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Treatments at Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro

Atiaia Signature 60min / 90min

Dynamic body massage that combines kneading, percussion, effleurage, acupressure and draining maneuvers together with our exclusive Atiaia oil blend, bringing complete body reinvigoration.

Relaxing 60min / 90min

Composed of synchronized rhythms as a melody, this body massage uses harmonious stroking movements with hands and forearms to promote deep relaxation and wellness.

Deep Tissue 60min / 90min

Inspired by the strength and depths of the oceans, this body massage penetrates the deep layers of the muscles to alleviate tensions caused by stress or physical activities.

Lymph Drainage 60min / 90min

Body massage consisting of gentle and precise strokes intended to stimulate the elimination of liquids, toxins and edemas.

Hot Stones 90min

Named after one of Rio de Janeiro’s most visited mountains, this body massage uses hot stones and hands for relaxing strokes.

Inspired 90min

Inspired by shiatsu and its principles of energy circulation, this body massage integrates a variety of oriental techniques that promote a state of balance of body and mind.

Latitude / Jet Lag 30min

Designed to bring relief and instant relaxation to tensions caused by stress of our daily routine, this back and legs massage is also indicated to help prepare the body and mind to cope with long distance travelling ahead or quickly recover after one.

Reflexology 30min

A tribute to the typical Brazilian dance of gracious and enchanting movements, this treatment uses acupressure on areas of the feet that reflect regions of the entire body.

Head Massage 30min

Named after a sacred headdress, Cocar gives complete relaxation with a massage applied on the entire head besides moisturizing and stimulating the scalp with the use of pure coconut oil.

Restorative 60min

Ultra restorative and rejuvenating treatment stimulating skin repair with collagen and vitamin C properties, smoothening fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging 60min

Treatment rich in oxygenating nutrients that stimulate the replacement of collagen and elastin, preventing factors involved in skin aging and giving a healthy appearance to the skin.

Moisturizing 60min

Moisturizing treatment of intense nutrition that promotes hydric balance of the skin and strengthens the natural system of skin protection.

Illuminating 60min

Illuminating and brightening treatment with Vitamin C and elements that rescue skin uniformity and vitality.

Deep Cleansing 90min

Treatment that ensures skin cleanliness, oxygenation and purification. This treatment consists of skin preparation, manual extraction, steam, mask and moisturizing.

Facial Masks 30min

Express facial treatment with cleansing, exfoliation and masks that promote skin: Detox: to balance and eliminate toxins. Reinvigoration: to give freshness and exuberance. Calming: to bring comfort and decrease edemas

Eye Contour 15min

Treatment aimed to keep the youthfulness to the skin around the eyes, minimizing signs of aging such as dark circles and wrinkles. To be added to any facial treatment.

Sapucaí Reductor 90min

A tribute to the famous venue that hosts the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Sapucaí is a treatment with reductive massage and body wrap that promotes metabolic acceleration and reverses the oxidative processes providing immediate results on reduction of local fat and cellulite.

Amazon Detox 90min

Ideal treatment to balance the metabolism, with elements of green mud that helps the circulatory system eliminate toxins and liquids.

Tropical Renovation 90min

Scrubbing and moisturizing treatment that uses relaxing strokes with Brazilian fruit ingredients to promote smoothness to the body’s skin.

Marapendi Therapeutical Bath 15min

Inspired by the lake that surrounds the Spa, the Marapendi treatment is a delicate individual ritual elaborated to complement any other treatment in the menu. Sixteen water jets and a delightful aroma will stimulate the immune system, improving circulation, decreasing the sensation of pain and promoting deep relaxation.

Rituals for Men

Renovating 90min

Treatment with body scrub and moisturizing massage that releases stress of day to day life and renovates the skin.

Sports 90min

Deep tissue body massage that relieves muscular aches and a calming facial treatment.

Head and feet 60min

Relaxing head and foot massage that releases tensions and gives vitality back to the body.

Grand Experiences

Bossa Nova 1h45

Foot washing by Granado + Melodia massage + Samba massage + Juice Ideal for couples.

Joatinga 2h30

Foot Washing by Granado + Body scrub + Reduction Massage + Illuminating Facial Treatment + Detox Tea. Ideal for friends or mother and daughter.

Carioca 3h

Foot Washing by Granado + Body Scrub + Marapendi Therapeutical Bath + Atiaia Massage + Moisturizing Facial Treatment + Eye Contour Treatment + Sparkling Wine or Non Alcoholic Drink. Ideal for Bride or Groom.