Hotel Policies

Pet Policy

In order to accommodate guests who enjoy traveling with their pets, the Hyatt Place brand now accepts dogs. 

Guidelines for dog's owner

To ensure maximum comfort for all of our guests, following the departure of a guest traveling with a pet, there are certain steps that we must take to ensure the suite is left clean and free from possible allergens.

For guests staying 1-6 nights, a $75 non-refundable pet fee will be charged. Guests staying 7-30 nights, there is a $75 non-refundable pet fee plus an additional $100 cleaning fee. For guests staying longer than 30 nights consecutively, please check with the hotel regarding the fee.

The Hyatt Place brand limits pets to two (2) household pets per room weighing 50 lbs. and under (22.68 Kilograms), provided the combined weight of both dogs does not exceed 75 lbs. (34 Kilograms). All pets must be housebroken. We reserve the right to refuse pets that do not meet customary standards for household pets, based on species, odor or aggressiveness. Your pet must be confined in a carrier if left unattended during the cleaning of your suite or you can make arrangements to be present when your suite is serviced. Dogs must be on leashes when in public areas and are not allowed in food service and pool areas.

For your convenience, we have designated a ‘dog walk’ area, where pet signage, collection bags and trash receptacle are located. Additionally, you will receive a Pet Door Hanger to hang on your guest room door letting us know that your pet is inside.