutting and filing the fingernails, removing dead cuticles, polishing the nails and applying hand lotion. Nails can be painted for an additional fee.

DELUXE MANICURE 60 minutes | €85

This pampering program for the hands consists of a hand bath, hand and nail care, peeling, nail shaping and polishing, cuticle treatment, a hand mask and a hand and forearm massage. Upon request, nails can be painted at no extra charge.

Use of Club Olympus on the day of the treatment is included for treatments of €120 or more. If the amount is lower, the spa can be used upon request for the special price of €15.

AROMA RITUAL MASSAGE 60 / 90 minutes | €130 / €160

This treatment guarantees pure relaxation for body and soul. At the beginning of the ritual you decide which pure, powerful and effective essential oil you would like to be massaged with. The essential oil you have chosen is then used for a foot bath. Then enjoy a soothing full-body massage, during which your arms, legs, feet and hands as well as your head, face and back are gently massaged. The essential oils go deep under the skin and spread through the nerve tracts and the bloodstream. Stress levels drop, and typical symptoms like anxiety, restlessness and sleep problems are alleviated. A final Ayurvedic tea completes the treatment and ensure pure relaxation.

SPORTS MASSAGE 25 minutes | €55

A sports massage is a special type of massage that is tailored to athletes and people who play sports. The aim of this classic massage is to create rest and relaxation for the entire body. During a sports massage, specific muscle groups are deliberately worked on in order to increase performance or reduce aches and pains. A sports massage is ideal after training or undertaking physical exertion.

BACK, NECK & SHOULDER 45 minutes | €89

In this back, neck and shoulder massage, medium pressure promotes energy flow, relieves tension and improves concentration.

CLUB OLYMPUS MASSAGE 60 minutes | €99

This individual massage is performed by experienced therapists using various massage techniques. It relieves tension and leads to a lasting feel-good effect. It can also be carried out as an Ayurveda, a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or as a pregnancy massage.

Use of Club Olympus on the day of the treatment is included for treatments of €120 or more. If the amount is lower, the spa can be used upon request for the special price of €15.

Bamboo Massage 35/60 minutes | €95/180

This wellness treatment uses bamboo sticks to create a lasting feeling of relaxation. The regeneration and loosening of hardened muscles are also positive effects.

Honey Peeling Ritual 45 minutes | €90

This stimulating skin-peeling treatment contains a combination of honey and herbs, blossoms or sand, as it cleans, invigorates and refines the pores of the skin. The scrub gently removes dead skin cells. The active ingredients in honey can penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their numerous positive effects over the longterm.

Thermo Spa Full Body Mask 45 minutes | €99

A healing earth mask suiting your skin type is applied to the entire surface of your body with a soft brush. You will then be wrapped in a thermal blanket. This creates a soothing warmth. The skin detoxifies and the body relaxes.

Wellness With Wine: Vino Ritual 60 minutes | €135

This ritual guarantees pure relaxation for body and soul. A soothing foot bath with red wine and Christmas spices starts this luxurious treatment. Afterwards, enjoy a full-body massage with grape seed oil, known for its antioxidant effects. Arms, legs, feet and hands as well as head, face and back are massaged. Finally, the excess oil is gently removed with orange-water compresses. A mulled wine (with or without alcohol) completes the treatment.

The offers are valid until 14 February 2023. When booking one of our winter offers, the use of the spa area with swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool and fitness centre is included in the price.

To make a booking, please contact our Club Olympus team on +49 6131 7311998 or email clubolympus.mainz@hyatt.com.

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