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Agua Serena Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Indian Wells


serena custom therapy 50 | 80 minutes

Designed to suit your needs. Reduces muscle tension with medium to deep pressure.

flowing palms swedish 50 | 80 minutes

Long flowing strokes focus on relaxation with light to medium pressure.

reflexology 25 | 50 minutes

Designed to relieve tension and improve circulation. Provides relaxation in hands and feet with pressure point work with light to medium pressure.

mom-to-be 50 minutes

Focus on comfort while laying down on body support pillows. Experience special techniques with light to medium pressure.

serena sleep 80 minutes

Deep sleep like relaxation with rhythmic flow & marma point therapy. Includes a cocoon wrap.

athletic restoration 50 | 80 minutes

Relieves discomfort from lactic acid build up using cross fiber muscular technique & stretching with medium to deep pressure.

traditional thai 50 | 80 minutes

Active and energizing treatment that leaves you relaxed. Therapists use their hands, knees, legs and feet to stretch your muscles with muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure techniques. Performed on a Thai floor mat, guest must dress in loose comfortable clothing.

desert hot stone 50 | 80 minutes

Melts away muscle tension and stress with heated stones used as massage tools and placed on tight muscles of the body with medium pressure.

deep tissue muscle melt massage 50 | 80 minutes

Therapeutic work focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and chronic muscle tension using hands, forearms and elbow techniques with deep pressure.

warm fusion massage 50 | 80 minutes

A great introduction into two combined massages with hot stones and custom therapy massage with medium to deep pressure.

targeted tension relief 25 minutes

Loosens chronically tight areas with targeted stress relief for head, neck and shoulders with medium pressure.

massage enhancements

petite facial in tandem 25 minutes (available in treatments 50 minutes or longer)
back warmer with hot stones no extra time
aromatherapy no extra time
hand and foot salt exfoliation and hydration 15 minutes
nurturing scalp treatment 15 minutes
serena bath soak 30 minutes Includes choice of bath salts
eucalyptus hot towel sinus relief with marma therapy no extra time

serena skin specifics 50 | 80 minutes

Managing the ecosystem of skin can present challenges for all skin types. Correction and repair are essential to creating a sustainable healthy appearance. Customized steps of cleansing, mask, massage and hydration will leave skin renewed. Includes a hand massage in the 50-minute treatment and a deeper cleanse and foot massage in the 80-minute experience.

opulence serena style 110 minutes

Opulence is for everyone. The universal characteristics of vibrant skin allow you to target multiple concerns in this treatment for a deeper, richer experience with visible differences to skin texture. A skin resurfacer and firming enzyme mask paired with a luxurious marma point therapy of the face, scalp and décolleté will leave you in an idyllic state of mind. Hand and foot massage with heated mittens and booties included. This treatment works for the most delicate skin to sun damaged, aging, pigmented or acne prone.

age prevention and restoration 50 | 80 minutes

Peptides stimulate, repair and build the integrity of the skin while plant stem cells protect and rejuvenate, providing a wellspring of nutrients to nourish a healthy complexion with visibly smoother texture and tension. This will assist in plumping wrinkles and lifting and firming the skin.

sun and pigment repair 50 | 80 minutes

Vitamin C, essential to life, is a natural source of sun protection, UV damage repair and a powerful agent of anti-oxidation. Additionally, Vitamin A, licorice root extract, Kojic acid and other melanin inhibiting peptides work to lighten darkened areas and provide lasting skin lightening effects from hormonal and photo ageing.

age defying fruit enzyme glow 50 | 80 minutes

Fruit and vegetable enzymes, such as papaya and pumpkin, renew and resurface skin. This anti-aging treatment enlivens skin without the harsh side effects of a chemical peel. Hand and arm massage and extractions included (80-minute treatment includes a specialty firming and tightening mask).

deluxe hydrafacial 25 | 50 | 80 minutes

The ultimate facial experience, a non-invasive, painless procedure that delivers instant improvement in skin appearance. While using a double helix-like vacuuming action to exfoliate then infuse with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Improves fine lines, wrinkles, pores, acne and hypo-pigmentation.

