Hummingbird Coffee Company

Featuring locally roasted Stay Golden coffee, this venue pays tribute to the L&N “Hummingbird” luxury passenger train that rolled through the Nashville Yards in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. In addition to a coffee house selection of drinks, Hummingbird features a variety of grab-and-go items like salads, sandwiches, assorted beverages and snacks, plus a delightful selection of pastries, muffins and sweet treats from our in-house artisans.  Hummingbird is accessible from both the hotel Lobby as well as the outdoor boardwalk of the 18-acre Nashville Yards development.


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Enjoy our selection of curated and unique Nashville food and craft items. Carefully selected from top local artisans, we bring the best of Nashville to you.

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Grange Dining Hall

Nashville Grange

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Nashville Grange is located on the Lobby Level and features incredible views of famed Broadway, nearby Union Station and the vibrant, surrounding city.  A stylish yet casual venue, The Nashville Grange is inspired by the comforts and bounty of the farmstead and the agrarian legacy of the region.  Our “Tennessee to table” menu offers only the highest quality ingredients and allows visitors and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy unique southern flavors with a modern twist. A beautiful dining hall is complemented by a bar and open kitchen concept, all of which combine for a lively and memorable dining experience.  The Nashville Grange is accessible from both the hotel Lobby as well as the outdoor boardwalk of the 18-acre Nashville Yards development.
Lobby Lounge


Aurum elevates the lobby lounge experience and is the ideally located in the heart of the hotel’s Lobby Level.  A gilded space for people to gather, dine, and- like gold- shine, Aurum offers specialized craft cocktails, local brews- including a locally sourced and signature label golden ale- plus an upscale menu of small bites and local flavors.  Luxury meets industry in this inspired space that is a place to be seen.
Bar Couple


Grand Hyatt Nashville’s signature dining experience, located on the Lobby Level of the hotel, will feature a reimagined take on continental cuisine and classic American fare.  According to Chef Brock, “The idea is to truly embrace and be inspired by the original great American hotel restaurants, to invigorate the spirit of those historic dishes.  This will be a place for diners to share a satisfying and leisurely meal together, host a power lunch, or partake in celebration. The restaurant will embody the idea of a celebratory attitude towards eating out, no matter the occasion.”  More information coming soon.


Inspired by legendary Louisville & Nashville rail lines that passed directly through the site of the Grand Hyatt for over a century, Lou|Na’s spelling and pronunciation also evoke the Latin word for “moon”.  And you will feel like the moon is within reach from this stunning rooftop venue that features indoor and outdoor seating, entertainment and breathtaking views of Nashville and beyond.  Serving the finest in both beverage and culinary creations, Lou|Na is the place to be seen in Music City and the crown jewel of both the Grand Hyatt and gathering spots in Nashville.


Enjoy healthier fare and scenic Nashville views at our pool bar and lounge, nestled on the hotel’s fifth floor.