Map, Parking + Transportation

Three minutes from Incheon International Airport, Grand Hyatt Incheon is surrounded by local attractions such as the Wangsan and Eurwang-ri beaches. The Incheon International Airport Expressway makes Seoul easily accessible, while the Incheon Bridge offers easy access to the Song-do International Business District and downtown Incheon.

Grand Hyatt Incheon

208 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro, 321 Beon-gil, Jung-gu
Incheon, South Korea, 22382




We offer on-site valet parking for KRW 24,000 and standard overnight parking for KRW 20,000. Complimentary self-parking is also available in the parking lot during stays (for registered guests only).

Shuttle Service


Hotel (West Tower) > Incheon International Airport

Hotel Shuttle operating hours are as follows,


Hotel -> Terminal 1: 6:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM, every 1 hour

Hotel -> Terminal 2: 6:10 AM ~ 9:10 PM, every 1 hour


2. Incheon International Airport -> Hotel (West Tower)

Terminal 1 -> Hotel: 6:05 AM ~ 9:05 PM, every 1 hour

Shuttle: 1st floor (Arrivals) Gate 3C

Terminal 2 -> Hotel: 6:40 AM ~ 9:40 PM, every 1 hour

Shuttle:  1st floor (Arrivals) Gate 2A

*For shuttle inquiries, please contact Guest Service Center at 82 32 745 1234


* In addition to the shuttle operated by the hotel, you can also use the free shuttle bus operated by Incheon International Airport.

It runs every 5-8 minutes from 4:34 am to 12:08 pm daily.

For exact stop times, please refer to the Incheon International Airport website.

Shuttle bus stop,

Terminal 1: Gate 3 on the 3rd floor

Terminal 2: Gate 5 on the 3rd floor

Public Transit Centers

Airport Railroad (AREX): Incheon International Station -> Access to Gimpo International Airport Station, Seoul Station
Maglev: Administration Complex Station -> Access to Incheon International Airport, Yongyu Station