clarifying back balancer 25 minutes

Restore balance, radiance and smoothness for this large skin surface. Exfoliate and purify your back while decongesting pores and helping control excessive oil production while removing impurities.

petite preservation 25 minutes

This refreshing facial will address basic skin care needs. Our esthetician will analyze your skin type and focus on key concerns while cleansing, applying a mask and hydrating the skin. Ideal for those with limited time.
*Some facials require limited to no sun exposure after treatment, please see Spa Concierge for more information.

facial enhancements 15 minutes

Hand and Foot Exfoliation
Ice Globe
Scalp massage

No extra time needed
Eucalyptus towel relief
Eye treatment

cactus and date scrub 50 | 80 minutes

Indigenous to the desert, Nopal Cactus and Medjool Dates have been used medicinally for centuries for their healing properties. These two powerful desert botanicals blended with sage, grapefruit and juniper create an energizing experience. Enjoy a cactus and date sugar exfoliation followed by a hydrating cactus and date moisturizer application.
(light massage included in the 80-minute treatment)

exfoliating body brightening glow 50 | 80 minutes

Enjoy an invigorating full body scrub that stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system. Your skin will be refreshed with an organic body polish, followed by an outdoor shower to remove the exfoliant. Next a relaxing massage finished with a hydrating body lotion that will leave your skin bright and supple.
Choose from the following scents: Coconut Creme, Citrus Fresh, Lavender/Chamomile and Moroccan Mint.

detoxifying mud wrap 50 | 80 minutes

This detoxifying body wrap delivers strong healing and purifying properties with intensely active marine mud, which will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn deep from within. The feel of the digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid feel like you are laying in champagne and being surrounded by the effervescing bubbles. Black sand and pumice stone are used to exfoliate the skin and prepare it for a body massage with a complexion enhancing blend. Awake to a refreshing shower and final application of nourishing body cream.

agave nectar hydrating wrap 80 minutes

Rejuvenate dehydrated skin with agave nectar infused aromatherapy oil. A whipped honey scrub exfoliates, and a humectant honey balm softens and calms. Sweet almond cream lotion application completes the experience, making it ideal for hydrating and repairing dry skin.

ultimate body quench 80 minutes

In this unique body treatment, you will first be exfoliated with a body mitt. This will prepare the skin to be covered in vitamin E oil for its healing, anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. Your massage therapist will then ladle and smooth warm paraffin onto your skin, lay you back into a warm puddle of paraffin and allow you to luxuriate in the heated wax. You will then be comfortably wrapped while your therapist performs a scalp massage allowing time for head to toe rejuvenation while your skin drinks in the vitamin oil.

body treatment enhancements

nurturing scalp treatment 15 minutes
serena bath soak 30 minutes
Includes choice of bath salts, champagne, candles and travel sized lotion
eucalyptus hot towel sinus relief with marma therapy no extra time

floatation therapy A luxurious way to soothe and relax the body- soothing by removing light, sound and gravity, allowing your mind a calm that is unparalleled to any other environment; healing with mineral-rich waters, infused with 1000 pounds of therapeutic salt. The magnesium sulphate in the salt provides immense relief and helps to ease soreness from tense muscles, leading to better recovery from activity or fatigue. Floating promotes overall wellness, including lasting tranquility, euphoric relaxation, and heightened creative thought as it calms brain waves, liberating the draining energy of everyday stress. Those who incorporate flotation therapy in their wellness routine report an array of positive short-term and long-lasting benefits:

• relieves stress
• promotes intense relaxation
• detoxifies the system
• releases endorphins – the body’s natural happy drug
• regulates sleep patterns – simulates hours of sleep
• relieves old injuries (especially back and neck)
• eases arthritis pain and stiffness
• increases circulation and energy levels
• improves the condition of the skin leaving it soft and supple
• improves concentration
• promotes creativity and imagination
• beneficial during pregnancy
• promising results in reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels
Around for decades, floatation treatment is now enjoying a widespread resurgence in sports therapy, spa lifestyles, and wellness. Rediscover this ancient secret to heal your body, mind and soul.